Some of you may have heard me mention Bernadette here and there on Facebook Lives.

Although she doesn’t love being in front of the camera, she’s truly at the heart of Just Jill.

We thought, what better way to introduce her to all of you than featuring her on her birthday!

Who is Bernadette?

Bernadette grew up in the Philadelphia area. But because she has family near Baltimore, she spent a lot of time growing up there as well.

Bernadette at her husband’s retirement party.

If you need to know one thing about Bernadette, it is that she cares a lot about her family.

In fact, if you ask her what she is most proud of in her life, her answer would undoubtedly be her daughter and three grandsons. “Having grandkids is the best and I am so lucky to have them locally and watch them grow up.”

Bernadette and her daughter.

My son, Trevor, plays baseball, so sports can often be a topic of conversation in the office.

While Bernadette doesn’t mind watching sports, she joked, “I have to be a fan of sports now, I have 3 grandsons and the oldest is obsessed!”

In her free time, Bernadette prefers being out and about.

She loves meeting new people and being able to help them when she can. She has been volunteering at a non-profit that provided retreats for women going through cancer.

A few girlfriends at Bernadette’s breast cancer walk.

When she is not volunteering, she likes to spend time outside. Namely, she enjoys walking, biking, gardening, and cooking!

Bernadette also loves curling up and watching a tv show or movie with her husband. The movie CODA has been a topic of conversation recently in our office!

She discovered her passion for working in retail working at a department store in Philly. She continued to pursue that passion at QVC, where she worked 25 years as a buyer… and it is where our story starts.

Bernadette’s Contribution To Just Jill

Bernadette and I met 25 years ago. At the time, Bernadette was a buyer working with silver jewelry.

If you ever watched me on QVC, then you may know of my obsession with Southwestern jewelry. As it happened, Bernadette has a soft spot for Southwestern jewelry as well.

Bernadette and her pup.

Although we talked to each other at work, it was not until we began going on trips to the Southwest that we really got to know each other.

We visited events such as Southwestern Association for Indian Arts in Santa Fe and the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta!  

We also bonded over Sterling Designers such as Robert Lee Morris, and Judith Ripka! So, essentially, jewelry brought us together!    

After we had both left QVC, Bernadette approached me with some ideas about the direction Just Jill should go. In fact, she was the one to approach me with the idea of opening my own shop!

Bernadette Turner and her husband
Bernadette and her husband.

When I first opened the shop, I made it my goal to only promote products that I absolutely love. However, finding products goes hand-in-hand with finding great businesses with amazing stories.

Here at Just Jill, Bernadette handles both merchandise and customer service.

I am thankful that Bernadette and I share a common passion and goal for bringing attention to both small businesses and women-owned businesses. 

Bernadette’s Favs

Speaking of our vendors, I asked Bernadette what her favorite products are and here’s what she had to say.

As our merchandise gal, she has quite a few favorites!

Just Jill Signature “Home” Candle and Room Spray Set

Find the duo HERE.

“I have to mention the Just Jill Room Home Scent Spray.

“We worked for about a year to get this scent perfect. You know how candles lose scent over time? These don’t!”

“We loved the candle so much that we set about creating a spray as well and I am in love!! Oh, and we have a set of just the sprays as well.”

Southern Roots Sisters Gourmet Pepper Jams

Find the jams HERE.

“If you haven’t tried these jams, go get them right now! I have always loved these pepper jams because they’re the perfect combo of sweet and spicy.”

“Not to mention their Salted Caramels Cookie Mix, which might be my favorite cookie mix ever!”

Hope’s Caramels Sampler Pack

Find the caramels HERE.

“I have always loved caramel. It’s sweet and rich and hits the spot. What I don’t love is how it sticks to your teeth.”

“Part of the reason I love Hope’s is that it introduced me to their turtle candies. I AM OBSESSED. It’s my addiction (don’t tell anyone).”

Miss Ginny English Toffee

Find the toffee HERE.

Miss Ginny’s Toffee is seriously the best toffee I have ever had. Doug and Kylie love the milk chocolate, but honestly, the dark chocolate is to die for!”

“I have always believed that mass-produced candy has nothing on handcrafted candy. I know that I am right because this toffee feels like it melts in your mouth.”

Girl Crush Scrub

Find the scrubs HERE.

“We could not decide which sugar scrubs we wanted to offer, so we just offered them all. While I love this product, I love the story more.”

Candace Abel’s mission was to find healthier products to use on her son who has a critical form of thalassemia major (a blood disorder).

“If we can put better things on the table, then we can put better things on our bodies, too,” said Candace.

“I try to live my life as holistically as possible, so her mission really struck a cord in me,” added Bernadette.

Ann King Lagos “Reign Thoughtfully” Cuff Bracelet

Find the bracelet HERE.

“I wear this bracelet every day. It grounds me! It reminds me to practice kindness and thoughtfulness throughout my day.”

“Not to mention, it looks great stacked and on its own!”

PowerBeads by jen Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet

Find the PowerBeads bracelet HERE.

This bracelet and its cause is near and dear to my heart.”

“By partnering with PowerBeads by jen, I was able to make this bracelet my own personal pet project and I absolutely love what we created together.”

“It’s not the traditional breast cancer awareness color. But, I think it adds a layer of depth to it.”

“It’s an easy accessory for anyone going through breast cancer, a survivor or even just to wear as support to bring awareness to the cause and issue.” 

“Most importantly, I’m proud that we donate a portion of each purchase to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.”

Save My Sole Foot Repair Cream by Peak 10 Skin

Find the foot cream HERE.

“You could ask anyone in the office and they will tell you that the Save My Sole Foot Cream has my stamp of approval.”

“Regardless of the season, this stuff is seriously a lifesaver. If you buy it, your feet will love you for it.”

PEAK 10 SKIN Sun JOY SPF 30 Sunscreen

Find the sunscreen HERE.

“This is the best sunscreen I have ever used, and I am a sunscreen snob. I like to know exactly what I am putting on my body, and this checks all of my boxes.”

“It’s non-toxic, coral reef safe, and is great even for sensitive skin. It’s lightweight that it’s perfect for applying under makeup too! 10/10.”

Italian Sterling Silver 3/4” High Polished Hoop Earrings

Find the earrings HERE.

Hoops are the perfect staple for any outfit and while we have a lot in the shop, I prefer the simpler and smaller ones. I also love the thick tubing because they don’t get caught in my hair.”

“It’s literally the perfect earring for anyone!” 

Grit and Grace Oyster Dish

Find the oyster dish HERE.

“There are so many options to choose from, so you are bound to find a dish that you love.”

“Honestly, I have a couple stashed for gifts (in case I need one quickly). It’s a fun, different and unique gift. Everyone loves them!”

I am so thankful that Bernadette is part of our team here at Just Jill. I hope you all love her just as much as we do!

From my office to yours,


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