Are you ready to check out some fabulous finds for fall?

I sure hope so, because I’ve been on the hunt looking for fun themes and designs to help you make over your space and I’ve put together a collection of fifty fabulous finds!

If staying at home during COVID has taught me anything, it’s that the space I’m living in at home needs to make me smile.

So whether you like a little touch of harvest or a full on pumpkinpalooza, I hope you have fun checking out all of my fall finds.

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So are you ready to check out these fabulous fall finds? Let’s do this!

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Pretty pumpkins to perk up your place!

I have a thing for pumpkins. Big, little, orange, white, smooth, bumpy, you name it, they’re my favorite fall accent. Here are some pumpkin fall finds that I think work in just about any home.

This set of 3 porcelain pumpkins are such any easy trio to work with. Clustered together or used around the house separately, I really liked their coloring and versatility. Fill one up with faux florals, use another to hold your coffeepods in the kitchen!

I don’t think you can ever go wrong with pumpkins that glow. Check out the pretty pumpkins below that have fairy lights twinkling within.

Above is a classic Set of 2 mercury glass pumpkins that elevate any space. And below, you’ll find a set of 2 ombre amber glass pumpkins with led lights.

Rustic, more primitive looking decor is always a great way to add some texture into your design space. The “thankful” orange pumpkin below is an understated way to add this vibe to your decor.

The set of 3 rustic inspired mini pumpkins below are similar in style, but give you the chance to create a nested collection.

And if good things come in threes, then the set of 3 gratitude pumpkins below are no exception!

For a more sophisticated look when using pumpkins, try using this choice of white matte bisque pumpkins. These are also great to incorporate into coastal decor for the harvest months.

Velvet pumpkins seem to be the rage…but they can be pricey! I liked this set of 6 velvet mini pumpkins below because you get a set for what you might often pay for just one. More pumpkins, more options!

I liked the simplicity of this bronze openwork pumpkin with led candle. Especially if you use a lot of bronze metal throughout your home. This will fit right in.

Fall + Front Door = FUN!

I’ve always said a front door with a wreath equates to someone nice living there. But decorating the door is just the beginning! Here are a few ways to have fun with fall decor for the front of your home.

This “welcome” front porch leaner is so charming. It adds height, interest and can be seen from the road! Surround this sign with buckets of mums and your fall front decorating is practically finished!

If you like a bit more whimsy, then the scarecrow front porch accent below might be more your style. Isn’t he cute?

I think the fall harvest sunflower wreath with white pumpkins below is a stunner. Full and lush, updated a bit with the white pumpkins, but still maintaining true harvest tones. Just a beauty!

I can’t feature fall without including a little touch of Halloween. It’s my husband’s favorite time to decorate! I like the size and scale of this oversized Mr. Pumpkin Halloween figurine. Right for the season, but not too scary for the littles. Don’t tell Doug, but this one may be coming home to our house!

If you already have a wreath you love, why not add a new touch, like the charming illuminated accent bows below? The black and white gives off that farmhouse vibe (more looks like that below!) and the plaid is traditional fall. A great accent item to transform tired and drab into FAB!

Farmhouse fall decor

If you’re active on social media and you like home decor, you’re probably following some of the amazing accounts that feature farmhouse home decor. I’m in awe of some of these gals who make home design and transformation for the season look effortless.

I’ve keyed in on a few common threads for the farmhouse look I seem to gravitate towards. Since my home isn’t a total farmhouse decor style, I’ve found that creating one area with that vignette looks better than just dropping random pieces here or there.

Let’s start with this fabulous cotton blossom farmhouse wreath! Thanks to the amazing Joanna Gaines, cotton blossoms are the “in” flower for farmhouse decorating. I love this wreath because it has the leaves that bring it into fall, but frankly, this can be out year round. It’s neutral, so if you like the pops of color for fall, this won’t compete. But imagine this with champagne mercury glass and sparkly lights for holiday! This is one of my most favorite fall finds!

