Stockings have been a tradition for centuries. Even before the renowned Christmas tree!

As popular legend has it, they originated when St. Nicholas discretely gave money to three impoverished girls by dropping money into their stockings (which happened to be drying by the fireplace). When they awoke, they were overjoyed to see the thoughtful gift!

But whether or not you believe the tale, stocking stuffers are a fun way to gift presents to loved ones during the holiday season.

Stocking stuffers don’t need to be over the top. I enjoy surprising my family with small, practical gifts like hand lotion and socks. But I also like to pick out unique items you can’t find at your local department store.

If you’d like to see some of the stocking stuffers I have on my radar, you can scroll down to see my favorites! And remember, you can always click on the blue highlighted links to learn more about my picks.

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Stocking Stuffers For Her

This year, I’m gifting mini beauty items and one-of-a-kind gifts to the gals in my life for Christmas!

Find the caramels HERE.

If your friend has a sweet tooth, they’ll love a bag of Hope’s Handcrafted Caramels.

The caramels are made in small batches and they melt the moment you pop one in your mouth!

Find the balms HERE.

When winter weather hits, skin can take a beating… but Mad Gab’s Snow Ball Balms help!

Use them to soften cuticles and to repair cracked and dry hands. The balm can also be used on heels, elbows or anywhere that needs some nourishing TLC!

Find the Musee masks HERE.

Speaking of nourishing, one of my favorite ways to unwind is with a nice warm bath. But to really upgrade my bathtime, I’m using these sheet masks from Musee.

Available at, they’re designed to brighten and moisturize your skin. Talk about pampering!

Find the gratitude journal HERE.

Sometimes, the best gift is the gift of thoughtfulness. And this journal is designed to put you and your best friend in that mindset!

I love this Self-Reflection and Gratitude Journal because it’s the perfect size for a stocking. It also helps you focus on the little blessings in life.

Find the set HERE.

If you need a gift for multiple people, this Holiday Moose Smooch Set from Mad Gabs will do the trick!

I’ve known Gab for over 20 years and she was into clean beauty before it was even a thing.

Find the heart earrings HERE.

If you have a jewelry lover on your list, I have no doubt that these Italian Sterling Silver Diamond-Cut Earrings will be one of their go-to pieces.

They’re made with .925 sterling silver and come plated in either rhodium, 18K yellow gold or 18K rose gold.

Find the necklace HERE.

Dainty and timeless, this Rose Gold-Plated Heart Pendant is another great gift that’s ideal for layering.

Find the cleaning set HERE.

To clean all of that jewelry, you’ll also have to slip this Shinery Jewelry Cleaning Set into their stocking.

Featuring a daily wash and a 10-pack of cleaning towelettes, these products will instantly make your favorite jewelry pieces sparkle!

Plus, they’re safe to use on sterling silver, diamonds, pearls, and more.

Find the chubby sticks set HERE.

Clinique is a tried-and-true brand that I’ve been using for years. That’s why this fun Clinique Chubby Sticks Set has my attention!

With 5 moisturizing balms, you can slip one into multiple stockings. And I just adore the colors!

Find the makeup erasers HERE.

Removing makeup isn’t always easy. But with this nifty MakeUp Eraser, getting makeup off at the end of the night isn’t all that difficult!

All you have to do is add water and wipe away that hard-to-remove foundation, eye shadow, mascara, and more.

Find the glitter water bottle HERE.

If you know someone who wants to reach their daily water intake, they’ll appreciate this Asobu Glitter Water Bottle.

It may not have any special powers, but the glitter design makes staying hydrated fun!

Find the Soap Rocks HERE.

For a unique and soothing gift, slip one of these Holiday Soap Rocks in her stocking!

This set is exclusive for the holidays and each soap rock is 6 ounces.

Keep her warm this winter with this adorable Cable Knit Beanie. It comes in multiple colors and the fuzzy pom pom on top makes the whole look even cozier!

Find the socks HERE.

