By now, you know how much I love shopping. Between my years at QVC and finding my favorite deals and products for the TODAY Show, I’ve developed a habit of keeping an eye out for the latest and greatest items!

This is exactly why I decided to cover one of the most anticipated shopping days of the year — Amazon Prime Day.

If you didn’t already take a look, you might want to check out my blog from yesterday which covers some of the top deals I could find on the site. I haven’t used everything in the list, but I figured I’d show you all some things that may suit your needs!

While the hustle and bustle of Prime Day was underway, I discovered that Target and Walmart were also holding sales.

Instead of leaving you to browse alone, I wanted to show you a few last-minute deals you can score before the sales come to an end. Again, I haven’t used everything below, but I hope you like these items as much as I do!

My Favorite Deals at Target

I’m a total Target shopper and it’s probably one of my favorite places to wander and look around. Every time I go in for a checklist of cleaning supplies, I walk out with bedroom makeover necessities, new pajamas and Monster Trail Mix!

Anyway, Target is having a sale called Deal Days and it’s full of household items, toys, electronics and more. So whether you’re looking for some new decor or a gift for the holidays, you might be able to find it here!

Find the headphones HERE.

These Beats over-ear headphones are one of the standout deals on Target’s website. They rarely go on sale, but they’re currently discounted by $70!

In my opinion, they make a great gift for high school kids, college students or anyone who likes to work out.

Find the chair HERE.

I discovered this chair in Target’s home section and immediately fell in love! Since it’s super basic, you can use it in any room and with multiple decor styles.

Need a corner chair for your office? Or maybe a couple chairs around a coffee table for your modern living room? This should do the trick!

Find the photo case HERE.

Okay so I’m always (I mean always) on the lookout for unique decor items. If you ask me, this cute photo display is perfect!

It could be a good addition to your room if you have multiple photos to show off but only a small amount of space. Plus, it’s currently 50% off!

My Favorite Deals at Walmart

I’m more of a Target shopper than a Walmart shopper, but I always love Walmart’s clearance section and their incredible rollbacks. On top of that, it’s also a one-stop shop for everything from groceries to clothing to electronics (meaning you don’t have to take two trips to the store).

Their event is called the Big Save and it’s only happening for a few more hours. Take advantage of my favorite deals before they’re gone!

Find the TV HERE.

I understand that finding the right television can be a complicated process so this one won’t work for everyone, but I couldn’t help but share. The Samsung 43-inch Smart TV is currently 49% off the regular price! Almost all of our televisions are by Samsung. Excellent quality, beautiful picture and for the non-techies like me, easy set up!

Find the sewing machine HERE.

This one is for all my sewers out there! The Brother sewing machine is on sale from $370 to $200— so if yours is looking a little dated, you might want to have one on your radar.

A lot of people are also making masks right now and I’m sure your friends would love a homemade one made from this machine.

Find the cookware set HERE.

I’m loving this cookware set from Tramontia Primaware! It includes 18 pieces so you’ll have everything you need to cook up some delicious recipes for your friends or family. This is a great starter set of cookware for someone on your holiday list!

The Best Deals on Amazon

I listed a bunch of Amazon Prime Day deals in my blog from yesterday, but here are a few more before the sale ends!

A lot of you also said you want to support small or local business. Guess what, I’m right there with you! Especially during these times, supporting new companies or those struggling to get on their feet is so important.

That’s why I was so happy to see that Amazon is offering a lot of products from small businesses! Most of the deals only last a few hours, but you can still find some new and unique products.

Find the kit HERE.

According to Amazon, the 23andMe kit was one of the bestselling items during Prime Day last year — and it’s still trending in 2020 as well! It is designed to help you better understand your health and ancestry through your own DNA. Just follow instructions to get your results.

Find the toaster oven HERE.

Right now, select Cuisinart appliances are on sale for up to 30% off on Amazon. They have a bunch of products listed including knives, cookware and more — but I thought this toaster oven looked like a neat find!

Find the luggage HERE.

Samsonite is a reputable luggage brand so I was happy to see that it is on sale for the Prime Day event. I like this set which includes a carry-on bag and a bag big enough for a two-week trip!

There have been a lot of sales going on the last few days but if you haven’t already found some good deals, you still have time! Have you scored any deals or stumbled upon must-see discounts?

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