If you have any vases or decor for fall that you want to add a farmhouse touch to, these set of 12 cotton blossom stems are perfect for you! This is another item I think you’ll be glad to have on hand, as you can use this to scatter across a mantle, or mix into other decor when you’re bringing that farmhouse vibe to life. I love cotton blossom stems with sage and eucalyptus greens…and with the pumpkin below!

This sweet “blessed” sage pumpkin is a simple touch of color that blends in perfectly with the soft neutrals of farmhouse decor.

If there’s a pattern that works within the farmhouse design world, it’s buffalo check…and black and white looks perfect mixed in with autumnal elements. I think the set of 3 buffalo check pumpkins with leaf accents below are a great little trio!

Galvanized and Glorious!

I’ve always loved the look of galvanized metal. I tend to like white metals anyway, but there’s something very cool about the matte and quiet pattern of galvanized containers. This look also weighs very heavily into farmhouse decor, but I think it’s the kind of style that can work with most decor interiors.

I fell in love with this farmhouse fall arrangement in galvanized jug. I like the colors, the materials used, and the shape of the jug. I’d love to see you try this on your mantel, and entryway table or a dining room buffet. It’s lends itself to many possibilities!

Talk about possibilities. Aren’t these galvanized pumpkin baskets darling? I think you’ll have a ton of fun finding ways to use these around the house. They’ll be a nice way to create a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table too, don’t you think?

Remember those cute velvet pumpkins I showed you earlier? Well, here’s the perfect vessel to use with them! This set of 2 galvanized gourd bowls is the perfect home for pinecones, pumpkins, cotton stems or all of the above!

Fall favorites for your kitchen

If you can do nothing else, treat yourself and your home to a new set of kitchen towels for the season. When I lived in my first apartment and had very little money to spend on “decorating”, my splurge for the season was a new set of kitchen towels. Practical and pretty. It never goes out of style.

Check out these assorted harvest kitchen towels. They instantly get you in the fall mood!

Adding a few touches to your countertops is also simple and affordable. I like this set of 3 covered harvest themed bowls because you can use them as a fruit bowl for the season, storage for leftovers, or for serving. I like items that do multiple things. And since the season for fall decorating is September through end of November, you’ll get a lot of use from these!

This pumpkin placemat will help you set the perfect fall table. But think of using just one on your kitchen island under a hurricane candle. It’s a simple and subtle way to add that harvest touch.

The various pumpkin decor tureens above are a great way to change the way you think about what you use to decorate. They’re for serving…but who says you can’t use them as decorative accents filled with faux florals? Or as a cookie jar? Or a candy dish? The shape is there, the price is right, so have fun playing around with how you use these year to year.

This ceramic pumpkin gravy boat was too cute not to share. Of course it will be perfect at Thanksgiving, but what about a little warmed syrup for pancakes on Sunday morning? Or imagine the delight of your kiddos when they get to pour milk over their cereal from this!

The ceramic pumpkin serving bowl below coordinates with the gravy boat. Your mashed potatoes are going to look pretty tasty in this! But I love the idea of using It filled with some mini pinecones and using a few flameless candles for a pretty candle garden coffee table look. What do you think?

I’ve been a fan of Nordicware bakeware for as long as I can remember. They make the most beautiful pans that transform a cake mix into bakery bliss. Imagine your favorite pumpkin bread recipe baked in this Nordicware pumpkin loaf pan. So special!

Elegant and Exquisite Fall Finds

I’ve always described my style as eclectic. Or kind of “high-low.” I like to mix a touch of upscale with my bargain finds. It makes the “low” seem like more and brings the “high” into the everyday.

At my core, I love a bargain. So even when I find those elevated pieces, they aren’t prohibitively expensive. Yes, they may cost a little more, but I hope when you look at the quality of the pieces I put in this collection for you, you’ll understand why I included them. This is my assortment of elegant fall finds. If nothing else, I hope they’ll inspire you when you’re thinking about your decor!

