You already know how much I love candles.

In fact, I’d say that 90 percent of the time I’m home, I have a candle burning!

I find that it brings some warmth and coziness to my space just from the flicker of the flame.

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But when it comes down to it, my favorite part about burning candles is that they fill my home with heavenly scents!

I know I’m not the only one here who loves candles. But I’m going to say that I’m a bit of a candle connoisseur. And what comes with being a cancel connoisseur? Knowing the best way to care for and burn a candle (so that it burns well and lasts long!).

Want me to let you in on my secrets?

Read on for my helpful tips for candle care.

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Trim the Wick!

Before you burn your candle for the first time, trim your wick to around 1/4 of an inch. Not too short and not too long!

For example, the Just Jill candles come with a longer wick since they are handmade. By trimming the wick, you can ensure a cleaner and brighter burn!

This will also help you avoid black smoke (and black smoke stains) and flames that are fartoo tall.

But be careful… if it’s too short, the pooling wax will drown the wick as it melts.

Pay Attention to Placement

The placement of your candle is actually pretty important—both for the longevity of your candle and the safety of those living in your home.

You’ll want to avoid putting your candle in direct sunlight because it can lose its fragrance and color (if the wax is colored) much faster.

Tips For Candle Care

And if it’s really toasty in the sunlight, it can even melt!

Do your best to keep them in a dry place, too. While I love lighting a candle while relaxing in the bathtub, I make sure to keep the candle away from water and I try to remove it soon after I’m done with my bath.

Onto safety!

Make sure your candle is far away from any pets and children—even if it’s not lit.

Here are some other safety tips to follow:

  • Burn candles in a well-ventilated room away from drafts or vents.
  • Do not burn candles for longer than 4 hours and let them cool for 2 hours after putting out the flame before relighting.
  • Never leave your candle unattended.
  • Never touch or move your candle when the wax is liquified or the flame is burning.
  • Keep candles away from anything that can catch fire (like books, paper, decorations, drapes, fabric, bedding, etc.)
  • If the flame becomes too high or flickers repeatedly, extinguish it.

Let the Wax Melt

The first time you burn your candle, give it enough time to completely melt across the surface.

If you don’t, the wax won’t melt evenly (you can see what happens in the photo below!).

Tips For Candle Care

What I always say is that your candle has memory.

So if you don’t let it melt all the way across the first time, the wax will continue to bump up against the walls and “tunnel” as it continues to burn.

This also helps you get the most burn and fragrance from every candle!

Make Good Use of the Lid

Wait! Before you blow out that candle, here’s a tip.

Tips For Candle Care

Many candles come with lids that can be used to distinguish the candle. (Like the Just Jill candles above!)

I like this method because it quickly puts the flame out and you don’t have that smoky burn smell in your room… the one that often occurs after you blow out a candle.

Find the snuffer HERE.

You can also look for an old-fashioned candle snuffer. I’ve found some at garage sales and vintage shops. Here’s one I found that also includes a wick trimmer!

Remember to keep a just-used candle away from kids and pets until the wax has cooled and solidified again!

Remove the Buildup

Black buildup on your candle wick? You’ll want to remove that before you re-light your candle!

Tips For Candle Care

All you have to do is grab a tissue and hold the candle upside down. Gently use the tissue to remove the buildup, and retrim the wick back to around 1/4 of an inch.

Ready for a new burn!

Protect Your Candle

That lid that comes with your candle? It’s helpful in more ways than one.

When you’re not burning your candle, try to keep the lid on.

This helps keep the integrity of the fragrance and keeps your candle protected from dust, bugs and pet hair that might be floating around!

Who Needs a New Candle?

Now that you know how to properly care for your candle, it’s time to find your next fragrance!

Here are a few of the candle offerings we have in the Just Jill Shop.

Find the mercury glass candle HERE.

If you’re looking for a candle that’s just as stunning as it is aromatic, the mercury glass mason jar candles are for you!

Right now, these candles come in a variety of seasonal scents including pumpkin spice, falling leaves, apple strudel and more!

All of the mercury glass candles are 24 ounces meaning they’re pretty big!

Find the 10-ounce candles HERE.

But if you’re looking for an option that’s a bit smaller, you can go with one of our classic 10-ounce sizes instead.

We have 2-packs in addition to single candles.

And while I’ve been showcasing the fall scents recently, we also have year-round fragrances like my signature “Home” scent and other scents like orange blossom and mango coconut.

Speaking of my Home fragrance, it’s a bestseller and if you haven’t tried it, you’re in for quite the treat!

It’s one you can burn any season and I just love the blue jars of the 10-ouncers. They double as decor!

Next time you’re ready to light a candle, I hope you’ll be able to look back on some of these tips for candle care to ensure you make the most of your candle!

From my home to yours,


Tips For Candle Care, Tips For Candle Care.

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