There are few things I enjoy more than a summer cookout.

I love being outside in the warm air, when everything is blooming and green.

And then, of course, there’s the food.

Summer barbecue foods can be messy! Click HERE for my secret to staying NEAT!

Juicy burgers, buttery corn on the cob, grilled chicken slathered in bbq sauce and fresh berry pies.

What I don’t love is that inevitably, one or more of those tasty cookout morsels ends up on me.

I don’t know about you, but no matter how hard I try to keep my food over a plate, there always seems to be a spill or a splatter that ends up on my lap. Or down my shirt. Or worst of all…on my brand new white jeans! Grrr!

But this summer, I’m ready to take on the messiest of ribs and the drippiest of salad dressings! Why? Because I’ve found something that is really NEAT and I can’t wait to tell you more about it!


Introducing NEATsheets!

This is one of those products you probably don’t know about. I didn’t! But, I had a friend share them with me, and after using them 1 time, I realized, there’s something really cool about these. Dare I say it? They’re really NEAT!

NEATsheets are the answer to eating without worry this summer!

At first glance, you might think NEATsheets are simply oversized napkins. Oh, contraire!

NEATsheets have more substance than a flimsy napkin. They feature an absorbant front, but also have a stain repellant backing, which means if something drips or spills on your NEATsheet, the front will absorb it and the backing keeps it from staining you.

They also provide coverage! Think about it, how many times have you taken a bite of a taco and all the filling comes spilling out, tumbling down your shirt and into your lap?

NEATsheets are easy to stick on to your clothing, oversized and absorbent.

The beauty of NEATsheets is that they easily stick to your clothing with 2 adhesive strips, covering your front AND your lap. They actually measure 13 inches wide x 22 inches long.

Whether it’s a savory sauce or a crumbly cookie, NEATsheets have you covered!

NEATsheets On The Go

I’ve started taking NEATsheets with me just about everywhere! I always have one in my handbag and my backpack.

I keep a supply in the glove box of my car because I have a teenaged son who is ALWAYS asking if we can stop for something to eat. How I wish these were around when the kids were younger and ALWAYS eating in the backseat!

NEATsheets are perfect for on the go meals in the car!

Eating in the car can be a messy proposition. But not with NEATsheets! If a ketchup covered french fry or my favorite morning breakfast sandwich decides to fall apart, I love that I don’t have to worry about stains or spills on my clothes.

Even when I’m dressed casually, I still like to look neat. NEATsheets live up to their name.

More NEAT ideas

Okay, so I’m a gal who loves an item that can be used many different ways.

And I tend to be a bit of a whirling dervish when it comes to putting on makeup.

Liquids here! Powders there! And all at risk of sending me back to my closet to change if I get some of my makeup on myself while applying.

Hello NEATsheets!

NEATsheets are great for keeping makeup from ruining your outfit!

If you use any kind of powder products…from eye shadows and blushes to finishing powders, mineral foundation or even dry shampoos, you need to keep a supply of NEATsheets nearby!

Also think about how handy NEATsheets will be if you enjoy crafting, painting, or working with glitter! And what about the holidays with all the gingerbread house and cookie making? And of course…all. that. frosting. Got you there, huh?

Perfect For Summer Entertaining

Instead of putting out a basket of napkins at this year’s family bbq, why not put out a basket of NEATsheets instead? With their decorative designs, NEATsheets are a perfect part of your party essentials and the 4 patterns are easy to wear.

From lobster boils and crab cracking to smokehouse ribs cooked low and slow, the summer foodie season is the perfect time to give NEATsheets a try.

And don’t forget about ice cream! I think we’ve all had the drippy mess of a melting cone on a hot, summer’s night. But with NEATsheets, even with a melty mess, you’ll still look NEAT as a pin!

NEATsheets are perfect when you’re enjoying your favorite ice cream on a sunny day!

Perfect For Seniors

My mom is almost 80. She has always taken great care of herself by eating well and exercising her body and mind regularly.

But she’s getting older, and things like dexterity and hand and arm strength aren’t what they used to be for her.

My mom prides herself on looking nice when we go out to dinner or have a get together, so the look of NEATsheets is important to her.

When I first told her about them she said, “I’m always dropping or spilling a little something on me! These sound great!”

Needless to say, she took home my stash of NEATsheets after trying one at dinner a few weeks ago and gave some to her friends.

NEATsheets are great for seniors, like my mom!

I think this is a great item for senior citizens who worry about making a mess on their clothing while they eat, without looking like they’re wearing a bib. Believe me! If that was the vibe of this item, my mom would NOT have anything to do with it! 🙂 Mrs. Bauer approved. That’s not easy to come by!


In addition to NEATsheets, I’ve also come to really like the individually packaged NEATwipes. I keep these everywhere too.

Hand sanitizers are a new way of life…and while I’m happy to use them, I don’t always enjoy the strong odor and harshness to my skin.

I really like the NEATwipes because they use lavender essential oil, glycerin and aloe vera, all of which help to hydrate and soothe the skin.

NEATwipes are individually wrapped…perfect for guests at your next summer party!

They smell wonderful (so I like using them), they don’t dry out because they’re individually packaged, they’re biodegradable and oversized!

From packbacks, handbags and luggage to glove boxes, desk drawers and powder room baskets, these are a great little product! Gentle yet effective.

Pretty NEAT, huh?

So, if you’re the member of the family who is known for spills, time to think about NEATsheets! And even if you aren’t, why risk a runaway meatball from that hoagie or a flick of salad dressing on your pretty new blouse?

Remember spills happen, stains shouldn’t. Keep it NEAT!

From my home to yours,


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