It’s that time of the year! Time for boots, cozy sweaters, scarves and everything fall.

Whether you live in a warm climate or you’ve already had your first snowfall, I’m sure you’re getting eager to make that seasonal wardrobe switch.

That’s why I thought it would be a good time to share some of my favorite fall fashion picks for the chillier October and November months!

I already own some of the items on the list and have them sitting in my closet. Others are just options I found online that may “accidentally” end up in my wardrobe if I’m not careful… I did mention I love shopping, right?

So take a look at some of my fall fashion recommendations — you’ll see everything from trendy essentials to boots to splurge-worthy items and more!

If you’re interested in something you see, you can click on the blue underlined text to be directed straight to the product page.

I won’t keep you waiting, happy shopping!

My Favorite Fall Fashion Picks

Here are some of the items I have my sights on for fall.

They’re perfect for that “in-between” time of year when it’s not warm, but it’s not yet cold enough for a parka. Let me know what you think!

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Trendy Essentials for Fall

Find the cardigan HERE.

This Barefoot Dreams Ribbed Cardi is a top cozy essential for fall.

It features their signature softness and feels SO good against skin. This one is double-knit so it’s a little heavier in weight, but that also means it’s warmer!

Find the cardigan HERE.

There’s another Barefoot Dreams cardigan that’s a little lighter in weight. In my opinion, it’s a must for layering with leggings!

Find the cardigan HERE.

I recently shared this cardigan that’s both stylish and affordable. It also comes in a variety of autumn-centric colors!

Find the jeans HERE.

It might just be me… but when I find a good pair of jeans I won’t look back. My absolute favorite brand is NYDJ and there are lots of styles that work for me.

That’s why another fall fashion pick of mine is the Ami Skinny Jeans. They are one of my go-to styles because they’re super versatile and comfortable.

Find the leggings HERE.

I also love the Alina pull-on and the Ponte Knit leggings… they’re the BEST. I’m talking no pilling and maybe the best leggings I’ve ever worn in terms of fit and look.

Find the top HERE.

The Essentials Pima Cotton Top is one of my all-time fave T-shirts.

I love the pima cotton because it truly makes a differene in the softness. It has a flattering 3/4-length sleeve that never seems to short or too long.

It’s one of those investments that will work year-round… lots of colors to choose from too!

Find the sweater HERE.

I wore a very similar Rip Curl Crewneck Sweater on one of my Facebook Live videos and I got a lot of people asking about it. Luckily, I found a link to share!

It runs bug so you may want to order a size down, but it’s really soft and I love the unique colors. I wouldn’t call it cropped, but it’s not long like a tunic either. It has a relaxed fit and it definitely brings out the California girl in me!

Find the sweater dress HERE.

Sweater dresses always seem to make their appearance in the world of fall fashion. Luckily, it’s still trendy in 2023!

I don’t own this Lululemon Sweater Dress but it seems like one you could wear time and time again while changing it up with new boots or jewelry every time!

Find the sweater HERE.

When I want to add something new to my wardrobe I often take a look at some popular “surf” brands because they have a bit of a cool factor. I actually have my eye on this poncho sweater from Rip Curl!

Don’t you love the front pocket?

Find this shirt HERE.

I think a long-sleeved tee shirt is an underestimated clothing essential.

Especially this time of year, when it’s chilly one day and the next day it feels like spring!

The dip dye look is fun and fresh… and I like that it’s lightweight but not paper thin!

Fall Fashion Jackets and Outerwear

Find the jacket HERE.

I was browsing the QVC site last weekend and stumbled upon this Quilted Barn Jacket. It’s a total gem and a great option for fall! I adore the quilted pattern because it’s one that will never go out of style.

And the cognac? A great way to add a pop of color to your outfit!

Find a similar jacket HERE.

I posted a photo of me with some of my favorite cleaning products a while ago. Well, a lot of you were interested in the jacket I was wearing as well!

Unfortunately, I purchased it quite some time back at TJ Maxx and can’t find the exact style, but this one from Anthropologie looks pretty similar!

Find the rain coat HERE.

That weekly forecast is rarely accurate… so be prepared with this Squall Rain Coat that’s perfect for your fall fashion wardrobe!

It’s basic, but it looks like a coat that will keep you protected and warm no matter how crazy the weather gets.

Find the jacket HERE.

If you live in a cooler climate like me, you might want to invest in a heavier coat starting in November.

