I love getting individual gifts for my husband and kids. But if I can snag some presents that the whole family will enjoy, even better!

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Read on to discover some fun family games and activities for outdoor or indoor enjoyment. That way, you can stock up on the fun for the entire year!

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Outdoor Fun for The Family

You may have to wait for the weather to warm up to make use of some of these gifts, but they’re perfect for the entire family and are bound to bring everyone together!


I don’t know if you’ve heard, but pickleball is ALL the rage right now. And while I might not be a pro, I love heading out to the court to exercise in a fun way!

For my friends who remember former show host Elise Ivy from QVC, she and her brother have started this really cool pickleball paddle company called ROKNE. They’re stylish in fun colors and make hitting the pickleball court fashionable in more ways than one!

Even if you’re just starting out or trying the sport for the first time, this paddle make it look like you’ve been there before. Because we could all use a little swagger as we walk onto the court, right?

Find all paddles HERE.

There are multiple collections so you can find a paddle that fits your style. There’s the Curve Carbon X paddle that’s for the most serious of players. But if you’re in search of a paddle to help you get a feel for the sport, the Curve Classic is a great option!

Find the cornhole set HERE.

Great for tailgates or for a backyard gathering, everyone gets excited to play a quick game of cornhole. My family is a huge fan of the game and if you’re careful enough, you can even play with this set indoors!

Find the Connect 4 game HERE.

You’ve heard of classic Connect 4. But this giant setup takes the game to a whole new level! It comes with 42 discs separated into two colored “teams.” That way, you can challenge your closest family competitor to a fun and nostalgic game!

Find the fire pit HERE.

You can still enjoy an outdoor fire even if you don’t have a built-in firepit.

This portable fire pit from SoloStove is super compact and portable, and you don’t need any tools to get it set up. It’s also smokeless!

And if you want something a bit more refined-looking, check out the fire spheres we carry in the Just Jill Shop.

Find the giant Jenga game HERE.

This giant game of Jenga is just as much fun for the adults as it is for the kids.

Keep it in the backyard, bring it to a neighborhood party, or gift it to someone who’s looking for a little more outdoor fun.

Find Big Blanket HERE.

Now, everyone can join in the picnic thanks to Big Blanket.

These 10 x 10 blankets are HUGE and a close friend of mine says it’s high-quality and cleans well. And while it makes a great picnic blanket, it’s a great couch cuddling blanket too!

Find the tent set HERE.

As long as you have a yard, you can enjoy all the fun of camping. I like that this set includes a tent and chairs. It’s compact and perfect for a family camping night in the backyard!

Indoor Gifts and Activities for The Whole Family

Staying inside for the day? Here are some gifts and activities for the whole family to get everyone off of the couch.

Find the indoor snowballs HERE.

No snow? No problem! Engage in a fun and competitive snowball fight with this indoor snowball pack.

Find the puzzle HERE.

Puzzles are a great way to keep the family engaged during their downtime. And since it’s not a game, you don’t always have to have everyone together. I gravitate toward certain puzzles because of the style and this New York City one is so vibrant!

Find the Game House Board Game HERE.

This Game House Board Game includes 12 classic games in one! So whether you like to play checkers, pick up sticks, snakes and ladders or even Chinese checkers, you can enjoy your fav with this compact wooden storage center.

Find the map HERE.

If your family loves to travel, this scratch map is a fun way to keep track of where you’ve been! All you need is a coin and some incredible travel memories 🙂

Find the popcorn maker HERE.

Enjoy a family movie night with some fresh popcorn!

I like this Dash Smartstore popcorn maker because it makes the fluffiest popcorn with just one touch. It also makes up to 24 cups at one time so you’ll have enough for a few living-room moviegoers!

Don’t forget to snag your Saltopia popcorn flavoring set!

Find the record player HERE.

But if your family is more of a music family, dance the night away with a little help from this record player.

The Victrola Journey+ record player will allow you to relive the “good ol’ days” by playing your favorite records of all time. But it also allows you to stream your music from your phone to its built-in speakers.

Find the kit HERE.

Craving a sweet treat? Bring everyone together in the kitchen with a baking kit from Baketivity. With almost all of the ingredients you’ll need and super simple instructions, everyone can join in on the fun!

Find the indoor s’mores kit HERE.

While we’re on the topic of sweet treats, enjoy the taste of s’mores without the need for a bonfire! This indoor s’mores kit includes an electric range and four skewers for safe roasting. I love the sections on the side to separate all of the ingredients!

Find the karaoke machine HERE.

Bring out the mics and let’s get to singing! This karaoke machine will have the whole family putting on a show. And don’t be afraid to duet! The set comes with two wireless microphones to make the at-home concert extra engaging.

Find the pizza-making kit HERE.

It’s easy to order a pizza. But it’s FUN to make one from scratch!

This set includes a pizza pan, pizza cutter, prep bowls, mixing bowls, pizza peel, bench scrapper, a kid-sized apron and a convenient storage box.

Did these gifts and activities for the whole family give you some good gifting ideas? I sure hope so!

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