It’s that time of the year… back-to-school season!

And whether you have little kiddos going off to kindergarten, or college students embarking on their senior year, getting ready for school means stocking up on supplies.

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Need some help shopping? Happy to help!

Check out my picks for 5-year-olds, college kids, and everyone in between.

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Back-to-School Items for Elementary School

The nerves may be high, but you can still put a smile on their face for the first day of school with these helpful finds!

Find the bento box HERE.

This Fit & Flex Multi Flex Bento Box is a lunchbox I would have ADORED as a kid!

It keeps everything separate and even comes with ice packs to keep everything cool.

Find the bandages HERE.

Getting hurt on the playground can really put a damper in the day.

So, send them to school prepared so that they can get back to playing ASAP!

These Welly bandages are fun and great for keeping in their desk or backpack. Can we also look at the fact that it says “bravery bandages” on the container? How sweet!

Find the pencil case HERE.

Have you seen those “fidget toys” that all the kids have?

Well, this fun find combines a fidget toy AND a pencil case in one!

Find the headphones HERE.

Concentrating can be hard at any age.

But you can help them by gifting your elementary school kid these noise-canceling headphones before the school year starts!

Most teachers will allow them to use these in the classroom especially if they’re reading. And they’re also great for homework time!

Find the labels HERE.

You buy a pack of markers… they go missing. You buy a pencil box… it gets lost. And if you give them a water bottle to take to school… it goes home with another child.

Instead of playing a game of hide and seek with your child’s items, label everything with this 75-pack of personalized labels.

They’re also microwave and dishwasher safe!

Middle School Back-to-School Finds

The jump from elementary school to middle school can seem like a big leap! These products are sure to help them feel prepared.

Find the planner HERE.

Send your middle schooler back to the classroom with this adorable planner.

Not only does it feature a beautiful design, but it’s also super practical and will help them learn the importance of being organized.

Find the balms HERE.

This 3-pack of Just Jill Lip Balms is bound to be a back-to-school savior.

Just think about it! One for the backpack, one for the locker and one for the locker room!

Find the hand sanitizers HERE.

When they can’t get to a sink to wash their hands, they can pull out one of these nifty Purell hand sanitizers.

They have a loop that easily attaches to a backpack, and by purchasing this 6-pack, they’ll have a few for the entire year.

Find the kit HERE.

This mini office supply kit includes helpful little items that they can keep on hand.

Inside, you’ll find a pencil sharpener, stapler, scissors, staple remover, staples, tape refill, tape dispenser, hole puncher and a carrying case.

Find the drawstring bag HERE.

Middle school is the time when kids finally start changing into gym clothes for their physical education class.

But instead of having them throw their stinky gear into their backpack, get them this lightweight drawstring bag instead!

High School Back-to-School Items

Ahh, high school. Friday night lights, getting the drivers license, finding fun school clubs and more.

But no matter what their interests, I hope they’ll like these back-to-school items I found.

Find the water bottle HERE.

Keep your high schooler hydrated with an insulated water bottle! My favorite? Hydro Flask.

These bottles keep water cold for up to 24 hours and other drinks hot for up to 12.

Plus, they can take a beating and still hold their quality!

Find the backpack HERE.

High schoolers are all about looking stylish.

So to keep her up with the latest trends, send her back to school with this XL Campus Backpack from Vera Bradley.

I’ve owned Vera Bradley products and love that they hold up over time. The patterns and vibrant colors are an added perk!

Find the case HERE.

Just because they’re “cool high school kids” doesn’t mean they can’t have a pencil box!

This one from Amazon is designed for ultimate organization. It has a ton of space for pens and pencils, stationary and other small essentials.

The extra pockets and compartments really make it stand out!

Find the Rocketbook notebook HERE.

If you haven’t heard of a Rocketbook notebook, I’m excited to be the one to make the introduction!

This notebook is reusable—meaning your student can write down notes, study them, and when they’re done, wipe the page clean with the included microfiber cloth.

It’s a great space-saver and even better for the environment!

Find the markers HERE.

Color coding can make learning and studying easier for a lot of students.

This 18-pack of fine-point markers (with INCREDIBLE reviews) won’t bleed through paper and won’t smudge.

Back-to-School List for College Kids

They’re finally on their own! Well… kind of. You can still gift them a few of these back-to-school picks to start their year off right.

Find the lunch box HERE.

How BEAUTIFUL are these lunch boxes? And yes… I said lunch boxes!

This brand, Modern Picnic, makes lunch sacks that look exactly like a trendy purse.

They come in the prettiest colors and each one is insulated to keep food cold!

Find the AirPods HERE.

Your college kid will probably be walking around campus a whole lot.

That’s why they’ll love this 3rd Generation Apple AirPods set which will make trekking from one class to the next much more enjoyable.

It also comes with a charging case, a charging stand, a silicone case, a silicone neck wrap and more.

Find the set HERE.

In most dorms, candles aren’t allowed.

So instead, you can gift them this room spray set from the Just Jill Shop instead!

Find the printer HERE.

There’s a good chance students can go to a classroom, the library or a common space to print.

But in a rush, finding a printer may seem impossible!

If I were back in school, I would have loved one of these affordable HP printers. It’s fairly compact and comes with 3 months of free ink!

Find the YETI tumbler HERE.

With all of that studying, they’ll likely turn to a good cup of Joe.

And thanks to this insulated YETI tumbler, their coffee will stay hot for hours.

I hope these finds will help the student in your life feel prepared and ready to tackle the new school year!

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