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I love the beginning of Spring in my garden. It’s like a daily wake-up call as every bush, tree, and plant starts to show signs of life. Little green buds on branches, stems starting to peek up through the soil, flowers starting to leaf out… it’s all so exciting!

jill gardening

I tried a lot of new plants in my garden last year. From roses to hydrangeas, I relied on the varieties from Bloomables® and could not have been more pleased. I’m adding a few new things from Bloomables® again this year. But first, take a look at some of my garden success stories!

How Did My Garden Grow?

By the time summer rolled around, I had color, color, color in my garden! I planted roses both in containers and in the ground and they all produced the most beautiful blooms.

If I had to pick a favorite, the Brick House Pink Roses would probably be at the top of my list. I just loved the vibrant, almost neon shade of pink. I planted these in the ground towards the front of the border since they have a compact and bushy habit. They’re an award-winning variety and so I guess it’s fitting I’m awarding them as my favorite rose!

I planted 4 different varieties in large containers. The Brick House Rose that I planted in pink above also comes in a deep red. I tried that in a container and it thrived! Take a look:

red roses in container

I also fell in love with this rose variety called Icecap. It’s a white rose with the slightest hint of a ballerina slipper pink. Just elegant! I like to have a few white flowers in the garden because they’re a nice contrast to things around them and seem to glow in the moonlight on a warm summer evening.

I have a lot of tree cover in my backyard, which means there are plenty of partly or full shade spots. I already had an established hydrangea garden in the ground, so I decided to try Bloomables® Double Down variety of hydrangea in containers. All I can say is SPECTACULAR!


These hydrangea blooms started in shades of lavender and deepened to a beautiful periwinkle. I was thrilled to have such a colorful container plant in the shady areas around our pool!

What I’m Planting This Spring

Bloomables® are plants I can count on for ease AND success. Their plants are raised for disease resistance and lots and lots of blooms! I mean, isn’t that the point of having a flower garden? Here’s what I’m adding to my home garden this season.

Sweet Starlight™ Hydrangea

This is a more compact version of a cone-shaped hydrangea bloom (these are referred to as Panicle varieties.) It has sturdy stems that won’t droop over after a rain storm, and the flowers age from a bright white into shades of pink.

sweet starlight hydrangea

These will mature to just about 4 feet in height and can withstand more sun than other hydrangea varieties (although if you live in an area with hot and full sun, planting them in a part-sun area is probably best.)

I’m planning on planting this in the front of our house, where we get full morning sun and afternoon shade. I love the hydrangea paniculata varieties. They’re easy to grow and I like the “puffiness” of the blooms.

NEW! Petite Knock Out® Roses

The Knock Out® Family of roses just got bigger! There is now a petite variety and I can’t WAIT to try it!

petite knock out roses

This small plant makes a big impact with fire-engine-red blooms and flower power, easy care, and disease resistance true of Knock Out® Roses.  So basically, everything you love about your Knock Out® roses, just smaller in size but BIG on performance!

orange glow knock out rose

I’m also going to add the full-size Orange Glow Knock Out® Rose to my rose garden. Orange is one of those “accent” colors I love to use in decorating and in my garden! And the contrast between the dark green foliage and the fiery blooms is pretty great!

New Age™ Lilacs

I can’t think of anything sweeter than the fragrance of lilacs! We have some older lilac bushes in our backyard, and I’ve always loved them. I thought a nice refresh of lilacs was in order!

Plus, I want to try planting them in a few different areas so that I’m surrounded by that intoxicating scent! These New Age™ varieties are compact and mildew-resistant. They come in both white and lilac colors…I’m going to use both!

Shopping For The Best Quality Plants

Good News! You will likely find Bloomables® and Knock Out® roses in your local garden centers and nurseries. Click the links below to find the closest places to shop near you.

KNOCK OUT® ROSES: https://www.knockoutroses.com/retailers

BLOOMABLES®: https://www.bloomables.com/where-to-buy/

There’s nothing more enjoyable than walking out into my back yard and seeing all of the beautiful blooms in my garden. It makes me so happy! I hope you find some new things to add to your garden this year that make you smile too.

From my garden to yours,


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