No matter the time of the year, I’m always thinking about the upcoming season and how I’m going to decorate my home.

So right now, I’m obsessed with fall decor!

I’ve got a thing for pumpkins… so there are plenty of those to be found throughout the house.

fall decor

I also love leaves, berries, pinecones, mums, apples and the autumnal color palette so I use a lot of those accents too.

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Figuring Out Fall Decor, Coastal Style

Here’s the tricky part. I can very easily use the traditional warm tones of fall (orange, amber, deep reds and olive greens) throughout our home in Pennsylvania.

But finding ways to bring a touch of autumn to our place at the beach is not as easy.

Our beach house (aka my happy place) is filled with cooler tones of navy, ivory and whites, khaki and some sea glass shades.

Not exactly the colors you’ll find on your fall color waheel!

fall decor pumpkin
Find a similar pumpkin HERE!

A big, blue pumpkin was actually the inspiration behind my decor.

It inspired me to create some fun fall coastal tablescapes, both casual and more elevated in style. You can check out those looks in the videos below.

(the pumpkin above is no longer available, but you can find a similar one HERE!)

Casual Coastal Fall Decor

Simple Ways To Elevate Fall Decor

Traditional Meets Coastal

I really challenged myself to find ways to incorporate the more traditional color tones of fall decor into the beach house… and I’m really liking how it turned out!

I started with something simple. A wood tray and some fall filler.

Here’s a great find… this pack of mini pumpkins, leaves, acorns and beaded stems. I have used all of the elements in one location or another!

fall decor pumpkins

Use them in hurricanes, glass bowls, and mirrored trays with flameless candles… the easiest way I know to bring that touch of fall to your home!

While the leaf tray above isn’t available anymore, I found some similar wood leaf trays to mine if you’re inspired by this easy look!

Here’s How I Did It…

We have an ivory console table that is centerstage in the area between our family room and kitchen area.

I love to give this area a makeover for the seasons and decided it was the perfect place to play up the orange tones of fall.

fall decor basket

I used an ivory chicken wire basket to hold the pumpkins and simply wrapped it with a khaki and ivory ribbon.

The basket is sitting on top of a wood slice cheese tray that usually has a glass cloche over it. I used the cloche elsewhere, which you’ll see in just a bit!

fall decor

On one side of the console, I used a glass jug and a variety of stems I purchased at Dollar Tree.

On the other side, I used Luminara Candles on some candlesticks I already owned and nestled in a few more fall stems.

Some shiny mercury glass votives and natural white pumpkins finished off the look!

I think the key to making this look work was in using ivory as the base color.

The console is part of the overall color scheme of the house, so I played that up in the accents I chose: the basket, the ribbon, the rustic nature of the candlesticks and clear glass for the vase.

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From there, I used color to accent those accents, which keeps it from overwhelming the rest of my home with unwanted and uncoordinated colors.

I also made sure to use a little more orange on the nearby kitchen table to tie it into the room.

A Simple Fall Decor Centerpiece

Below, you’ll see the cloche that I mentioned earlier.

I have no rules for how I use items in my home and mix and match and “shop” my house constantly.

Here, I used some of the accents from the pumpkin, berry and pinecone filler set and put them on top of a cake plate that happens to have some pretty fall colors.

I put it all on top of a wooden charger plate.

And I happened to have some lovely dishes that matched my color scheme too, so I set the table and used these pretty golden pumpkin place card holders as accents.

What About Big Blue?

Remember that big, blue pumpkin? It still found a place in my fall decor.

By placing it on top of a whitewashed, farmhouse-style console table with already existing blue accents, I used it more as a vignette in my decorating than the driving style.

To decorate this area, I started with the same table runner I used in the elevated decor video.

On top of the runner, I added this white pip berry wreath. Can I tell you something? I am in love with this wreath!!

Find the wreath HERE.

I think it will be one of the best $20 I’ve spent on a decor item in a long time because it can be used all 12 months of the year.

You can be sure how I’m using it for fall will be different than how I use it for the holidays! I love a good find!

This white pip wreath is the perfect way to tie the big, blue pumpkin into my coastal decor.

The white berries brighten the look and allow me to use other small white accents to bring the look together.

On the rest of the table, I added a spray with ribbon, leaves and more white pumpkins to the existing lantern.

And because the spray has a bit of a burnt orange in the mix, I tied that in with a simple mini pumpkin and some words of gratitude.

Why Fall Is My Favorite Decorating Season

One of the best things about finding items of fall decor is that you have such a long time to enjoy them!

Even if you haven’t started yet, you still have plenty of time to add some fall decor touches and enjoy what they add to your home for the entire month of October and November!

While a lot of the products I used above aren’t available any longer, I discovered some other beautiful fall decor pieces! CLICK ON THE IMAGES BELOW TO LEARN MORE ABOUT EACH ONE!

And Don’t Forget Dessert!

And if fall decorating puts you in the mood for fall baking, then be sure to check out some of my most popular recipes that are perfect for fall

You have to try my harvest apple cake with cream cheese frosting and my sour cream apple pie with streusel crumb topping.

I love sharing fall decor ideas with you and hope some of the simple ways I’ve decorated my home this season inspire you!

I really want to savor the fall season, don’t you?

The leaves will start to turn very soon and I think I could stare at that beauty for hours on end.

Be sure to sit back and soak up all the pretty things you’re adding to your spaces for fall….your special touch is what makes your house a home.

From my fall home to yours,


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