I’m known for my household and table decor, but I love when people have a great eye for fall porch decor!

You know the people I’m talking about.

They know just how to take their home’s curb appeal to a whole new level when autumn rolls around. It always puts a smile on my face!

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And while I focus more on the inside of my home, I wanted to share a few fall porch decor ideas that I found on the web.

They just might spark some ideas for your own home!

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Traditional Front Porch Decor

If you want to use traditional reds, oranges and browns to decorate your fall porch, here are a few ideas!

(You can click on the collage images below the photos to shop these items for your own home!)

Classic Colors and Greenery

Sometimes, classic is best.

This front porch brings out the deep fall colors while incorporating some greenery from the yard.

Fall Porch Decor
Photo credit: The Thankful Home

I love the elegance of the wreaths and the incorporation of the lanterns down the steps.

By mixing up the size of the pumpkins, there’s so much dimension on this porch!

Maximum Decor

If you’re going for the basic look, go MAX!

Between the pumpkins, the wheat stocks, the mums and the boxes, there’s a whole lot going on.

Fall Porch Decor
Photo credit: Stevie Girl

But since everything follows the same color palette, it doesn’t look too busy or overwhelming.

Did you catch the little crows throughout the decor? I love the spooky touch!

Farmhouse Fall Look

Farmhouse decor (inside and outside) is super trendy right now.

And if you’re wanting to give the trend a try, now is a great time!

Fall Porch Decor
Photo credit: A Night Owl

This decorative fall porch is decorated with a worn bench, a vintage-looking pillow and a buffalo check throw.

The surrounding pumpkins and lanterns offer some great depth to the scene as well.

Stacking Pumpkins

If you don’t have a lot of space to work with or you want to add some vertical dimension to your fall porch decor, try stacking your pumpkins!

Fall Porch Decor
Photo credit: Becky Stayner

This homeowner stacks pumpkins of all colors on milk containers and pots.

The incorporation of the mums provides great texture and color as well.

Decorating with Neutrals

Whether you have a busy looking home or you prefer the whites and beige tones, you might want to opt for neutrals instead!

Here are some neutral fall looks I absolutely love.

(You can click on the collage images below the photos to shop these items for your own home!)

A Bench as a Focal Point

So clean, so pretty. I love the look of this bench!

Now, I don’t have enough space for a bench like this. But you can use the same concept with any size bench or chair!

Front Porch Decor
Photo credit: Liz Marie Blog

The textures and patterns of the pillows are super engaging.

And although the pumpkins are white, cream and grey tones, they add some excitement to the scene by taking neutralizing the hard edges of the bench and pillows.

Deep Tones For Fall

The contrast of this white home and the deep decor is just STUNNING. Plus, the homeowner makes great use of the space by decorating everywhere…

The ceiling, the floor and every space in between!

Front Porch Decor
Photo credit: Craft Berry Bush

I especially like that they added a mirror to the scene (because yes, you can use mirrors outside!).

It opens up the space and highlights the other round elements like the table decor and table itself.

Bring Out a Cart

If you’re looking for a subtle way to give your home a fall look, try decorating a corner of your porch.

Front Porch Decor
Photo credit: Home Stories A to Z

This design-savvy person used a bar cart as the foundation for their fall decor.

While the pumpkins are piled in an organic way, the scene looks clean thanks to the crate and the clean lines of the cart.

Neutrals with a Pop of Green

Oh, how I love this natural green color against the backdrop of this neutral home.

Front Porch Decor
Photo credit: The Lady Slipper Blog

When I think of fall, I typically think of reds and oranges.

But let me tell you, this homeowner knew exactly how to incorporate shades of green to give their space just that touch of autumn look.

The puppy is a cutie too… but my guess is you can’t find him at your local store! 🙂

A Pop of Gold

I’ve used gold in my fall home multiple times, and I just love how it’s used on this porch!

Front Porch Decor
Photo credit: Taryn Whiteaker

Making use of beige tones and deep browns, this decorator really focused on making sure their decoration style was subtle.

But thanks to the shininess of the mum barrel and the gold pumpkin, this porch is far from basic.

Spooky Front Porch Ideas for Halloween

Want to jump straight into Halloween? I don’t blame you… we love the holiday too!

Check out some of these fun and spooky ways to decorate your Halloween porch.

(You can click on the collage images below the photos to shop these items for your own home!)

Classic with Pops of Color

When I think of Halloween, this fall porch decor is exactly what I think of!

Halloween Decor
Photo credit: John Kerick

You have the jack-o-lanterns and a beautiful wreath. And you even have sayings like “Trick or Treat” and “Boo” written on the uncarved pumpkins!

It’s definitely more of a modern and clean look, but it’s definitely one you can’t go wrong with.

Patterned Pumpkins Galore!

Want to add a little more excitement to your space!

Patterned pumpkins are the answer!

Halloween Decor
Photo credit: Vand Fair

In addition to the pumpkins, I enjoy that this homeowner really played around with textures.

Just check out the leaves, the barrel of hay and the rustic feel of the lanterns.

Pretty AND festive!

Bring Out The Purples

I’ve always loved Halloween decor that includes a little bit of purple.

And although I typically showcase the purple alongside black and orange, this porch highlights the purple with no distraction!

Halloween Decor
Photo credit: We’re The Joneses

It definitely gives off more of a spooky vibe. But there’s also some playfulness thanks to the striped rug, funky pillows and the fun bow on the window.

I may just need to do a purple corner of my own!

Do you have a fall porch decor trend you’d like to try? Or are there some porch decorating tips you’d like to share?

Share away!

Thanks for reading and I hope this blog gave you some fun fall inspo!

From my home to yours,


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