There’s a decent level of irony in cleaning your cleaning supplies, but it needs to be done!

I house most of my cleaning products under the sink which keeps them out of the way until I need them.

Unfortunately, this also means I forget what I have under there—leaving me with a bunch of unused and expired products.

My other pitfall is that I buy new cleaning supplies all the time. I mean ALL the time. I can’t help it when I find good deals on my favorites!

But before I stock up on any more, I’m challenging myself to organize the cleaning products and tools I already have.

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How To Organize Your Cleaning Supplies

I recently found a bottle of multi-purpose cleaner from 2015. In other words, I have a lot of unnecessary cleaning supplies on hand.

So I did some research and found a few tips that will help us organize our cleaning supplies.

Photo credit: Forkly

Forkly, a blog I found online, showcased a unique idea for accessing your cleaning supplies.

Similar to pantry or refrigerator organization, you can use a lazy susan inside a cupboard or under the sink!

And if you can find one with sections, you can keep different tools in each space.

Photo credit: And Christina

And Christina gave me this cool idea for storing cleaning supplies—and it’s super helpful if you have a multi-level home.

Instead of lugging around products individually, you can put all your cleaning essentials in a tote which makes it easy to take from one room to the next.

Photo credit: Good Housekeeping

Here’s a trick I found on Good Housekeeping.

If you keep all your cleaning supplies under your sink, you can use a tension rod to hold all of your spray bottles.

The little handles fit perfectly over the rod which gives you easy access to all the cleaners you use regularly.

Photo credit: House Beautiful

I love browsing the House Beautiful website because I always find new DIY projects and home hacks.

This one shows that you can use a shoe organizer to sort your cleaning supplies! Just hang it over a door and place your essentials in the pockets. You can even separate each type of item by row.

You can find one to use in your own home HERE.

Restocking? Here Are Some Of My Favorites

I want to share some of my favorite cleaning supplies with you for when you’re ready to restock.

I’ve used most of these for years and I continue to bring them out daily. Hopefully, you’ll find them just as helpful!

Cleaning Tools

My iRobot Roomba is the unsung hero in my household. Why? It does all the work for me!

Find the Roomba HERE.

On days when I’m already busy, it cleans my floors without hassle.

I also love that I can program it ahead of time so I don’t have to remember when to clean.

Find the cloths HERE.

E-cloths are microfiber cloths that are great for multiple household tasks—especially when cleaning stainless steel appliances and windows!

This set includes one window cleaning pack, four glass polishing cloths and one atomizer for water.

Find the Dyson HERE.

This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned my love for the Dyson Cord-free Vacuum.

It’s a powerhouse throughout my home—completely cleaning dog hair, dust and those hard-to-reach places.

I like that I can remove the top to turn it into a hand vacuum, and I love that there isn’t a cord that gets tangled in my feet when I clean.

Find the Scrub Mommy set HERE.

Toss your old sponges and grab this Scrub Mommy Set instead.

Trust me… these things will completely change your cleaning routine.

They have something called “flex texture” technology. This means that running them under cold water will keep them stiff, and hot water will make them more flexible.

Find the set HERE.

Do you have tough-to-tackle stains on cookware, your oven or your stovetop?

If so, you’ll want to buy a Bio Cleaner Set to help you clean with ease. The sponges have two surfaces—one for light scrubbing and one for heavy scrubbing.

There’s also 4 steel wool pads with a convenient handle… perfect for those SUPER tough stains!

Cleaning Supplies

You’ll always find Mrs. Meyers products in my household.

Find the cleaner HERE.

And while I own everything from the hand soap to the laundry detergent, my favorite product is the Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner.

It has an incredible scent and it cleans without leaving a film.

Find the laundry detergent HERE.

Did you know Caldrea is made by the same company as Mrs. Meyers?

I’ve been a fan of their products for years but one of my favorites is the Caldrea Laundry Detergent.

It’s designed to be gentle on clothes while working hard to remove stains.

Find the laundry fragrance HERE.

The Good Home Company has this laundry fragrance that is to die for. I love the Beach Days scent and the Fresh Cut Grass scent—they’re both lovely!

And guess what? It’s 90% plant-based and will keep your clothes smelling fresh for days.

Find the outdoor cleaner wipes HERE.

I use most of my cleaning products indoors, but when it comes to outdoor tasks, I turn straight to Scotts Outdoor Cleaner.

Each heavy-duty wipe is dual-sided and designed to wipe away pesky stains and dirt. I always have a couple of containers in my house!

How does my cleaning supply list look?

Hopefully you can find some new products to add to your own home… after you tidy your current collection of course!

From my home to yours,


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