The tradition of wearing matching family pajamas during the holidays has been around for decades. And it’s one that continues to stay strong year after year!

Some people dress up the kiddos to take pictures by the tree — others get mom and dad involved and drive around the town looking at Christmas lights. When I was a little girl we never matched as an entire family, but when I became a mom I always picked out fun jammies for Trevor and Kylie.

But whether you’ve participated in this pastime before or you’re interested in making it part of your holiday routine, you might want to start by picking out some family pajamas that everyone will love.

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Festive Family Pajamas

Here are a few that I found while browsing the internet. Can you believe they’re already on the shelves? But the crazy thing is that they’ll sell out before you know it so make sure you get your own set early on!

Interested in one of the ones I discovered below? Just click on the BLUE underlined text and it will take you directly to the product page.

Find the deer pajamas HERE.

If these Hanna Anderson Deer Pajamas don’t scream “Christmas!” I don’t know what will! You can build your own set for the entire family by including mom, dad, kids and baby sizes. I can just imagine the adorable photos that would come from these ones…

Find the bear pajamas HERE.

Call grandma and grandpa because you’ll want everyone to have their own PJs with this festive set. The plaid pattern is classic and will never go out of style!

Find the reindeer set HERE.

Okay, here’s a unique one that will have everyone laughing… It’s a set full of reindeer onesies. How cute and cozy! You may have a little trouble getting dad into this one, but the memories made will be worth it.

Find the hot air balloon set HERE.

Get whimsical with pajamas that mom, dad and the kids will adore. I like this set because it’s a little more unique. And while it’s perfect for the holidays, the pattern has some unique touches that you may not find in other sets.

Find the funny shirts HERE.

If you have a family of jokesters, this Funny Family T-Shirt Pajama Set is for you! Just take a look at the sayings on each of the shirts… I’m sure you’ll get a good giggle out of it.

These ones don’t come with bottoms, but you can easily pair them with sweatpants or flannel pants.

Watching “The Peanuts” during the holidays is a family tradition. And if it’s yours too, take a look at this family pajama set!

Matching Sets For The Kids

If you’d rather leave the matching to the kids, you can find some of my favorite PJs below! I’ve always been a huge fan of those candid Christmas cards featuring “kids just being kids.” Why not snag a snapshot while they’re wearing these!

Find the pajamas HERE.

This “Oh What Fun” pajama set is just the cutest! The colorful stripes are super fun, and the shirt can be worn out of the house as well.

Find the cotton pajamas HERE.

These Custom Pajamas will bring holiday cheer to almost any room. They’re also made my a little company on Etsy, so you can feel good about supporting small businesses.

Find the flannel set HERE.

If you’re looking for affordability, look no further than this kids’ pajama set from Target. The flannel fabric will keep them cozy all night and they come in sizes 4 through 18.

Find the custom PJs HERE.

Keep those toddlers comfortable in the cutest way possible with these matching sleep sets! You can customize them with their name and choose from either red or green.

Find the Nutcracker PJs HERE.

Cue the holiday tunes and let the kids dance in these utterly adorable Nutcracker Pajamas. I don’t have any children in my house right now… but I may buy these for family friends!

Holiday PJs For One

If you’re an empty nester or you’re looking for a good holiday gift, you might want to opt for one pajama set instead of multiple. To help you find one to add to your cart, I listed a few of the standout options I found online.

Find the robe HERE.

This Joyful Tidings Robe might not “technically” fall under the pajamas category, but I thought it was festive enough to add to the list! You can customize it with your name, it comes in two colors and it’s designed to be incredibly soft.

Find the jumpsuit HERE.

This one-piece looks ultra-cozy. And it has a hood to make it even cozier! If you’re not a fan of the blue checkered look, there’s also a red set too.

Find the onsie HERE.

I love the Stars Above brand at Target. Everything is cute and comfortable — including this thermal pajama set that comes in multiple colors and patterns.

Soma is one of my favorite brands when it comes to pajamas, loungewear, and intimates. So I took a peek at the site to see what they had for the holidays!

I found this cool nights long-sleeve set designed to keep you cool throughout the night. It’s super breathable and soft.

Find the socks HERE.

If you’d like to top off your outfit, I found these fuzzy socks as well. You have to keep warm from head to toe!

I was getting excited for Christmas before making this list, but now I’m even more excited! Whether you’re shopping for yourself, a friend or the whole family, I hope you were able to find a few cozy pajamas to keep you warm this holiday season.

From my holiday home to yours,


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