I had to laugh when I saw that April 16 is #NationalPajamaDay. With stay at home orders across the country, I think most of us have been having pajama days (weeks??) already. I admit there has been a day or two where I stayed in the jammies I slept in all. day. long. Usually, though, I get out of my comfy cozy P.J’s and change into another said pair of comfy cozy clothes, that could easily be my pajamas. And all of this would be fine if it was 1982 and my connection to the outside world was simply a hardwired phone. But now, daily, I’m face timing, zooming, skyping and people can SEE ME! So, I thought I’d put together a few comfortable ways to dress while you’re at home so you won’t be embarrassed when that facetime call comes in. Oh, and if you want to sleep in some of these picks, I won’t tell! 🙂

Let’s Start With Color!!

A vibrant splash of color is one of the easiest pick me ups I can suggest! And a pretty color near your face brightens your complexion, especially if you’re not wearing much makeup.

I like this set because of the solid top and the fun print bottom. You could easily throw a jean jacket or cardigan over the top for a facetime call and no one would know you’re wearing a pajama top! https://go.shopyourlikes.com/pi/85bed1c13f79930e8af6a2ec280ed967dda9b239?afId=697426&afCreativeId=2996

Carole Hochman always designs some of the best pajama sets. I love the color and the spring floral print. And the touch of lace is a perfect finish!
What’s not to like about a pretty pink robe? I prefer a zip style and I really like the 3/4 length sleeves. Let’s face it, for those days you want to stay in your jammies but need a quick cover up, nothing like having a robe! I also like this for when you’re treating yourself to a facial mask or just relaxing after a warm soak.https://go.shopyourlikes.com/pi/45da41b48dd83be05e14bdec74673aa74df8ab01?afId=697426&afCreativeId=2996
As long as you’re wearing some kind of a bra under this, I do think you could lounge in this all day. Have a cardigan or a light jacket to throw on over this, and with a pair of sandals or sneakers, you probably wouldn’t get a second look heading to the mailbox or making a quick run to the store.

Comfy With A Touch Of Couture

This set has a lot going for it terms of fashion. The soft blush color hints at rose gold. I love the flirty sleeves. And the python pants, joggers no less, are right on trend. Who knew comfort could look so good? https://go.shopyourlikes.com/pi/63ce452ff79ae2dd362b162a64a0a928f3943d67?afId=697426&afCreativeId=2996
This set is by Vera Wang and epitomizes casual chic. The color blocks are flattering and I think you could easily wear these two pieces as separates with other comfy things in your wardrobe.

Comfy Essentials

These are the types of pieces I think every woman should have in her closet. I rely on pieces like these a lot. For some, it’s everyday essentials, for others, more casual weekend type wear. But for the time we’re living in right now, I think these are 24-7 staples.

This is my favorite style of a cardigan. No buttons or zippers or anything fussy. Easy to throw on over a pajama top in the morning, over a tee shirt and leggings, or with a pair of jeans and sneakers, I like having something of this style ready to grab and go.
I find tops with hoodies so cute! I really like this one because I think the oversized grommets give it some flair. It’s casual in it’s vibe but somehow looks a little more elevated. Great when you want to dress up those leggings, but also perfect with your white jeans!
I like this top because the cut is flattering to most body types. The sleeve length gives you coverage, but not too much for the time of year. It’s a little looser on the body, so it’s comfortable to wear all day. And you look nice. Remember, being comfortable doesn’t have to look sloppy! I feel like this top is a really good find and comes in many patterns and shades.
With warmer temps on their way, I love a good crop pant. These look easy to wear indoors or outdoors.https://go.shopyourlikes.com/pi/37edd4b0933f2bb666d43a9bb114189707a3256b?afId=697426&afCreativeId=2996
This is the kind type of pant I live in during these days at home. A little relaxed, but not too baggy. Soft and easy around the waist. Acceptable to wear when I go for a walk, but also the perfect lounging find. This is the pant I’d own in several colors.

Here are a few more things to think about as you’re adjusting to more time at home. Try to establish some kind of routine that gets you up and moving. Take the time to blow dry your hair. Spritz on a little perfume. Use a tinted moisturizer instead of full foundation. I know I feel better when I still take the time to implement my pre-pandemic routine. Maybe not every day. But I definitely notice a difference in how I look at the day when my hair is fixed a bit and I get a little waft of my favorite scent. Even in my pajamas 🙂

From my home to yours,


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