Well… after a whole week of money-saving tips and tricks, I’d say my Summer Savings Series was a success!

We discussed everything from how to save money on groceries to how you can time your spending to put some change back in your pocket.

If you didn’t get a chance to check out all of my new blogs, no worries! I listed all of them below with links to access each individual Summer Savings Series segment.

Just click on the title of each blog to see how YOU can save throughout the year!

10 Grocery Store Shopping Tips to Save You Money

Has anyone noticed the rising costs at the grocery store? I’m sure you have… they’re hard to ignore!

Find the blog HERE.

In this blog, I share some simple things you can do—like shopping end aisles, joining rewards programs, couponing and more—so you can save some money at the store.

The Best Time to Shop For Everything

Did you know that the time you shop for something can actually make a huge difference in the price you pay? It’s true!

Find the blog HERE.

Need a new mattress? Shop during popular holiday shopping weekends like Labor Day, Memorial Day and Presidents Day.

Trying to snag some clearance clothing? The end of the season is the perfect time to save some money without sacrificing style.

Sustainable Swaps to Save You Money

People sometimes think that being sustainable is both difficult and expensive. But I’m here to tell you it might be easier than you think!

Find the blog HERE.

I like to use reusable food storage bags in my fridge and freezer. It prevents my food from going bad (which can cost a lot), plus, I don’t need to constantly invest in plastic wrap and aluminum foil.

This is just one of the tips I share in my blog above!

How to Save Money While Eating Out

I love cooking at home. But ever so often, I want someone else to do the work!

Find the blog HERE.

But I know what you’re thinking, “Jill! Eating out these days can cost an arm and a leg!” And it’s true… it can. Although it doesn’t have to!

This blog dives into ways you can save while dining at your favorite restaurant, grabbing your go-to coffee drink or ordering take-out to bring home.

Things to Buy That Will Help You Save Money

Sometimes, investing in something can actually save you some cash.

Find the blog HERE.

For our last day of my Summer Savings Series, I share where you can put your money to save some money.

Whether that’s joining a wholesale club or building out a garden to grow your own produce, these tips should help you save up over time.

Did you have a favorite blog from my Summer Savings Series? I’d love to know what you found helpful and what series you’d like to see next!

From my home to yours,


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