Stockings have been a holiday tradition for centuries — even before the renowned Christmas tree!

As popular legend has it, they originated when St. Nicholas discretely gave money to three impoverished girls by dropping money in their stockings (which happened to be drying by the fireplace). When they awoke, they were overjoyed due to St. Nick’s kindness and generosity.

But whether or not you believe the tale, stocking stuffers are a fun way to gift presents to loved ones during the holiday season.

I enjoy surprising my family with small, practical gifts like hand lotion and socks. But I also like to pick out unique items that that you wouldn’t typically find in your local store.

Want to see some of my top stocking stuffers for 2020? You can find some of my favorites below! And if you’d like to purchase them yourself, you can click on the blue highlighted link to find more details.

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Stocking Stuffers For Her

I favor gifting mini beauty items in stockings, but I also love those one-of-a-kind items that delight any recipient!

Find the necklace HERE.

We all need a bit of mindfulness these days. So why not give a gift that will help someone de-stress and focus on being in the moment? I discovered this Mindful Breathing Necklace which encourages conscious breathing. Plus, it comes in three chic finishes.

Find the cubes HERE.

If you have a friend who loves fruity drinks, they’ll adore this Minute Mimosa Sugar Cube Trio as one of their stocking stuffers. All they have to do is drop one of these little cubes in to their champagne and violà! They’ll have a tasty and bubbly drink almost immediately.

Find the dough HERE.

This year has been stressful. Am I right? That’s why I’m into this Pinch Me Aroma Therapy Holistic Dough because it can be a great stress reliever — especially for those working from home!

Find the mask HERE.

Masks are now a regular part of life and in my opinion, we can’t have too many! The Bespoke Washable Face Masks come in 57 (yes, 57!) colors and patterns. So, you’re sure to find one that will fit anyone’s style.

Find the journal HERE.

Erin Condren is known for creating beautiful journals, planners and office supplies. I love this Gratitude Journal because it’s the perfect size for a stocking. It will also help someone focus on the little blessings in life.

Find the body soufflé HERE.

When I found this Philosophy Fresh Cream Body Soufflé online, I had to add it to my list. It’s my most favorite Philosophy fragrance because it’s subtle, super easy to wear, clean and fresh.

Fragrance is very personal, but somehow in a body cream people are willing to try something new! I enjoy how this one is luxurious and hydrating to the skin.

Find the ornament HERE.

Between the cleansing cream and the oil-based serum, the L’Occitane Immortelle Ornament is bound to be holiday hit. Each mini item will give your loved one a chance to test out these top-selling items. Maybe the’ll even fall in love with one and buy the full-size product!

Find the makeup set HERE.

You’ll find an eyeshadow primer, a makeup setter, an eyeliner and a lipstick in the Urban Decay Stoned Holiday Hall of Fame Set. My favorite item in the set is the bold lipstick — great for holiday photos!

Find the hair brush HERE.

Comb through those gnarly knots with this Ovation Hair Brush. It can be used on wet or dry hair and is even great for styling.

Find the water bottle HERE.

If you know someone who struggles to drink enough water in a day, they may appreciate this Asobu Glitter Water Bottle. It may not have any special powers, but it will make staying hydrated more fun due to the bold glitter exterior!

Find the earrings HERE.

Studs are a versatile accessory that can be worn with almost anything. This year, give your best friend this Brilliance Stud Earring Set which includes four sets of glamorous earrings.

Stocking Stuffers For Him

I always like to give a bigger meaningful gift to my husband, but he loves the smaller things just as much. Here are a few items I found for any dad, grandpa, son or friend in your life.

Find the trimmer HERE.

The Philips Norelco OneBlade is one of the top-rated trimmers on the market. It’s a hybrid device which means it can be used on the face and on the body. It also comes with five interchangeable heads to make sure he gets the perfect trim or shave.

Find the cards HERE.

I just discovered this set of TV Genius Playing Cards and boy do they look like fun! Instead of regular diamonds, hearts, spades and clubs, each of these cards includes a famous TV star with a classic photo.

Find the tracker HERE.

I know plenty of people that misplace something almost every day. Sound familiar? Well, you can make their routine a whole lot simpler with this Smart Gear Find It Tracker which will help them keep track of their valuable items like their wallet, keys and more.

Find the mugs HERE.

Nothing beats waking up in the morning and relaxing with a cup of tea or coffee. To make the experience even better, you can give these Life is Good Diner Mugs decorated with fun photos and quotes.

Find the multi-tool HERE.

I’ve always appreciated practical gifts and I’m sure that anyone who receives this True Utility ClipStick Multi-Tool will feel the same! One side features a clip (great for attaching to a bag or a belt loop), and the other side features a knife, bottle opener and a pair of scissors.

Find the portfolio HERE.

