If you know me well, you know that my dogs are practically the center of my life. I didn’t grow up in a dog family. But when I married my husband Doug, dogs became a part of the crew.

I’m not a pet “expert” by any means, but I’ve learned a lot about being a dog owner over the years we’ve had our pups.

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And today, I thought I’d share some of the pet products and goodies that my own dogs, Brosky and Minnie, love… maybe your pets will like them too!

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Pet Products my Dogs Love

Let’s kick things off with this picture of our sweet Wilbert as a puppy. It melts my heart.

Find the dog bed HERE.

When it comes to dog beds, we always turn to LL Bean.

I love that they all have removable covers that are easy to clean and durable. A must when you have rotties running around!

Find this dog bed HERE.

Wilbert always loved the bolsters on his bed… just look at that face!

Find the Chuck-It Balls HERE.

Brosky is also a fan of the beds because they hold their shape and don’t break down as easily as some you might pick up from the pet store.

As you can see, he’s also a big fan of his Chuck-It Balls and tennis balls!

Yes, he kept them nearby through everything including cuddle time with Trevor!

Find the classic Kong Toy HERE.

In addition to his Chuck-It Ball, Brosky goes crazy for Kong Toys. They’re durable and safe for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

The classic Kong Toy stands up to all of those bites and rough play times.

Find the Kong Wubba HERE.

But the Kong Wubba is a Brosky must-have in our home.

It’s great for playing fetch or tug-of-war, and it’s crafted with reinforced fabric that resists punctures or tears.

Find the Benebone HERE.

If bacon-flavored anything is part of the picture, my dogs are all over it.

That’s why they can’t get enough of the Benebone that serves as a chew toy for when they need a little downtime from high-energy play.

Find the Tuff Toy HERE.

The Tuff Toy Wilbert was playing with in this photo is great for active chewers.

It has seven seams to ensure durability and is machine washable… because all of us pet owners know how icky some of these toys can get!

Then there’s Miss Minnie who loves nothing more than playing with her stuffed animals.

She doesn’t chew them or rip them up. She just likes to snuggle with them.

She’s also a bit of a hoarder… anything to keep them away from Brosky!

It’s funny that no matter what toys I buy, the pups always seem to gravitate toward socks.

Believe me, they’re not deprived when it comes to toys. But just like a kid tends to enjoy playing with the box instead of the actual toy, our dogs will always find enjoyment in the simplest things.

Find the vest HERE.

When we go down for weekends at the beach as a family, we bring the WHOLE family including Brosky and Minnie.

They love going out on the boat… but safety comes first and that’s why they always wear their Outward Hound Water Vests.

Find the stain eraser HERE.

With outdoor play comes indoor messes. I used to dread cleaning up after the dogs, but then I got my Bissell Machine Pet Stain Eraser.

One word. Lifesaver!

It seamlessly cleans deep stains and it works great on everything from couches to car seats.

Find he couch cover HERE.

Even with a quality vacuum like the Bissell I listed above, it’s smart to have furniture covers for any furniture item that’s of higher value.

I love this FurHaven Water Resistant Cover!

A waterproof quilted throw is also a good option if you want something that can blend better into your day-to-day room decor.

Find the FURminator HERE.

Now, when it’s the pup that gets dirty, I always turn to my FURminator de-shedding tool to reduce shedding and keep my dogs’ coats feeling light and fresh.

Find WEN pet products HERE.

I also try to give them a bath at home between groomer visits. That’s when WEN pet products come to the rescue!

They’re safe for use on pets and the treatment leaves Brosky and Minnie’s coats feeling soft and smooth. The perk for me? It also smells good!

I always keep an “Emergency Pet Kit” on hand when I take the dogs out for long walks or trips in the car.

In the bundle I include treats, a NiteHowl glowing safety necklace and a medical kit—filled with splinter removers, bandages, towelettes and more.

No… not my dog. But this cutie is enjoying the Spleash!

Have you heard of Spleash? The brand was created by a high school friend of mine and it’s great for any dog that enjoys daily walks.

The Spleash is a tool that attaches to your existing leash designed to keep your dog hydrated.

It holds 12 ounces of water that can be used for drinking, cooling down or scaring away dogs that might be off-leash.

Thanks for reading along to see the pet products my dogs love! If you need some new toys or pet essentials, I hope this feedback is helpful!

From my pet home to yours,


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