Good morning, everyone! Today, we thought it would be neat for the Just Jill team to share our favorite Just Jill Shop gift picks with you.

We also thought it might be helpful if you’re browsing and still don’t know what to buy!

Searching for a gift for that guy in your life? Doug has you covered! Or maybe that person that’s hard to shop for? Bernadette has some unique finds they’ll love.

So sit down, take a look, and let us know what you think!

Doug’s Top Gift Picks for the Holidays

I recognize that most of the Just Jill Shop is filled with items for women. But Duke Cannon is for us guys. I like the Duke Cannon Beard Kit which includes a beard wash, a beard oil, and a beard balm.

I’ve followed Sweet Shop USA for years which is why it was one of the brands on our list to reach out to when starting the Just Jill Shop. There are so many offerings for so many occasions. And you can’t go wrong with gifting sweets like me.

I love the pedigree of Prantl’s. The small regional bakery is legendary, and every bite of the Prantl’s Toasted Almond Torte Bars is incredible.

The Happy to Meat You Breakfast Bonanza is quite the deal. It comes with 2.5 pounds of thick hickory bacon (the best bacon you’ll ever try), 1.5 pounds of applewood smoked bacon, and a total of 32 ounces of breakfast sausage. Great for having family or friends over.

I don’t know if you know, but I’m a collector of Santas. I’ve been doing for years, and any Santa I can add to my collection is a treat. This year, I’m loving our Christmas Wishes Santa which stands 15 inches tall!

I love this Santa and Friend’s Glitter Lantern. It’s whimsical and fun — not to mention a great collectible. Every time I see it, it makes me happy!

Belle’s popcorn may be one of the best gifts out there. It’s easy to add to a gift basket and easy to put out at a party. We have so many flavors, but they’re all so good I’m not sure I could pick a favorite!

Sweeteez Sweets is a woman-owned company run by two sisters. I think that’s pretty cool. I’m a huge fan of the cookies and crispies because Sweeteez seems to make them just perfect every time.

Just Jill Team Favorites from Bernadette

The My Grandma’s Coffee Cakes are the best cakes I’ve ever had.

I’ve never really been a fan of cake until I tried My Grandma’s. But now I can say I’m a huge fan! They make great gifts and while they’re all good, I think my favorite is either the classic Cinnamon Walnut or the Granny Smith apple.

I love Kc Essentials and adore the Kc Essentials Lotion Bars. They make your skin feel silky smooth, and if you have dry patches, they’re sure to disappear.

They’re slightly scented which is perfect for me, and they’re individually packaged in little tins which makes them great for gifting.

The reason I love the PowerBeads Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet is because the cause is so near and dear to my heart. I love that by partnering with PowerBeads, we can give back to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The Wanderfull HydroBag is truly the best. A must for anyone who likes carrying around a water bottle but doesn’t want to hold it all the time! They’re great travel companions and super convenient too.

A fantastic gift for the person on the go!

The Peak 10 Foot Repair Cream is a must-have item for the holidays and year-round. I can’t say I’ve had perfect-looking feet forever, but since using this, my heels look and feel baby-soft.

It’s a fantastic stocking stuffer, whether you’re looking at it for yourself or as a gift.

The Miss Ginny’s English Toffee is hands down the best toffee I’ve ever had. Love, love, LOVE it! I also like that it comes in a beautiful box for easy gifting.

Kylie’s Top Gift Picks for the Holidays

I love the Silvadore Wine Preservers and let me tell you, they’re a game-changer for any wine lover! Whether I’m having a fun night with my family or just want to savor a glass of wine after a long day, there’s often a part of the bottle left.

Silvadore comes to the rescue with its ingenious Wine Preserver that uses 100% Food-Grade Argon which helps prevent oxidation. By eliminating the flavor degradation, you can extend the life of open bottles of wine for weeks!

Alright, if there is one thing you have to know about me, it’s that I love warm and fuzzy things, especially when they are stylish and functional too. The Sprigs Oversized Fringe Scarf and Glove Set is a winter accessory dream come true!

This scarf isn’t just your average neck warmer; it’s a game-changer with its extra-long fringe design and, wait for it… pockets! 

When my lips get chapped, it takes forever to get them hydrated and healthy again… except when I use Mad Gabs. Within a couple of days, my lips are so smooth! I have never liked putting stuff on my lips, whether it was lip balm or lipstick, but I actually enjoy using Mad Gabs! Created in Gab’s mom’s kitchen over thirty years ago, their USDA-approved organic formula is neither greasy or waxy.

