Christmas is by far one of my favorite times of the year. I love all the traditions that come with the holiday and the abundance of memories that surface time and time again. That’s why I get a bit sad taking down my decorations—knowing that they won’t find their way out of my basement until the following Christmas season.

Despite my hesitation to put everything back in storage, I know that properly storing my decor, tree, and ornaments is necessary to keep my items in great shape for the upcoming year.

And that’s the reason I want to share a few ways you can improve your holiday decor organization so you can enjoy your festive decorations for years to come.

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Storing Your Christmas Tree Ornaments

Ornaments are one of the most difficult items to store because most of them are fragile and small. Hopefully, these tips will help you keep them safe and in order until the next holiday season.

Photo credit: HGTV

Egg cartons are designed to keep your eggs safe until you get them into your fridge, but they’re also helpful for ornament storage.

While this trick won’t work for large ornaments, the small egg compartments are perfect for smaller ones.

HGTV also recommends using plastic apple holders to store large, round ornaments. How clever!

Find the organizer HERE.

Every year, I unwrap my ornaments to find one broken or damaged. And with meaningful collectibles, it’s never something I like to see!

This time around, I plan on protecting mine in an Ornament Storage Container like this one I found from The Home Depot. It has compartments for individual ornaments, a zippered top, and handles for easy transport.

Photo credit: One Good Thing

If the storage container is still a little pricey for your budget, you can opt for a DIY option instead.

I found this trick on a website called One Good Thing and it doesn’t look all that difficult to put together. You’ll need red solo cups, a storage bin, a hot glue gun, and cardboard.

Start by cutting the cardboard to fit in the bin (you’ll need 2 or 3 sheets). Next, apply glue to the bottom of the cups and attach them to the cardboard in a side-by-side format. Repeat those steps with your next piece of cardboard and stack the layers.

The result is a secure, compartmentalized ornament box with a budget-friendly twist!

Putting Away Wrapping Paper and More

I have a habit of buying new wrapping paper every year. Not because I’m looking for a new pattern, but because I continue to misplace my old rolls!

This year, I’m trying to keep my wrapping supplies in order with these nifty hacks.

Photo credit: Style Degree

While my Christmas wrapping paper collection continues to grow, the extra storage space I have in my home stays the same.

So every year, I struggle to find new and innovative ways to keep all my rolls together and organized.

This is a helpful tip from Organization Obsessed and all it involves is a hanger and a reusable garment bag. Just slip the hanger and the rolls inside, zip up the front and you’ll have a new way of storing this holiday essential.

Find the gift wrap storage bin HERE.

Take a look at this Gift Wrap Storage Bin which includes space for your wrapping paper rolls, bows, and essentials like scissors.

Additionally, this one can fit under a bed which will keep it out of the way until next year.

Find the set of storage bags HERE.

If the storage solution above is still a little bulky, you can take a look at this Gift Wrap Storage Set instead.

Each one can hold multiple rolls but they’re still compact and easy to store!

Find the gift wrap boxes HERE.

A close friend of mine owns these Vertical Gift Wrap Boxes and loves that they are compact and convenient.

The bottom looks like any old trash can, but the top half contains a clear plastic lid that allows you to see what kinds of wrapping paper you have stored inside.

Storage Solutions For Lights

I can see it now. Opening my storage bin to find a huge bundle of lights in a knot. Nothing is worse, so this year, you can plan ahead for an easier Christmas in 2022.

Photo credit: A Blissful Nest

I discovered this hack thanks to a blog called A Blissful Nest. I find it helpful for storing extra Christmas bulbs to replace ones that burn out prematurely.

Just use a weekly pill container to keep your extra lights in order. Each compartment can hold a different color or different types of bulbs.

Photo credit: Martha Stewart

When it comes to the actual strands, you want to store them so they won’t get tangled. You can do this by wrapping your Christmas lights around pieces of disposable cardboard.

Plus, you likely already have some lying around your house which makes this trick even more convenient.

You can write also write handy reminders (like if only part of the strand works) on the actual cardboard.

Find the light storage bag HERE.

If you’d like to go for a store-bought version versus a DIY option, you can use something like this Light and Garland Storage Bag I found at Amazon.

It includes a durable bag with three plastic reel inserts. I like the separate reels because you can wrap different types of strands around each one.

Holiday Decor Organization For Your Tree and Wreaths

Ahh, the star of the show! Your holiday decor would be nothing without a Christmas tree so you’ll want to make sure it’s kept safe for the upcoming year.

Take a look at ways you can store yours, along with some wreath-storing tips as well.

Photo credit: A Blissful Nest

If you’re looking for an affordable option to pack away your faux tree, I may have found a solution for you thanks to A Blissful Nest.

Rather than buying some complicated contraption, you can use belts to cinch the branches—turning your tree into a compact shape for storage. Don’t worry about ruining your tree, either. Just fluff the branches when you take it out next Christmas season.

Find the tree storage bag HERE.

While the above tip is definitely handy, not everyone has belts laying around the house.

That’s why I wanted to show you this affordable Christmas Tree Storage Bag from Walmart which looks like a good option for storing your tree.

Find the wreath storage bag HERE.

Speaking of bags, I also discovered this Wreath Storage Bag for any Christmas or holiday wreath you need to put away for the coming months.

It’s equipped with heavy-duty carrying handles and it’s crafted with moisture-resistant plastic. Just make sure you measure your wreath to ensure it fits!

Photo credit: Sew Many Ways

Here’s another cool way to store your wreath and I found it on Sew Many Ways.

Grab some hangers and some empty garbage bags. Attach the wreath to the hook of the hanger with a zip tie and let it hang down. Finally, cut a hole in the center of the bottom of the bag and drape the bag over the wreath.

Now, you can store it in a closet, on a coat rack, or on the back of the door!

Other Holiday Decor Organization Solutions

You all know how many decorations I have in my house… meaning I have a whole lot to keep in order!

Below, I listed a few more ways to organize everything from garland to dishes.

Photo credit: Tip Junkie

I love the look of beaded garlands but they aren’t the easiest to keep organized. Rather than throwing them in a bin, you can drop them into empty plastic bottles to keep them contained.

Just pour them out when you need them and they’ll stay in a neat strand. You can thank Tip Junkie for this hack!

Find the bin HERE.

Similar to storing leftover meals, I always recommend using clear bins. When you can see through the side of storage containers, you may forget what was in there in the first place. And the worst thing is having to open every bin before finding what you need.

You can check out the storage bin option above if you need some new ones in your home.

Find the flute organizer HERE.

To ensure your holiday drinkware doesn’t end up with any chips or cracks, you can use a storage bag like this wine glass organizer.

It holds up to 12 glasses and it can be used for the holiday season and beyond!

Here’s a photo of our family stockings!

Have fragile decor or table settings you use around Christmas time?

I like to take advantage of my holiday linens like table runners, napkins, and tablecloths to wrap around my decorations for extra padding. Stockings work well too—you can put figurines or candlesticks in them as well.

Will you join me in this holiday decor organization challenge? It’s not a small task, but I’m sure we can support one another every step of the way!

From my holiday home to yours,


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