Whether you caught one or have been following along on social media for all 12, I thought a last minute wrap up of my 12 days of Christmas Gifts was in order!

I had so much fun putting together this collection of Christmas gifts from the assortment of products you’ll find in my Just Jill Shop.

If you haven’t had the chance to look around, you can click HERE to check out the shop.

I know we’re running out of time for holiday shopping, so let’s get this round up underway!

I hope you have fun browsing through my 12 days of Christmas ( and feel free to hum the tune while you look!)

On The First Day Of Christmas Gifts

This necklace from My Saint My Hero seemed like the perfect way to kick off my 12 days of Christmas gifts, after all, every time you hear a bell ring, an angel gets his/her wings!

This angel chime necklace comes in gold or silver tones and has the most ethereal and soft “jingle” as you go through your day.

The perfect way to take a moment and remind yourself that your angels are around you.

Click HERE for this necklace.

Day 2 Of Christmas Gift Ideas

I love the simplicity of these gemstone leverback earrings.

Another piece of jewelry you can choose in silver or gold tones, there’s also a variety of gems to choose for the bead too.

I think a little pop of color can go a long way in finishing the look of an outfit!

Click HERE for these earrings (they’re on sale too!)

Day 2 of 12 days of Christmas gifts

A Little Kiss For Day 3

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Mad Gabs and I patiently wait for her holiday flavors every year.

This assortment makes for perfect stocking stuffers. There’s hot cocoa, sugar cookie and peppermint flavors in the lip balm sticks, plus two more round mini tins too.

Mad Gabs Lip Smooch uses all natural beeswax and other natural ingredients in their products and was one of the first “clean” beauty brands on the market.

Click HERE for this Holiday Moose Smooch Assortment

Day 4 Features One Of My Favorite Bracelets

We have many items from My Saint My Hero in the Just Jill Shop, but this one has become one of my favorites, and that’s usually a good indication of a gift pick!

It’s called the Wake Up and Pray bracelet, and each of the beads represents something to be grateful for as you start your day.

12 days of christmas gifts

I love to layer mine with my “Jill” watch. You can find that watch HERE.

This bracelet comes in many different bead colors so you can give this to multiple people and know there’s a customized spin on each gift, even though it’s the same item.

Click HERE for the Wake Up and Pray Bracelet

A Delicious Day Of Food

Our Berkwood Farms Breakfast Sampler is one of the best food gifts for the holidays!

And I know plenty of you have also purchased it for yourself too!

It includes 4 flavors of bacon, 2 kinds of breakfast sausage links, some cheddar bacon pork patties and ground sausage too. All told, it’s 6lbs of delicious Berkshire pork, known for it’s juicy and tender flavor.

Click HERE for our Breakfast Sampler

**Food items must be ordered from Just Jill by EOD Monday, 12/13 to arrive by Christmas.

Ready For Day 6?

This angel necklace is the work of inspirational artist, Steven Lavaggi. It is petite in size and has a small diamond accent.

I love the message of an angel for gift giving.

Don’t we all need a little feeling of protection as we go through our days?

Click HERE for this necklace (also on sale!)

Cheers To Day 7

We introduced you to Silvadore Wine Preservers earlier in the year and I was thrilled to put together a special gift set for the holidays.

The Silvadore canisters contain a food safe, odorless and tasteless gas called argon. By spritzing a couple doses into your wine bottle, it prevents oxidation from occurring.

Bottom line? If you don’t finish a bottle of wine, Silvadore ensures that the next time you take a glass from that opened bottle, the taste of the wine will be just as good as your first pour…even if that was weeks ago!

Click HERE for our Silvadore Holiday pack (on sale!)

Delicious Day 8

One of the most popular food gifts we offer this year is from Southern Roots Sisters.

You can read more about this delicious brand here.

I chose these assortments as a part of my 12 days of Christmas Gifts because, well, they’re about as good as cookie mixes get.

The cookie mixes make baking so easy, because you don’t need a pantry of ingredients, just a stick or butter or shortening and an egg.

Click HERE for the cookies mixes.

More From Our 12 Days Of Christmas Gifts

My assortment of ideas for the 12 days of Christmas gifts include items from the many different categories we feature at Just Jill.

For those of you who have known me for a long time, I’m sure it’s no surprise that jewelry is a large part of our offerings.

The blue sodalite bracelet with the hammered heart is the number one selling bracelet in our PowerBeads by jen assortment. It was the first, and was designed by me.

It features the colors of denim blue (lights, mid-tones and dark) and since each bracelet is hand strung, every bracelet is unique in its assortment of colors.

We feature over a dozen different bracelets from PowerBeads by jen, but if I had to recommend one for a gift, this hammered heart piece tops the list.

Click HERE for the sodalite bracelet.

I selected these lever back earrings because they’re simply a sweet and heart filled (no pun intended) gift.

They’re the perfect pair of earrings for your granddaughter but they also make a loving gift for a friend.

I’ve always been partial to rose gold on a heart….it’s like cookies and milk, they just go together! (more on cookies coming up!)

Click HERE for these heart earrings.

The Final 2 Days Of Christmas Gifts

I’ll admit it, I love pretty things.

And the minute I saw these beautiful, decoupage oyster shells by Grit and Grace Studio, I knew we had to offer them to all of you.

this oyster shell is part of the 12 days of christmas gifts at just jill

I had never seen anything like these before, so I know they will make a special, unique gift for that person on your list who has everything!

Click HERE to see all of the designs for this decoupaged shell.

And For The 12th Day Of Christmas….

COOKIES! Or rather, cookie pies!

This set of 2 cookie pies comes from the Little Red Kitchen Bakeshop in Brooklyn, New York.

Head baker, Susan Palmer, is an award winning cookie maker and I am a huge fan of her cookie pies.

cookie pies availaable at just jill shop.com

They’re homemade in a small kitchen using top shelf ingredients and the result is a delicious way to satisfy your cookies and milk craving.

Our duo features the Monster cookie pie, which is basically an peanut butter oatmeal cookie with chocolate candy pieces. We partner that with a snickerdoodle pie, complete with cinnamon sugar and topped with homemade caramel.

Don’t forget to leave a piece for Santa.

Click HERE for the set of 2 Cookie Pies (on sale for a limited time!)

Gifts Galore!

This was my first holiday season with all of you through my Just Jill Shop.

I hope if you did some shopping with us, we delighted you with our assortment, experience and service.

And, if you haven’t stopped by, I hope you’ll so do some online window shopping to see what our shop is all about.

We’re already planning out our new collections for the new year.

My hope in all of this is that whether you’re looking for a special gift, a delicious nibble, recipes, tips or something to take care of you, you’ll keep Just Jill in mind for your needs.

Happy Holidays friends!

From my holiday home to yours,


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