I’ve seen men who have had the same beat-up wallet for over 20 years. If you know of soemone in the same boat, you can surprise them with this Perry Ellis Portfolio. It includes an ID slot, card slots and a place for cash. Plus, it’s super slim and compact.

Find the tool set HERE.

Make sure he’s prepared for anything with this glove box tool set. It includes pliers, a screw driver and more — all in a case that’s perfect for travel.

Sets For Stockings

Do you have a lot of stockings to fill this Christmas? If so, you’ll love these multi-pack items I found on the web.

Find the iRing HERE.

This is a neat gift you won’t find at most retailers. It’s called the iRing Wearable Stand and Mount and it attaches to the back of a phone with adhesive. So instead of trying to fumble around with a device, they’ll have something sturdy to hold onto.

Plus, everyone has a phone so it’s sure to be a hit!

Find the lip balms HERE.

Mad Gab’s Moose Smooch Lip Balms are ideal if you need a little gift for a lot of people. I’ve actually known Gab (founder of Mad Gabs) for over 20 years and she was into “clean beauty” before it was even a thing. She started this business when she was just 24-years-old so I’d say she was quite the little entrepreneur!

These lip balms are USDA-certified organic and clean. I keep them everywhere from my purse to my nightstand to my car. Oh, and my kids even love them!

Find the mini fragrance set HERE.

Five gorgeous perfumes are included in this Givenchy Fragrance Mini Set. While I know I said fragrances are personal and might not be the best gifts, this set includes a bunch of tiny bottles — giving them the chance to test a bunch out before finding one they love.

Find the wine savers HERE.

If you’re giving a nice bottle of wine to one of your loved ones, they’ll also appreciate one of these wine savers. I like this set from Vacuvin because each one is petite and affordable.

Find the socks HERE.

You can’t go wrong with gifting a pair of socks — especially when they’re cozy like these Life is Good Snuggle Up ones! They’re made with ultra-soft material and are designed with the festive friend in mind.

Find the socks HERE.

But if you’re looking for something a little less Christmas-themed, you might want to opt for these MUK LUKS Fluffy Socks instead. This pack of three is made with heat-retaining technology to keep cold feet warm all winter.

Find the soap set HERE.

Here’s a fun story! I was actually responsible for bringing the SoapRockettes brand to QVC over 20 years ago and the products have been a go-to gift in my household for decades. I love this Holiday Stars Set which includes three gem-shaped soaps. Talk about a unique find!

Find the hand cream trio HERE.

My hands get incredibly dry during the winter. And if you know someone who deals with the same problem, this Philosophy Super-size Hand Cream Gift Trio may be a good option. Each mini hand cream also comes with a bag which is ideal for gifting.

Find the toothbrushes HERE.

Brushing teeth is a normal part of life. And if you ask me it’s a pretty dull part of life as well. This year, you can make the task a little more exciting by gifting the Soniclean PRO 200 Sonic Toothbrush. This pack of three is great for an entire family!

Find the towels HERE.

Removing makeup isn’t always an easy process. However, these Campanelli Fresh Face Towels are designed to take off makeup quickly and easily. Each one of these squares is made with 6×6 material and can be cleaned in the washing machine.

Either gift one to multiple people or send the entire pack to a single recipient.

Stocking Stuffers For The Kids

Let me tell you… kids can be hard to please! But with these little stocking stuffers, I’m sure they’ll end the day with a grin across their face.

Find the detangling brushes HERE.

Nearly every parent knows the struggle of pulling through pesky knots after a bath. Even worse are the tears and cries that come from trying to get them out. That’s why I added these Tangle Pets Detangling Hair Brushes which are crafted to gently detangle hair in an instant!

Find the gloves HERE.

Keep those little hands warm with this Fuzzy Glove Set. Each pair is made with a super soft spandex-blend material and I love the pastel colors.

Find the camera HERE.

Whether you have a little one or not, you’ve likely heard the tunes from Disney’s Frozen movie. And if you know of a child who adores Anna and Elsa, you’ll put a big smile on their face with this Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Frozen 2 Instant Camera.

Find the socks HERE.

Socks might not be the first thing on a kid’s Christmas list, but they sure are practical! I adore these First Impressions Socks because they come in the cutest patterns.

Find the game HERE.

Learning can be fun with the Scholastic USA Game Tin! It gives kids a unique and enjoyable way to nail the state names, capitals, locations and cool facts.

I hope you found some good stocking stuffer inspiration here because I was thrilled with some of the items I discovered. But you’ll want to order them soon to leave enough time for shipping during this crazy holiday season.

Oh! And be sure to check out the latest sales and deals on the retailer’s websites. I know Macy’s has a bunch of clearance items that you can check out HERE.

And QVC is offering free shipping all weekend so you can take advantage of the offer by clicking HERE. Happy holidays!


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