It’s not hard to fall madly in love with your pets. I mean, how can you resist that face??

But what ISN’T easy to love? All of those pet toys and supplies that take up space in your home…

When I was younger, we weren’t much of a “pet family.” But as an adult, I’ve always had sweet pups in my home! And while I love all of the cuddles and loves I get, my dogs also contribute to our household clutter.

This year, I’m making it my mission to organize our messy pet toys and supplies for good! Or… at least for a little while.

That’s why I did some research to find the best organizing tips for all of my pet’s things. Hopefully, you’ll find them helpful, too!

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How To Tidy Up Your Pet Supplies

For those of you with pets, you know that owning an animal comes with a lot of responsibility. That includes everything from feeding them, to walking them, to cleaning up after them.

And because there are so many little tasks that come with pet ownership, there are a lot of supplies as well.

Below, you can find some neat and nifty ways to organize your pet supplies.

Create A Dog Walking Station

This tip from Pet Lady will make walking your dog a stress-free task.

Photo credit: Pet Lady

Instead of fumbling around your kitchen or mudroom for the leash, collar, and poop bags before your walk, keep them all in one place!

The best area to set up your walking station is near the door so you won’t have to backtrack.

Place those removable Command strips on the wall to hold the leash and anything else you need for your walk. You can also add an adhesive supplies holder (like the ones you put in your shower) to hold toys, treats, and more!

Turn Your Room Into A Multi-Use Space

Here’s another entryway or by-the-door storage solution. Instead of dedicating an entire area to your pets, you can make the most of your space by using sorting cubbies or benches.

Find the cubby HERE.

For example, you can get a multi-cube cubby like the one above and label each bin according to the item inside.

In addition to pet toys or pet treats, you can also dedicate bins for your own things like shoes and cold-weather clothes.

Find the bench HERE.

Using a bench like this white bench above offers a place for all of your pet’s gear, and also a place for you to sit while getting your pet ready to go outside.

Optimize Your Pet Food Storage

Perhaps the MOST important pet essential is their food. And while keeping the food in its original bag might be the easiest option, there are some better ways to store your pet’s food.

Find the food container HERE.

First is this two-piece airtight storage container. It includes two bins (one small and one large) that easily stack on top of one another. It also includes a helpful scoop!

The best thing about this container is that it keeps the food from drying out or getting stale. If you don’t like your food to get gross… neither will they!

Find the feeding station HERE.

Looking for something a little more aesthetically pleasing? How neat is this pet feeding station?

It’s a little on the pricier side, but it’s really an all-inclusive option. The bottom features a drawer with two food bowls and above, you’ll find a pull-out cabinet to hold bags of pet food. There are even a couple of shelves to house treats.

The Best Pet Toy Organization Tips

The happiest of pets are the ones with toys. Or at least that’s true for my dogs!

And although I’m sure Brosky and Minnie would be happy with just a couple of toys, I can’t help but pick them up another thing to play with when I find something cute in store!

That’s why keeping all of those toys in order is a MUST!

Let The Toys Disperse!

Dogs and cats aren’t the greatest at keeping things in one place. So instead of running around the house to rally up all of your pet toys, keep a separate toy bin in each room.

Find the baskets HERE.

I love the idea of using baskets for sorting household goods (I even use them for shoes and throw blankets). And this set of rope baskets from Walmart is sure to do the trick!

I love that they come with pre-made labels and handles for easy transport.

Use Vertical Space

If you’re short on space, going vertical is your best option. No… I don’t mean stacking up the toys like a block tower. I mean using an over-the-door hanger for all of your pet toys!

Find the over-the-door hanger HERE.

This pet toy organization solution won’t work for larger toys, but it’s great for things like tennis balls or little ropes.

Pet Toys To-Go

As I’m sure you know, playtime doesn’t stop inside the home! And if you like to bring toys to the dog park or over to a neighbor’s home (for a pet playdate), keeping your toys together isn’t always easy.

That’s why this to-go bag is a great idea!

Find the to-go bag HERE.

It’s called a Mobile Dog Gear Week Away Tote and it truly has a space for everything. In addition to carriers for food and treats, there is a large main compartment, mesh pockets, and zippered sections for all of those toys!

My Favorite Pet Toys and Supplies

Okay, now you know how to organize your pet toys and supplies. But if you’re looking to add some bins, leashes, litter boxes, toys, and more to your home, I rounded up some of my top picks below.

Just click on the image to find the product!

So what do you say? Let’s get to organizing! I know I have some sorting to do with my pet toys and supplies… so let’s do it together.

From my home to yours,


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