This year’s Just Jill Shop Christmas in July event has been more successful than we could have ever imagined.

We’re so thrilled you love the items we’ve put together and we can’t thank you enough for the support and kind feedback!

As the month is coming to an end, I wanted to give you one last chance to look over some of our bestselling items and learn a little more about the stories behind them.

So, what do you say? Should we take a look?

PowerBeads by Jen Holiday Collection

You won’t find a day where I’m not wearing a PowerBeads bracelet.

They’ve become a signature part of my wardrobe and I love the meaning behind each one!

Christmas in July

This Christmas in July, I worked with Jen, the founder of PowerBeads, to bring you five beautiful bracelets.

The first is a red jade bracelet with a cardinal charm. It promotes prosperity, health and long life. Plus, it’s a daily reminder your angels are watching over you!

We also have an icy blue agate bracelet with a snowflake charm. The gemstone is a symbol of strength, courage and protection. And the snowflake instantly reminds me of winter!

If you’re looking for a bracelet that can go with anything, check out our white jade bracelet with an angel charm,. The angel on this one is so sweet — and the faceted beads are such a great addition!

The frosted sugar pine agate bracelet with a Christmas tree charm is new this year but already a hit. I adore the colors in this one… pictures don’t capture it’s beauty!

And you can’t have Christmas without gifts! This red jade bracelet with a holiday package charm is striking in color and promotes relating to others.

All bracelets come in small, average and large… and they’re all on sale!

Set of Holiday Trees

These shimmery Christmas trees are so simple yet so beautiful.

And you can use them throughout the holiday season in multiple areas of your home!

Christmas in July

When I first saw them, I knew they needed to be in the Christmas in July collection. But I couldn’t choose just one color… which is why we offer green, champagne and silver.

They’re so elegant yet so versatile. Plus, they can be a pretty backdrop to other decorations and figures!

I like placing a candle or fairy lights nearby so that the light glimmers off of the shimmery trees.

Snowman and Cardinal Choir Lantern

I was confident you’d love our holiday lanterns. But I had no idea they’d sell so quickly!

This sweet lantern features Mr. Snowman who has taken on the role of a conductor. He stands in front of a tree filled with his cardinal choir.

And you know how much I love cardinals!

Christmas in July

The lantern is dusted in white glitter and it stands 8.5 inches tall. A size that works for every place in your home!

I adore the swirly glitter and illumination. And it’s simple to use too! Just turn it on for battery use, or plug it in with the included USB cord.

I’m excited for you to bring this home!

Santa and Friends Lantern

Another popular lantern is this Santa and Friends lantern.

It brings magic to any space it’s placed, with its mini wonderland filled with Sanda and his furry animal companions.

Christmas in July

The glittery snowstorm is powered by an internal fan and LED lights brighten the scene.

While the lantern looks beautiful while turned on, it’s also one of my favorite decorations when turned off!

Vintage Santa

This vintage Santa Claus is one of the most charming figures I’ve seen. He just puts the biggest smile on my face!

Christmas in July

Santa holds a gold shimmering star and a stocking with a package. Ready for his around-the-world adventure on Christmas Eve!

I also love his long coat. Just look at those beautiful raised details!

When you see this Santa Claus up close, you’ll notice he has a subtle oxidized finish — giving him an antique look that looks amazing with any rustic decor.

Did I mention he’s over 15 inches tall? Such a statement!

Tricolor Christmas Tree

Gorgeous doesn’t even begin to explain this tricolor Christmas tree!

Nearly everyone who has received it has raved about its beauty. And although I’m a little biased, I have to agree!

Christmas in July

When not illuminated, this tree looks like sparkling crystal — although it’s actually acrylic. And when turned on, the LED lights and swirl of silver glitter create an extravagant light show.

The tricolor tree has a fan that swirls the “snow” quickly, then changes to a gentle snowfall to allow you to see beautiful shimmer and reflection from within the tree.

It’s truly such a beautiful holiday addition. And you can keep it up long after Christmas!

4-Piece Holiday Coaster Set

It’s not every day you find coasters that resemble artwork. But that’s exactly what I thought when I first found this holiday coaster set.

Christmas in July

I fell in love with them the moment I first saw them. Just take a look at the cute creatures in the center!

They have a Scandinavian feel to them and I adore the Christmas colors paired with berries, pine and more.

While much of our Christmas in July collection is great for decorating your own home, these coasters are perfect for gifting. Because people always need coasters!

Set of Gingerbread Figurines

One thing I’ve learned about the Just Jill community is that you LOVE gingerbread. And I do too!

So I was thrilled to see your wonderful feedback on all of our gingerbread items.

Christmas in July

This adorable set includes a tree and a home. They’re flat — meaning you can put them anywhere! A table, fireplace mantel, you name it.

The details are quite the catch. But I also love the sparkly finish!

Slim Gingerbread House

Another gingerbread piece we have in the shop is this slim gingerbread house.

It’s crafted with intricate attention to detail… such a beautiful find that I’m thrilled we can offer it in the shop!

Christmas in July

Every little spot of this gingerbread house is adorned with sparkles that glisten like snow. Bringing that holiday feel into any space of your home!

And when the sun sets, you can turn this house on and watch to watch the little windows glow with light.

Seasonal Just Jill Candles

We carry candles year-round in the Just Jill Shop. But our seasonal candles are only offered for a limited time!

For Christmas in July, we brought back four favorite scents in two sets — Apple Strudel, Pumpkin Spice, Christmas Tree and Cozy Winter Cabin.

Christmas in July

Here’s a little more about each fragrance:

This Pumpkin Spice scent is one of my favorite scents that we carry. I love a good pumpkin candle, and in addition to the pumpkin, you have a warm, deep toasty note with a touch of pumpkin pie spices. 

The Apple Strudel fragrance is absolutely delicious! It includes natural essential oils of spiced apples, a buttery warm crust, with bakery notes of vanilla, butter, and cinnamon sugar

The Christmas Tree scent smells just like Christmas! It includes natural essential oils of pine, cedar wood, Frasier fir needles, and light spearmint.

Imagine cuddling up under your favorite cozy blanket in front of a burning fire in the fireplace while the snow falls outside, leaving the perfect dusting on tall pine trees. 

That’s what I imagine when I smell Cozy Winter Cabin! It includes natural essential oils of pine, orange, light cinnamon, clove, and a touch of warm wood.

My Grandma’s Coffee Cakes

I call these cakes “the cake that started it all.” I discovered them over 25 years ago and to this day, you’ll always find one in my home.

I received my first taste of My Grandma’s Coffee Cakes when my friend purchased one for me as a hostess gift. The moist cake… the flavor… all I could think was “yum!”

Christmas in July

It’s my go-to “foodie gift” for family and friends and I’ve never received a bad review on them.

They’re made with real sour cream, bourbon vanilla, and each one is incredibly moist. But the thing that really makes them stand out is the love that goes into every small batch. Just like my Grandma used to make!

Right now, we offer a variety of flavors in the shop including classic cinnamon, cinnamon walnut, blueberry, banana walnut, cranberry walnut, chocolate chip and pineapple coconut.

Each one is over 3 pounds and they can be stored in your freezer for up to a year!

I’m so grateful you’ve loved the items we curated for our Christmas in July event… and I hope you’re able to bring some of these items home!

From my holiday home to yours,


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