The Eddie Bauer Light Down Jacket is one of the cutest things I think I’ve seen all season — plus, it’s surprisingly budget-friendly!

Find the vest HERE.

This Denim & Co. Vest can add a whole different dimension to your fall fashion outfit.

In my opinion, it’s great for those days when it’s a little cold in the shade but still warm in the sun.

It also has that classic quilted pattern I love!

Find the moto jacket HERE.

If you’re trying to upgrade your closet, this Old Navy Leather Jacket may do the trick. It has a modern twist, but you best bet it will be in style for years to come.

Here’s a little secret… it’s actually faux leather but it looks so real, I’m not sure anyone would notice!

Cold Weather Boots and Shoes

Find the shoes HERE.

I’ve been a Birkenstock fan for over 25 years and for a good reason. Sure, they aren’t always the most stylish but they definitely have good arch support and they come in a bunch of varieties!

The Boston Shearling Birkenstock is a good fall fashion choice because they’re warm and cozy.

I purchased my first pair a couple of years ago and they’ve become my go-to house slippers! (I also know they’ll last for years).

Find the boots HERE.

I found these boots a few days ago and thought they’d match perfectly with any fall outfit!

They’re called the Sam Edelman Laguna Lug Boots and they’re waterproof too!

Find the slippers HERE.

If there’s one type of shoe I can’t live without, it’s a slipper. No, I can’t wear them to the beach or to baseball games, but I can’t imagine lounging around my home without a pair!

These ones are from a brand called Minnetonka and they look oh so cozy! They also come in multiple colors so you’re bound to find a pair that fits your personal style.

Find the boots HERE.

With the temperamental weather of fall it’s a good idea to have a pair of rain boots in the house. I always recommend the Hunter Rain Boots because they last forever and they stand out in terms of quality.

While they’re a bit more expensive than some, they’ll hold together to help you avoid any surprise puddles.

Accessories and Jewelry

Find the scarf HERE.

I’m not much of a leopard gal, but I saw this scarf and fell in love. While it’s trendy, it can be paired with classic neutrals to add an elevated look to any outfit.

It can also be monogrammed!

Find the socks HERE.

These merino wool socks are some of the best socks to wear when the temps drop because wool is designed to keep you warm.

They’re not itchy, machine-washable, and they’re the perfect thickness for wearing with boots.

Find the necklace HERE.

Nothing spruces up an outfit like a piece of jewelry. And this layered Satya necklace is sure to do the trick!

And don’t be afraid to wear some stylish jewelry pieces with a pair of jeans or a casual outfit — you don’t need to go anywhere fancy to look your best!

Find the hoops HERE.

Don’t forget earrings! These Italian hoops are timeless and perfect for any occasion.

They come plated in yellow gold, rose gold or rhodium.

Find the belt HERE.

This J. Crew leopard belt caught my eye (and I have it in my bag right now…). I like that it looks young and trendy without being overwhelming and in-your-face.

Must-have Loungewear and Pajamas

Find the sleep shirt HERE.

Sleep shirts are a year-round must. Especially because you can get them in different materials and different sleeve lengths!

I like this one from Nordstrom. It’s called the Moonlight Eco Nightshirt and the spandex-blend material is bound to keep you comfortable throughout the night.

Find the pullover HERE.

Cute and cozy? Sign me up! I love the look of this Free People Sleep Pullover because it’s one of those you can wear around the house (instead of just in bed).

It comes in multiple colors and I love the texture.

Find the pajama set HERE.

A friend of mine buys a new set of these Target Pajamas every year and I think I know why! Made with modal and spandex, they’re crafted to be super lightweight and soft.

The full-length sleeves and long pants also seem great for the colder months.

Find the robe HERE.

A robe is another one of those pieces I call a “closet staple” because a good one will last you a while.

I found this Plush Bathrobe from QVC and love that it’s simple and made for both men and women!

Find the pants HERE.

If you’ve kept up with the latest trends, you’ll know that joggers are super popular these days.

The UGG Jogger Pants are no different — they sit right at the ankle, they’re lightweight and they can be worn in or out of the house!

Have you made the summer-to-winter wardrobe transition yet? If not, hopefully you can add a few of these to your closet!

Even if you have everything you need for fall, you might want to take a closer look at a few of these options for holiday gifts. (Those days will be here before you know it!)

As always, let me know what you want to see in future blog posts. Your feedback is super helpful and I love working together to tackle all our home, cooking and style needs!

From my closet to yours,


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