You may have heard me talk about Megan. She helps with our Facebook Lives and she’s one of the reasons we’re able to bring you new and fun content on

You don’t see her much, but there isn’t a day when we don’t chat about everything Just Jill!

Since today is her birthday, I thought I’d put together a short blog letting you know a little more about who she is. Megan also passed along a few of her Just Jill Shop favorites… you can find them at the bottom of this blog!

Meet Megan

Megan has lived all over the country, but having grown up in Salt Lake City, UT, she’s a Rocky Mountain girl at heart.

Little Megan!

After cross-country moves to California and Georgia, her family settled down in Colorado.

She attended college at the University of Colorado Boulder with a degree in Psychology and Business. And in addition to her schooling, she was also a member of the Alpha Phi sorority and the CU cheerleading team.

Meg loves going back to Colorado to visit family. But after college, her curiosity of the big city brought her to New York — the place she currently calls home.

Megan’s family in the Great Sand Dunes.

The most important things in Megan’s life are her family and her faith.

She has a younger sister named Katy, and says she’s “extraordinarily blessed” to have two loving and supportive parents.

Megan’s puppy, Maya!

This is her family’s dog, Maya.

Maya lives with Megan’s parents back in Colorado. And while she wishes she could have a pup of her own, she reminds me that New York City is not the easiest place to own a dog.

So instead of caring for a pet, she stays busy by babysitting in her free time. I’m sure it keeps her on her toes just as much as a puppy would!

“I adore kids more than anything,” she tells me. “There’s something so special about their imagination, their innocence and the way they navigate life.”

Megan and her sister, Katy.

Another way Megan loves to spend her free time is crafting and creating.

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“I was in a sorority in college and crafting was second nature,” she says. “I find it kind of therapeutic and it helps me slow down and get away from the chaos for a bit.”

Megan’s family at her sister’s graduation.

Faith is another big priority in Megan’s life.

She’s very open about her beliefs and she tells me that prayer grounds her and helps her go about daily highs and lows.

“One thing I’ve learned is that things don’t always go as planned. And in those uncertain times that bring about fear or worry, I put my head down and ask for comfort and guidance,” she explains.

Megan’s Contribution to Just Jill

Megan and I met through the TODAY Show at a time when I needed her and she needed me.

You know the saying “Everything happens for a reason,” right? Well, that’s how I like to think about our relationship.

Megan, Kylie, Jill

She started working for our team in September 2020, and she helps with day-to-day tasks to free up a little of my time and creative energy.

Prior to joining the team, Megan worked as an e-commerce writer and editor — a helpful background when coming up with content ideas and assisting with copywriting for our blogs and social media platforms.

She also helps me engage with YOU!

I’m sure you’ve seen her (under my name) helping with our Facebook and Instagram Lives. She loves interacting with everyone and is always looking for feedback on what we’re doing.

So, let her know what you think!


Megan assists with nearly everything under the digital marketing umbrella.

And while some of that is busy work, reporting and keeping up with trends, she’s also involved in content creation.

She occasionally comes down to the beach to make recipes with me, shoot product photos and more. It’s the perfect time for us to catch up and bounce around ideas for Just Jill.

Megan’s Just Jill Shop Favs

With hundreds of products in the shop, Megan hasn’t been able to try everything. But she does have a few favorites she’s like to share with you.

WanderFull HydroBeltbag

“I know that the HydroBag is the most popular item in our WanderFull collection, but I’m obsessed with the belt bag. I wear it every day and it makes it super easy to access my essentials.”

Find the bag HERE.

“The bag also has a neat ‘pocket’ that opens up to hold a water bottle. A necessity for me since I’m not the best at remembering to stay hydrated!”

Just Jill Candles

“Can we talk about the candles? Yes. Let’s talk about the candles.”

Find the candles HERE.

“I was guilty of buying cheap candles from other popular retailers. But when I tried a Just Jill candle, I could really tell the difference. They burn ‘clean’ and I love that the jars are beautiful enough to put on display (like the photo above) after I burn through my candle!”

“My favorite scent is ‘Cozy Winter Cabin’ but I’m also obsessed with the ‘Home’ fragrance.”

My Grandma’s Coffee Cake

“I can specifically remember the first time Jill sent me home with a slice of My Grandma’s Coffee Cake. I knew there was no turning back.”

Find the coffee cakes HERE.

“The flavor and texture is over-the-top amazing and while I haven’t tried all of the varieties, my favorites are the classic cinnamon walnut and the banana walnut.”

“I’ve ordered these cakes for my parents a couple of times. It’s certain to become a tradition!”

Musee Bath Hand Cream

“The Musee Bath hand cream may be one of the more underrated products in the Just Jill Shop. But just because it flies under the radar doesn’t mean it isn’t incredible.”

Find the hand creams HERE.

“I love that it makes my hands super soft without making them greasy. The best part is that after putting it on, it continues to nourish my hands throughout the day.”

Just Jill Mad Gabs Lip Balm

“I carry my Just Jill lip balm from Mad Gabs EVERYWHERE. This photo was taken on the Oregon coast and it helped my lips stay moisturized throughout my entire trip!”

Find the balm HERE.

“Jill knows my favorite gum flavor is vanilla mint so she knew I’d love this vanilla mint balm. And because it comes in a 3-pack, I can keep one in my apartment, one in my bag and one in my jacket pocket!”

Southern Roots Sisters Pepper Jams

“The moment someone opens one of these pepper jams, they need to take it away from me or I’ll devour the entire jar.”

Find the pepper jams HERE.

“I’m a huge fan of ‘sweet heat’ and I love that these jams have just a touch of spice. But enough to give you a little kick!”

“Try spreading it on a cracker along with brie, goat cheese or cream cheese. Yum!”

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Megan a bit more. We’re excited to continue working with one another to make Just Jill the best that it can possibly be!

From my home to yours,


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