When I hear the word “fall,” I immediately think of pumpkins. Well… leaves and football, too, but pumpkins are surely a contender!

As Halloween approaches, my family buys all sorts of types from the store to decorate in spooky and festive ways. Some years we follow a template and other years we just let our creativity take over.

While we typically take a classic route with carved jack-o-lanterns, I’m always on the lookout for new and fun pumpkin crafts to change things up a bit.

Every year, I use a pumpkin as a vase and filled it with autumn-colored flowers in burgundy, maze, orange and forest green.

It’ wa’s a unique way to upgrade my seasonal centerpiece! You can find the video with a little tutorial and tips below.

I also coated mini pumpkins in gold paint in an effort to create chic place settings. I loved how simple it was to add a fall touch to my dining room!

Between browsing new fall decor and trying to find new carving ideas for my pumpkins, I discovered a whole bunch of pumpkin crafts that are perfect for both Halloween and fall.

Below, I rounded up some of my favorites you can recreate them at home.

If you decide to add one of these to your list, I linked out to the supplies you’ll need! Just click on the underlined blue text and it will take you directly to the page to purchase the supplies.

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My Personal Favorite Pumpkin Crafts

Here are a couple of pumpkin crafts I created over the years. They’ve been a hit in the past and I love how simple they are!

Chic Gold Pumpkins

I created these pumpkins a while ago on QVC but the great thing about them is that they’re timeless!

All you need are some small real or faux pumpkins, gold paint, and a paintbrush.

Start by making sure your space is clean and you have your table lined with newspaper to avoid any mess. Clean the pumpkins with water and mild soap and get to painting!

I coat the entire pumpkin in gold but you can also play around with patterns or stencils.

Pumpkin Floral Arrangement

The beautiful color and shape of a pumpkin can really lend itself to effortless decor.

Start out with your favorite shape pumpkin and completely hollow it out.

Next, you’ll need to stuff it with floral foam so you can individually place all your flowers inside the top.

If you’re looking for an easier way to complete the look, you can also place a small water-filled vase in the center and add your pre-made bouquet inside as well.

It’s so cute and perfect for fall entertaining.

More Pumpkin Ideas for Fall

While I adore DIY projects, I don’t have all the time in the world to create everything I’d like. However, I found some that I think you all will enjoy and listed them below.

As with my crafts above, you can click on the blue underlined text under the photo and it will bring you directly to the page to buy the products. Have fun!

Easy Toilet Paper Pumpkins

Depending on the type of fabric you use, these pumpkins can be used for either Halloween or Thanksgiving!

Photo credit: InstruPix

All you need is a large roll of toilet paper, an 18-20-inch square piece of fabric, a green ribbon for the stem, and a few cinnamon sticks

Simply place the roll in the center of the fabric and tuck the edges into the middle of the roll—slowly working your way around. Use a branch or cinnamon sticks as the stem and add a green ribbon for a special touch.

Find all the instructions from InstruPix HERE!

Canning Ring Pumpkin

This one takes a little more effort but the finished product is so worth it!

Photo credit: My Sanity Project

Gather up about 16 canning rings, washi tape, cinnamon sticks, wire, and burlap. You’ll also need some wire cutters, scissors, and a hot glue gun to tackle the project. 

To start, wrap the outside of the canning rings in decorative washi tape. You can use whatever pattern you’d like! Wrap it around each ring twice and press it firmly to secure it in place (repeating for all rings).

String all your rings onto the wire and pull them together. From there, all you need to do is make sure they form a circular shape and use a cinnamon stick and burlap in the middle to finish it off.

What a cute idea from My Sanity Project!

Yarn Pumpkin Garland

Here’s a pumpkin craft from Design Improvised that doesn’t even require a pumpkin! Grab some orange yarn, green pipe cleaners, twine, and scissors. 

Photo credit: Design Improvised

Wrap the yarn around four fingers about 120 times to create a bundle on your hand. Next, cinch the bundles together with another piece of yarn and pull it tightly. This will create a basic pumpkin shape for the base.

The pipe cleaner is used on the top as a stem and can be secured with the excess yarn. You can also use the yarn to attach each pumpkin to the twine about a foot apart. 

Halloween Pumpkin Topiary

This topiary from All Things Target was just too cute not to share! You can find faux pumpkins at almost any craft store… as long as they’re paintable, they’ll work!

In addition to pumpkins, you’ll need a mini cauldron, decorative vase filler, floral foam, and cardboard. Make sure you have a pencil, ruler, glue gun, scissors, and paint on hand as well. 

To create the base, cut a cardboard circle to fit the top of the cauldron. Make sure it fits the top perfectly! Under the cardboard, you’ll place the foam in the cauldron. 

Decorate each pumpkin with paint, gems, or whatever you can think of. From there, stack the pumpkins and secure them in place with hot glue.

Put the pumpkins on the cardboard in the cauldron, add some finishing touches, and you’re set! But if you need a little more instruction, you can find it HERE.

Pumpkin Carving Ideas

If you’re simply trying to find new ideas for pumpkin carving, here are a bunch of templates from SheKnows.

Photo credit: She Knows

I love the variety of ideas from bats to dogs to ghosts. There are even 39 jack-o-lantern styles as well!

No matter what project you take on, I’m sure you’ll find a fun way to get creative this season. I have my sights set on the simple toilet paper roll pumpkin, but with how cute these are I may need to give a few of them a try!

Which ones caught your attention? Can’t wait to see all the creative ways you’re welcoming Halloween and Thanksgiving!

From my creative home to yours,


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