This season, I’m loving the Mad Gab’s Holiday Lip Balms. The Sugar Cookie, Hot Cocoa, and Candy Cane flavors are so good! Seriously, it almost tastes as if you were eating a sugar cookie, having a sip of cocoa, or enjoying a candy cane. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can go for the Assortment pack and enjoy a variety. 

These lip balms have quickly become my go-to for keeping my lips soft, smooth, and ready for all the winter festivities. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer! 

What I love most about the Satya Illuminated Path Gold Moon Necklace is its versatility! Whether your style is more boho, classy or simple, this necklace is the perfect fit. Its sleek profile allows it to seamlessly fit in with almost any outfit, from grabbing coffee to a night out.

The 18kt crescent moon pendant gracefully hangs on the adjustable necklace. A single star with an inlaid moonstone also adorns the chain, adding an extra touch to the celestial theme.

Some people believe that stones and symbols hold energy, whether you believe it is up to you. I have found peace in the notion. After all, we all can always use a little bit of help. There is supposed to be a connection with the moon to inner femininity, guidance, intuition, inspiration, and more. 

Just Jill Team Favorites from Megan

We’ve all tried jams one time or another, and quite honestly, I didn’t think there could be a huge different from one brand to the next. That’s until I tried the Southern Roots Sisters Jams.

You can practically taste the fields in which the berries and fruits were grown. And I love the unique flavors — like cranberry pepper jam, maple pumpkin butter, and the award-winning peach pepper jam.

I gave a set to my mom last year and it was one of her favorite gifts!

Jill was kind enough to gift me a Calista Perfector Pro a year or so ago and I immediately fell in love. I have long hair with medium thickness, but I suffer big-time from a lack of volume.

The Perfector Pro is easy to use and allows me to get a little lift in my usually-flat hair. I’ve burned myself quite a few times with hair tools too — it’s nice that this one doesn’t allow you to burn yourself!

When taking pictures of the Holiday-Themed Lanterns for the Just Jill Shop social accounts and website, I was in awe of how beautiful they were. Each one features intricate details throughout, and they’re heavy — to me, showing the quality of the lanterns.

While I’m all about Christmas and fun holiday decor, you don’t have to put these away after the season! Leave them out year-round to put a smile on your face no matter the day.

I’m a snacker. And when I tried Pear’s Snacks, I knew these nuts would become one of my go-to snacks to reach for when I needed a little something to hold me over.

We carry so many flavors in the Just Jill Shop, but I think my favorites are the red chile queso and the everything bagel!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the belt bag (what some may know as a fanny pack) is hugely popular. But what’s so special about the WanderFull HydroBeltBag is that it’s not your classic belt bag. It includes a little pouch that opens to reveal a spot for a water bottle.

The perfect way to stay hydrated on the go!

Jill’s Top Gift Picks for the Holidays

It’s hard to pick a favorite scent from our Just Jill Home Fragrance collection. For gifting, I’d suggest our HOME scent as it’s nice to be around all year round. It has notes of sugared citrus, lush botanical greens and a hint of salty ocean air. 

If you want something more seasonal, Cozy Winter Cabin, with its combination of balsam fir, fireside and fresh fallen snow, has become a customer favorite. And don’t forget Lemon Poundcake! It smells delicious!

I’m surrounded by friends who seem to have everything…so these lovely pieces from Grit and Grace are perfect for those gals who are the hardest to shop for on my list.  

We have so many different themes I can always find one that is “just right.” I love the one with the lemons and I recently sent my bestie, Emily, the octopus for her home on Cape Cod. 

These beautiful soaps have been my goto gift for over 25 years. If you’ve seen Soap Rocks in person, then you know how special they are to both look at and use as a beauty bar. 

Lots of natural and organic ingredients go into these soaps, which look like gems mined from the earth.  There’s a reason I call this set my favorites…the colors and shapes still draw me in all these years later. They never disappoint!

I’m biased and love Jill’s Favorites… but they’re all so good!

I need to draw some attention to the Cherchies Holiday Pretzel and Mustard Collection.

I think we have one of the best food assortments around in the Just Jill Shop… but maybe that’s because I’ve tried everything so I know it is all good! All I’ll say is that I have never been much of a mustard fan UNTIL I tried Cherchies.  

These award-winning mustards are great on everything! And since I love a salty crunch, the included pretzels (3lbs!) make this set a snack-lover’s dream! 

Thanks for reading through our favorites! We love giving our recommendations to help with your shopping, and I hope you enjoyed hearing a little more about why we love these finds.


From our team to you,

Jill (and Doug, Kylie, Bernadette and Megan!)

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