Speaking of cozy… take a look at this set of fuzzy socks!

They can be worn with boots for that chilly trip to the grocery store or worn around the home while snuggling up on the couch.

Find the room sprays HERE.

One of our large Just Jill Mason Jar Candles might be a bit big for a stocking, but these room sprays are the perfect size!

And since they come in a pack of two, you can gift one and keep one for yourself!

Stocking Stuffers For Him

I enjoy giving my husband a meaningful gift, but he loves those smaller gifts just as much! Here are a few items for any dad, grandpa, son, or friend in your life.

Find the trimmer HERE.

The Philips Norelco OneBlade is one of the top-rated trimmers on the market. It’s a hybrid device which means it can be used on the face and on the body.

It also comes with five interchangeable heads for the perfect trim every time.

Find the Duke Cannon set HERE.

This Duke Cannon Soap and Solid Cologne duo is great for any guy that wants to upgrade their morning routine.

My favorite part about this gift? The products are crafted in the USA and Duke Cannon actively supports multiple military charitable causes.

Find the tracker HERE.

I know plenty of people that misplace things like it’s their job. Sound familiar?

Now, you can help them out with this Tile Mate Smart Tracker. It helps them keep track of valuable items like their wallet, keys and more.

Find the bracelet HERE.

This unisex bracelet from PowerBeads is made with tiger’s eye beads in neutral colors.

It’s adjustable and handcrafted in the USA!

Find the mug HERE.

Nothing beats waking up in the morning and relaxing with a cup of tea or coffee.

To make the experience even better, you can give this YETI mug that’s insulated and protects from spills.

Find the golf ball chillers HERE.

But if he tends to go for a nightcap instead of an early-morning cup of joe, these fun golf ball chillers are sure to be a hit.

Find the socks HERE.

I’ve heard people say that socks are the most mundane gift out there. But hey, they’re practical and if they look like these Hot Toddy Socks, they can be fun too!

Find the multi-tool HERE.

I always appreciate a practical gift. And this True Utility ClipStick Multi-Tool has so much utility!

One side features a clip, and the other side features a knife, bottle opener, and a pair of scissors.

Find the wallet HERE.

Lots of men hold onto the same beat-up wallet for over 20 years.

If this sounds like someone you know, gift them this compact wallet which includes an ID slot, card slots, and a place for cash.

Plus, it’s super compact and slim!

Find the toolset HERE.

Another practical option? This mini toolset that can fit in a bag or in the glove box of a car.

With tools like plyers, a screwdriver, and more, it’s great for all of those small emergency projects.

Stocking Stuffers For The Kids

Let me tell you… kids can be hard to please! But with these little stocking stuffers, I’m sure they’ll end the day with a grin across their faces.

Find the mini waffle maker HERE.

Make breakfast fun with this Dash mini waffle maker. It only takes a few minutes to whip up delicious waffles that will certainly start the day on the right note!

Find the brush HERE.

Nearly every parent knows the struggle of pulling through pesky knots after a bath. Even worse are the tears and cries that come from trying to get them out.

That’s why I added this Princess Detangling Brush which is crafted to gently detangle hair in an instant!

Find the set HERE.

And when that hair is all brushed out, they can slip on this hat and glove set from Nordstrom.

Find the camera HERE.

Give the gift of creativity with this camera from Fujifilm.

In addition to the camera and film pack, the kit includes photo stickers in bright colors that the kids will love!

Find the socks HERE.

Socks might not be the first thing on a kid’s Christmas list, but they sure are practical!

I adore these First Impressions Socks because they come in the cutest patterns.

Find the USA game HERE.

Learning can be fun with the Scholastic USA Game Tin!

It gives kids a unique and enjoyable way to nail the state names, capitals, locations, and cool facts.

I hope you found some good stocking stuffer inspiration here because I was thrilled with some of the items I discovered.

But you’ll want to order them soon to leave enough time for shipping during this crazy holiday season.

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