My car goes from squeaky clean to a disaster area in a matter of days. Maybe because it’s easy to throw things on the floor or the seats when I’m in a hurry.

And like most things, cleaning it is a little more complicated than making it a mess in the first place.

That’s why I took to the web to find some neat organization hacks you can use to organize your car. Because a clean car makes driving a lot more pleasant!

My Top Tips To Organize Your Car

1. Set A Cleaning Schedule

Has anyone ever told you that if you clean your home regularly, it’s much easier to tidy up? The same goes for your car!

Set a schedule (or a designated weekday) to do a little cleaning session. Since the weekends are a little more mellow around my house, I like to clean out all my trash and unnecessary items from my car on Sunday.

2. Find A Place For Everything

It sounds obvious, but if you have a spot for all your car essentials, you’re much more likely to keep it clean. You can use sorting bins to organize your car or you can use built-in storage space to keep things in order.

3. Keep Your Essentials Close

Similar to a pantry or a utensil drawer, if you don’t have your essentials within arms reach, you might end up digging around for what you need—causing a bigger mess than necessary. Instead, keep everything you might need in a convenient place.

I keep a pen and notebook in my middle console for any ideas I need to jot down. I also keep my compact first aid kit in the passenger glove box in case I run into a mini emergency.

You can see more of the essentials that I shared with the TODAY Show HERE.

4. Make Your Car Smell Nice

Even if you clean and organize your car, it’s not going to seem tidy if it smells bad.

Find the Unstoppables HERE.

So before you wrap up your car cleaning session, use a pre-made car freshener or a DIY one (you can pour those Downy Unstoppables in a cup for a fresh-smelling car!).

Products To Help You Organize Your Car

I did some digging and found a few products that will help you keep your car clean and organized. Below, find everything from trunk organizers to trash cans.

Find the Drop Stop HERE.

The Drop Stop is one of those “as seen on TV” products that actually work. Simply slip it in between the seat and your glove compartment, and it will catch anything from falling.

I drop my keys down there all too often, so this seems like a lifesaver!

Find the car trash can HERE.

If you have kids in the back of your car, you’ll love this nifty car trash can.

It slips on the back of the seat or on the middle console and offers everyone a place to put trash (so it doesn’t end up shoved in the door!).

Find the soft-sided trunk organizer HERE.

This collapsable car organizer fits neatly in your trunk. It has multiple sections that can hold everything from water bottles to games you can bring to the park.

It also packs down to a convenient bag—making it easy to carry and store.

Find the shower caddy HERE.

Did you know you can organize your car with a shower caddy? No, really! These little bins, equipped with suction cups, can stick on the windows in the back of your car.

They provide you with a great space to put toys, snacks, or anything your kids might toss around.

Find the seat cover HERE.

I love my pups but I don’t love when their hair gets all over the car seats. I found this helpful seat cover that will help keep the back of your car fur-free!

It’s also waterproof which will eliminate those dreaded wet paws that dance around the seats after a rainstorm.

More Finds to Organize Your Car

If you’re on the hunt for more products to organize your car, you can find some neat ones below. Just click on the picture to find the item.

From my car to yours,


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