Is it just me, or is it more complicated than ever to shop for your kids?

I feel like there’s always a new trending product on the market and we won’t even begin to talk about how quickly they change their wishlist!

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But just because finding holiday gifts for kids can be tough doesn’t mean you can’t try your best. Take a look at my list below for gift ideas for any age!

Feel free to pass along these ideas to Santa as well 🙂

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Gifts for The Young Ones

Do you have a kid on your list that already has a bunch of toys? These fun and creative gift ideas will keep them busy while they’re at home!

Find Baketivity kits HERE.

If you have a kiddo who’s curious about baking, gift them a Baketivity kit that will guide them through the steps of making a tasty treat!

With the kits you can make whoopie pies, cake pops, pretzels, bagels and cookies. Talk about yummy!

Find the art kit HERE.

The creative kid in your life will love this 115-piece Crayola art kit that includes crayons, markers, colored pencils and more.

Plus, it comes with a handy carrying case that makes it easy to take on a family trip!

Find the marble run set HERE.

This 50-piece magnetic marble run set is for the most creative of kids. Fun for a single child or a group of kids that need a little time away from the screen.

*Note! This set is for ages 3 and up because of the smaller parts!

Find the Play-Doh HERE.

Play-Doh will never not be fun. But with 30 tubs in this set, fun is taken to a whole new level!

Don’t forget to snag a cool Play-Doh kitchen too!

Holiday Gifts for Kids in Middle School

Pre-teens are at a tough age group to shop for. Hopefully, these ideas will be helpful!

Find the balms HERE.

I know a college kid who loves this Mad Gabs Christmas Gift Set. But I think it makes the perfect present for middle schoolers!

It includes an unscented shea butter balm, a shea butter foot balm, a moisturizing lip balm, and two Just Jill balms.

Find Spike Ball HERE.

Spike Ball is a fun game that the entire family can enjoy!

It’s also an activity that the neighborhood kids or your kids’ friends can enjoy too (and likely a much-needed break from those video games!).

Find the Variety Pack HERE.

Another Mad Gab’s gift I recommend for your middle schooler is this Try-Me Variety 4-Pack of lip balms.

They can keep a balm on their desk, in their backpack, in their locker and at home. Because there’s no place for chapt lips!

Find the camera bundle HERE.

Unlike when we were younger, most kids these days take photos on their phones!

But this Fujifilm Mini Holiday Bundle will let them experience the fun of an instant film camera.

Find the scooter HERE.

Get ready to be the coolest gift-giver in town. This Razor Scooter is a gift they can use for years!

It comes in multiple colors and the handles can be adjusted—so when they grow, the scooter can “grow” with them.

Find the Mini Mani Set HERE.

Olive & June is one of the most popular nail polish brands on the market.

I love this Santa Baby Mini Mani Set that includes four nail polishes and holiday-themed stickers for the perfect Christmas manicure!

High Schooler and Teen Gifts

They may have already asked for all of the things their friends asked for. But these unique gifts will have them bragging for long after the holidays!

Find the belt bags HERE.

Belt bags might be the trendiest accessory on the market right now. They’re convenient, and hold all of your essentials without feeling bulky.

My favorite belt bags are from Wanderfull because they also have a “hydration holder” for when both hands are needed. Find them in four colors!

Find the Relax Gift Set HERE.

High school is when homework and tests start to get a bit overwhelming. But you can help them destress with this Relax Gift Set from Musee.

Find the Hydro Flask HERE.

Help them stay hydrated (while looking cool) with this Hydro Flask Water Bottle.

It’s insulated to keep their cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. You’ll get some serious brownie points if you give them water bottle stickers too!

Find the fragrances HERE.

High school is when my daughter started to get really into candles. And you really can’t go wrong with gifting one!

While we have over 40 fragrance offerings in the Just Jill Shop, I recommend gifting one of the candle and room spray duos!

Find Olaplex HERE.

Ask any girl and they’ll know about the hair care brand Olaplex. It’s recommended by hair professionals everywhere!

This set features a shampoo, conditioner and a hair perfector designed to repair hair and protect it from breakage and dryness.

Find the AirPods HERE.

Give anyone on your list these AirPods and you’ll get a big “thank you!”.

I have a pair of my own and I love that they seamlessly connect with my phone. Plus, no cord means no tangling!

Holiday Gifts for Kids in College

College is when gift requests start getting a bit more practical. Read on for some ideas that they’ll be able to use for years to come!

Find Marlyn Schiff HERE.

Marlyn Schiff makes jewelry pieces that are super trendy and great for any age.

My daughter loves her pieces which is why I think they’re ideal for that stylish college gal!

Find WanderFull Bags HERE.

Speaking of my daughter… she’s OBSESSED with WanderFull bags.

We have 13 different styles in the shop and each one comes with a removable and interchangeable strap.

Find the blender HERE.

With classes and practice and everything in between, college students always seem like they’re in a rush!

And instead of skipping breakfast, gift them this Nutribullet blender that will help them make a quick to-go meal.

Find the diffuser HERE.

If you know a college kid that lives in a dorm, there’s a good chance that candles aren’t allowed in their room.

Instead, send them back to school with a room spray or diffuser instead!

Find the headphones HERE.

Noisy roommates? In need of some quiet time when studying? Noise-canceling headphones are bound to be a welcome gift!

They’re a bit of an investment, but these headphones from Bose are top-of-the-line and come with a 365-day warranty.

No matter what age you’re shopping for, I hope these holiday gifts for kids will help give you some gifting inspo.

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