I absolutely love what I do. Even after 25 years at QVC, going to work and being able to share amazing products with all of you has always brought me such joy.

I am very thankful that I am been able to continue doing so.

Starting my own shop has opened so many doors. Namely, being able to bring attention to brands that you all may not know about. Meet Happy to Meat You.

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You all know that I am somewhat of a foodie.

Whether it’s pan-seared, grilled, or oven-baked I love a good steak. From short ribs to steaks to lamb, Happy to Meat You has it all!

You may have already seen some of their products in the shop, but I’m excited to share with you just how and why I’ve come to fall in love with Happy to Meat You and its story.

Who is Scott Fischer?

Chicago. “The Windy City”.

Going back to the late 1800s, the famed Union Stockyards of Chicago was a major center for meat production in the United States. Although time has passed, the love that “The Windy City” has for steak has not.

Just like the city, Scott Fischer has an obsession with top-quality meat.

Growing up on the North Shore of Chicago, Scott Fischer is no stranger to a great steak. From the time he was young, his family regularly visited Chicago’s famous steakhouses.

Although Scott was always intrigued by the process of cooking, he went into sales. That is, until eight years ago when a friend encouraged him to audition for MasterChef with Gordon Ramsey.

After beating out 40,000 people, Scott was selected for the very first season of the show!

From the farm to the table, think it goes without being said that he knows a little something about what goes into cooking up great-tasting protein.

Scott wanted to bring his customers his passion: quality meats right in their homes that were only available in top restaurants and steakhouses.

The Start of Happy to Meat You

Let’s face it, the pandemic turned the world on its head.

People suddenly found themselves tucked away from the rest of the world and fearful of going outside. If you told me five years ago that I would trust someone to deliver my groceries I would not have believed you.

Between a lack of groceries on the shelves and the sky-high prices, finding quality meats became increasingly difficult. And going out for dinner? Forget it.

As caught up as I was finding the food I wanted, I didn’t even consider the distributors who found themselves at a loss as to where to deliver. That’s where Scott came in.

Known by the provision houses, Scott was approached to find a home for the meat. That home became Happy to Meat You.

Rivaling any butcher, steakhouse, or grocery store Scott forged a new path, offering the best quality meats without the beefy price tag.

If you happened to visit Happy to Meat You at their home base in Chicago, you would see a phrase emblazoned across their building: Quality doesn’t cost, it pays. I think it says a lot about not only what you’re receiving but that company that’s providing it.

Happy to Meat You and Just Jill

While Doug, Bernadette, and I have been tracking down vendors at trade shows, I was lucky enough to be introduced by a mutual friend.

From the moment Scott and I started talking, I knew that there was something special about his products and his mission. Why Happy to Meat You? Because, like me, Scott does not sell anything that he does not wholeheartedly believe in.

I’m thrilled to share my favorite Happy to Meat You products with you—now available at the Just Jill Shop!

Find the collection HERE.

The Summer BBQ Foodie Collection has everything you could want. Whether you’re making a big dinner or saving some for later, it’s the perfect collection.

The sampler includes hot dogs, Angus burgers and wings.

When I tell you these are the best hamburgers and hot dogs you’ll ever try, I truly mean it. My family agrees.

The Angus burgers are all-natural 80/20 beef that melt in your mouth with every bite. They’re also made with high-quality USDA-approved beef with no artificial ingredients.

The dogs? Gourmet! They’re each 1/4-pound and made using a secret family recipe filled with fresh seasonings and spices.

Free from corn syrup, MSG, phosphates, fillers and by-products, they’re consistently incredible whether they’re steamed, grilled or boiled. And each bite is packed with flavor!

Can’t forget about the wings! They’re so tender and guaranteed to enhance any of your go-to wing recipes.

Find the steakburgers and dogs HERE.

The Breakfast Bonanza is anoter great option and includes a total of 6 pounds of meat. Great for any brunch lover!

Ask anyone in my family and they’ll tell you this is the best bacon they’ve tried.

“It’s really good bacon. I love it for breakfast and it takes your BLT to a whole new level,” says Kylie, my daughter.

What Makes Happy to Meat You So Unique?

I am a firm believer that quality comes with consistency otherwise you can not predict what you are getting. Part of what makes the meat explode with flavor and melt in your mouth is that Happy to Meat You only uses corn-finished, sustainable farming.

It is worth mentioning that their local farms are part of a known cattle ranching Midwest region. Generations of experience have cultivated in producing only the finest cuts of meat.

Scott has a term that perfectly sums up the difference between him and other companies: steakcicles.

While there are many options, it is hard to find a good quality cut without certain limitations.

Sure, at supermarkets, the meat looks great but sometimes you get it home and it has little flavor. Even if you get a great cut going to a butcher it costs a pretty penny. That’s not even mentioning online retailers who hold and freeze the steaks for who knows how long.

With bigger orders comes holding large quantities of meat in the freezer. As I am sure you know, most larger distributors make you buy in bulk, anywhere from 6 to 8 filets.

Not Happy to Meat You.

Whether it’s 8 filets or 1, you only get what you order. Not only that, the orders are hand-crafted and hand-cut the day they went out!

After reading about Scott Fischer’s passion and dedication to the finer side of quality meats, I hope you understand why I fell in love with Happy to Meat You.

I am fortunate to be able to offer you some of my favorite, and Scott’s too, products through the Just Jill Shop. If you decide to try anything I would love to hear your thoughts!

From my grill to yours,


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