Yes, I love pumpkins for fall. But there is something chic and luxurious about using hydrangeas like those in this harvest hydrangea wreath for your fall decor. These colors are so rich and refined and I love the coppery hues of the leaves. This wreath is so thoroughly and thoughtfully designed…that’s what sets it apart.

Just look at these lovely glass pumpkins! Simply stunning. These elegant shimmer glass pumpkins come in a choice of sizes. Of course a set of 3 would be divine…but just one has enough beauty to make you happy.

You want to elevate the farmhouse vibe? Let me introduce you to these super chic, super cute buffalo check pumpkins. I love them both!

Anytime you add a touch of metallic glow to your decor, you’ve raised the bar. This set of 2 soft gold pumpkins had me dreaming of my Thanksgiving table with lots of votives flickering and these as part of the tablescape. Simple yet elegant.

A few more fall finds….

I love the look of this Farmhouse “Gather” sign. Easy to lean up against the wall and surround with your favorite fall finds. It’s probably a style you can leave up in a dining room or kitchen year round.

I don’t think baskets are season specific, but how you use them is. I love the possibilities of this Set of 3 seagrass baskets. Under a console table with a fluffy throw draped over the edge or on your hearth with birch logs, these baskets will serve you well. And if you take the season out of it, these are great to organize the dog toys, the kids playthings and your extra towels and linens too!

I had to include this set of 24 colored glass bottles because I think the look of a “collected” assortment of bottles is really on trend right now and the green color can work harvest and holiday. Use the cotton stems from earlier, greenery stems, twigs, or just leave open. A very cool look. Be sure to put near a window so the sunlight can dance through the glass!

I thought this illuminated stacked pumpkin topiary was a wonderful alternative to a lantern. I like the various tones and shapes of the pumpkins and the led light strand adds the extra touch.

And here’s another twist on a lantern. This harvest accent filled lantern with led lights has a lovely warmth to it.

If you have some extra flameless candles sitting around, put one inside this thankful and blessed lantern. It will allow those special words to glow…what a lovely way to remind yourself to count your blessings.

Finishing Fall Touches

Want to make over your living room for fall? It’s as easy as swapping out your decorative pillows. Look at some these cute styles I found for you:

Farmhouse inspired white pumpkin pillow.

things to love about fall pillow

Another super simple way to add a little touch of the season is to use accent rugs. I like to swap out my rugs by the back door , the kitchen sink and the front entry way each season. Here are just a few from a collection of cute fall themed accent rugs.

Simple signs or wall decor with words of the season are a fun way to create a vignette. Here are a couple of signs I found that I thought you might have fun working with.

rustic inspired farm sign

painted pumpkin welcome sign

harvest and halloween pumpkin art

Let’s cozy up for the season

Sure, fall is about pumpkins and apples and scarecrows and changing leaves. But it’s also a season of cozy, with comfort foods, evening fires and family gatherings. So once you have your home decorated, here are a couple of things to help you cozy up and enjoy your beautiful surroundings.

I love this simple little golden amber fall votive with accents. Nestle it into a bookcase, put it a couple on your mantle, and enjoy that subtle glow.

I had the pleasure of working with A Cheerful Giver candle company during my time at QVC. Made in the USA, employing challenged adults to give them purpose, and creating a beautiful product for all to enjoy. I’m thrilled to direct you to a cheerful giver pumpkin pie candle and to this brand. They are special. And their scents are fantastic.

You want to snuggle up for the harvest season and give your home a little decor touch too? That’s why I liked this cozy patchwork fleece throw. Bring on that cool, October air. You’ll be snug as a bug in a rug. 🙂

Here’s how I decorate for fall at the beach… 2 different looks!

Keep checking back for more fun this fall!

I have a lot of ideas swirling in my head for the fall season. I hope my collection of fall finds gets you off to a good start! Be sure to check out my fall favorites collection for a few more easy decor items.

If you want to get a head start on some great fall recipes, my top rated apple brownies are easy to make and get rave reviews!

As always, thanks so much for your support! I love creating things for you!

From my (almost) harvest home to yours,


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