In the summer, I try to make my home vibrant and airy. In the fall, I like to fill my home with welcoming colors and smells of spice. Winter? It’s a time to warm my home with cozy essentials — preparing for the chilly days outside.

I love ice skating and spending time in the snow, but nothing beats a day lounging inside my cozy home. However, my living room doesn’t turn into a comfortable haven on its own. Instead, I add knit throws, sweet-smelling candles and festive decor to transform my space into one you might find in a holiday storybook.

This year has been particularly hard on all of us, so I decided to make my home extra warm and welcoming with some new cozy home essentials. If you’d like to add some homey touches to your space as well, you can find some of my favorite items below.

*This post is sponsored by Bed Bath & Beyond but the product selections are completely my own.

Find this cozy UGG Blanket HERE.

Cozy Items For Lounging

I love curling up with my tea by the fire, but it isn’t perfect without some lounging items. Check out some of the must-have essentials that will keep you comfortable all winter long.

Oh, and you can click on the blue highlighted link to buy these products for your own home or maybe cross somebody off of your holiday gift list. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love comfy cozy?

Find the throw HERE.

This UGG Sherpa Throw is so soft and plush, I bought two of them! They come in multiple colors but I own the one in ivory and the one with a reddish tone. What’s great about this one is that you can flip the blanket for a completely different look — one side is covered in cream colored soft sherpa and the other side is colored to double as decor.

Find the throw HERE.

I have my fair share of throw blankets… but I love them so much that I can’t stop buying them! The UGG Coco Luxe Throw has a velvet-like texture and looks more refined. I specifically chose the moss color because it’s my daughter Kylie’s favorite. Shh… it’s one of her Christmas presents!

Find the pillow HERE.

I couldn’t resist the value of the UGG Coco Luxe Throw Pillow. And what a wonderful way to make your home cozy for the holidays! These pillows are covered in a plush material and they come in a set of two. I enjoy that they aren’t necessarily Christmas-themed so they can be left out all season long!

Find the throw pillow HERE.

I don’t own this UGG Rainbow Plush Throw Pillow but it was too cute not to include in this list. Not only is it cozy, but it’s the perfect decor item for a young girl’s room.

Find the pillow HERE.

There’s also this UGG Star Plush Throw Pillow! It features a dark navy tone and it’s covered in ultra-soft sherpa. Hey, you might even be able to use it around the Fourth of July!

Find the backrest pillow HERE.

I think this UGG Casey Sherpa Backrest Pillow is just ideal for students who are learning from home right now. If they’re anything like my own kids, they’ve probably turned their bed into their learning space. With this, they can be comfortable while knocking out all that work!

Find the sheet set HERE.

This UGG Flannel Sheet Set might look like any old sheet set, but I love that they’re high quality and that they have a clean look. If you look extra close, you’ll see that they’re covered in a textured pattern that looks contemporary and refined.

Find the towel warmer HERE.

I love this Haven Towel Warmer because I’m obsessed with my own! Doug gave me one for Christmas years ago and I appreciate it every single time I get out of the shower. Who wouldn’t want a warm towel waiting for them?

Cozy Home Decor for The Holidays

While the throws and pillows are essential to a cozy home, I love adding decor touches to make my house festive for the holidays. See some of my decorations I have in my home this holiday season. Remember, you can click on the blue highlighted links to find the products.

Find the wreath HERE.

I talked about my love for Luminara candles before, but it’s the perfect addition to a cozy home for the holidays. I also love this Luminara Holiday Wreath because it adds a traditional Christmas look to my space. It’s easy to put anywhere….here it’s on a charger plate, but it looks pretty on a cake plate too.

Find the candle HERE.

I adore the classic Luminara candle, but this unique Luminara Fir Berry Candle immediately caught my attention. It comes in two sizes and it’s embedded in greenery and pine. I love it for its beauty and practicality… safe for curious pets, too!

Find the candle HERE.

Almost all of you know I have an undeniable love for candles. So this season, I switch from my pumpkin candles to Christmas-inspired ones! I love this Christmas Cookie Yankee Candle because it smells like sweet vanilla frosting. I also like the Classic Christmas Yankee Candle that smells like a tree — ideal for those who have an artificial tree in their home.

While these smell amazing, I also love the beautiful designs on the outside. It’s so festive and it adds a touch of cheer to my home in more ways than one!

Find the tree HERE.

This Red Mercury Tree will make your home seem merry and bright this season. It comes in two sizes and it’s finished with a bright red polish. It’s also pre-lit with LED lights.

Find the trees HERE.

I love decor items like these Porcelain Trees because I can cluster them together in a motif or use them here and there throughout the house. These little ones are perfect next to my hand soap and among my favorite family photos.

Find the rug HERE.

It seems basic, but adding a new rug to your space is one of the easiest ways to decorate for the season. I love this Holiday Snowflakes Accent Rug because it’s easy to spot clean and it’s bound to make anyone cheerful the second they walk into your home.

There’s a lot of talk about shipping cutoffs this holiday season. One of the things I love about shopping with Bed Bath & Beyond is their curbside pickup. I can stay home and order what I find online and make a quick run to my local store for curbside pickup when it’s ready. I receive notifications when my order is ready for pickup and even if I can’t make it that day, the store will hold my order for up to 3 days so that I can pick up when it’s convenient for me. This totally eliminates the need to worry about whether packages will arrive on time. It makes shopping so easy and a lot less stressful!

I hope these items give you some inspiration for gift giving and for decorating your own home. Since I’m such a comfy cozy kinda gal, I can’t wait to snuggle up with a new throw and enjoy my pretty decorations. How do you plan on filling your cozy home this holiday season?

From my cozy home to yours,


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