If there’s one thing I never get sick of, it’s helping to make your life easier with valuable household hacks.

That includes sharing some of my favorite products! But even better, is when I can share some useful finds that are ALSO budget-friendly.

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Below, take a look at some super helpful home items I found that you can use in your kitchen and around your house. The best part? They’re all under $20!

Enjoy browsing!

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Helpful Home Items for Your Kitchen

I spend a lot of time in my kitchen—whether that’s cooking for my family or creating new content and new recipes.

So, if I can find a handy and helpful item, I’m all for it!

Find the baking mat HERE.

I love silicone baking mats because they’re naturally nonstick and they stay put when you place them on a pan or on the counter.

This silicone baking mat has some great reviews and it’s on sale for just $7!

Find the egg cooker HERE.

And if you’re a fan of eggs, you’ll have to snag this Dash egg cooker.

Whether you like hard-boiled eggs, soft-boiled eggs, poached eggs or omelets, you can make it easily with this cooker!

Find the pan organizer HERE.

Trust me… you don’t want to look under my kitchen sink… it’s a pan junk drawer!

That’s why I have my eye on this pan and lid organizer which has space for 10 lids and pans. Plus, it’s expandable so you can fit it in large or small spaces.

Find the lid organizer HERE.

Speaking of lids… check out this Tupperware lid organizer.

I can’t be the only one who has trouble keeping food containers in order. But thanks to this organizer, snagging that lid you actually need is simple!

Find the juicer HERE.

Whether you’re baking and cooking with citrus juice, or you like to have some on hand to put in your water, this mini citrus juicer should help you get all of that goodness out of your lemons and limes.

Helpful Home Items
Find the Stasher bags HERE.

I’ve shared my love for Stasher sandwich bags in the past… but they’re truly such a great investment!

They’re made with food-grade silicone and they’re dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe! Not to mention, much better for the environment than disposable bags.

Find the claws HERE.

Are you a pulled pork or chicken lover? Your life just got easier thanks to these meat shredder claws!

Of course, you can pull apart your meat with forks, but these claws give you more control and if you ask me, they’re just more fun to use.

Helpful Home Items
Find the Spatty HERE.

Have you ever cut open a container and realized how much sauce was still left inside? Even when you couldn’t squeeze any more out?

Well, this kitchen Spatty will help you get out every last drop so nothing goes to waste!

Find the angry mama HERE.

Cleaning the microwave is not a fun task.

With that said, it doesn’t have to be difficult because this angry mama microwave cleaner will help you clean out every splatter with ease.

Find the strainer HERE.

Say goodbye to bulky strainers with help from this clip-on pot strainer!

It features two strong-grip clips that keep it secure when you pour out your water. It’s also dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

Find the jar opener HERE.

If you run into the struggle of opening jars and containers, this under-cabinet jar opener may be a good investment.

It sits inconspicuously under your counter and can help you open jars of all sizes.

Other Helpful Home Items

Why stop at kitchen items when there are plenty of affordable household items too?

Helpful Home Items
Find the brush cleaner HERE.

Take this makeup brush cleaner for example. Those makeup brushes can get pretty nasty with all of that build-up…

But all you have to do is add a bit of cleanser and water to your brush and you’ll have those brushes looking sparkly clean in no time!

Find the stain remover HERE.

You know Megan. And one of the things I’ve learned over the last couple of years we’ve worked together is that she loves household hacks just as much as I do!

According to Megan, this Grandma’s secret spot remover is the best stain remover on the market. She said she’s used it for years and it’s never failed her!

Find the lighter HERE.

Here’s a tool I just recently discovered on the web. It’s a rechargeable electric lighter and it can hold up to 300 lights per charge!

Find the space-saving bags HERE.

These space-saving bags are… dare I say it… life-saving bags.

They’re great for storing coats and bulky winter clothing during the warm months, and they’re also ideal for household linens you want out of the way.

Helpful Home Items
Find the Poo Pourri HERE.

Don’t laugh… This Poo Pourri is a must in all of my bathrooms!

All you have to do is spritz before you go and it creates a layer on top of the water that prevents any scent from making its way into the air.

Find the mighty handle HERE.

Is carrying all of those grocery bags getting a little complicated? It doesn’t have to be thanks to this grocery bag carrier!

Just place the handles of the bag on the hooks, and you’ll only have to use one hand to carry multiple grocery bags.

Helpful Home Items
Find the lights HERE.

How nifty are these adhesive lights?

You can place them on your nightstand, in a drawer, in your closet… really, anywhere! And you don’t have to worry about turning them on and off since they’re triggered by motion.

Find the ironing mat HERE.

If you don’t have room for an ironing board, use this magnetic ironing mat instead.

It goes right on top of your washer or dryer, and because it’s magnetic, it won’t slip!

Helpful Home Items
Find the mesh washing bags HERE.

While we’re in the laundry room, I want to show you these mesh washing bags.

This pack comes with a large bag and a small bag. They’re great for delicates or all of those socks that mysteriously go missing when you do a load of laundry.

I’m sure we can all use something to make our lives easier, so I hope you find this list of helpful home items handy!

From my home to yours,


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