Last year, we kicked off the new year with the Just Jill Organizing Challenge—tackling small household cleaning, decluttering, and sorting tasks each day.

It was such a big hit, that we’re doing it again in 2022!

To start off, we’re going to organize something we use almost every day… our wallets and purses!

I’m not the best at keeping mine in order which is why I’m SO ready to take on this task. And while both my bag and wallet look more like bottomless pits than accessories… they’ll look like new with just a few simple steps!

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Tidy Your Wallet

Your wallet might hold your most important items, but can you find all of your essentials when you need them the most?

If your answer is more of a “sometimes” or a “maybe” than a definite yes, now’s the time to tidy!

Start by removing everything… yes, I mean everything. Next, take inventory!

Get rid of all of your expired gift cards, old insurance cards, and coupons that are months past their “use by” date.

You’ll also want to look deep into those card slots to make sure you’re not leaving behind any loose change or crumbled receipts.

Follow by putting everything back into your wallet in an organized fashion. I like facing all of my bills in the same direction and grouping them by value. This way, I always know how much cash I’m carrying, and when I need it, I can easily reach for it.

In terms of cards, I keep my most-used ones in the “easy-access” slots. This typically includes my credit card, debit card, and membership cards to my go-to stores.

If you have some change lying around… leave it out! Don’t throw it back into your wallet.

Find the coin purse HERE.

If I were you, I’d find a change purse to put it in instead. I like this one from Vera Bradley. Cute, small, and even includes a little keyring if you want to attach it to a lanyard!

How To Clean Your Purse

You can try to organize everything in your purse, but if you haven’t decluttered, you’ll end up with more of a mess in the end. Check out these steps for cleaning your bag.

Coupons, receipts, and more coupons!

The “purse purge.” It isn’t fun, but it’s necessary. Before you focus on any organizing tasks, remove everything from your bag and start fresh. Get rid of all those extra receipts you don’t need and toss those old pieces of gum that made their way to the bottom of your purse.

Take inventory of what you actually need. I mean ACTUALLY need.

Sure, there are probably things in your bag that could be useful, but if it doesn’t cost much to replace, it might be a good idea to start fresh. Some things to toss include semi-full packages of gum, old lip balm, or half-used hand lotion.

Find the spot remover HERE.

Take a good look at the bottom of your bag. If you have any pesky stains, you can spot treat them with a trusty stain remover.

I recommend using Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover because it’s designed to get rid of everything from ink to lip gloss stains. I don’t own it, but one of my friends swears by it!

individually wrapped essential hand sanitizer wipes
Find the NEAT wipes HERE.

Oh, and I advise keeping these NEAT wipes on hand for those times when you have unwanted spills. They come in little individually-wrapped wrappers which are easy to throw in a purse pocket!

How To Organize Your Purse

Now that your bag is empty and clean, it’s time to organize your purse! I found some interesting products to help make the task a bit easier.

Find the accordion organizer HERE.

This accordion organizer is a great way to keep all of your coupons and receipts in one place. It includes multiple pockets which allow you to designate each one to a different store.

I also like that the tabs are different colors so you can quickly find what you need.

Toys, sunscreen, lollipops and more!

Have kids? If so, I’m sure your purse looks more like their purse instead.

To avoid the mix-up between your things and theirs, dedicate a small bag for kid things (like toys, sunscreen, and medication) so that you don’t have to dig around when you hear “mom!”.

Find the finders HERE.

I swear by these Finders because they help me keep my keys in one place. And I actually helped introduce them to QVC!

Just attach your keys to the claw clasp on one end, and slip the curved end over the edge of your bag. The keys should sit on the inside of your purse so that they aren’t exposed, and the finder works best on tote bags.

I keep way too many makeup products in my purse. But I can’t help it!

Sometimes, my bag looks more like my makeup drawer than my purse. Even though I get ready in my bathroom, I like to do little “touch-ups” throughout the day—meaning I have lipstick, powder, and tweezers on hand.

Find the 3-piece bag set HERE.

The simplest way to keep makeup organized is with small cosmetics bags. I like this 3-piece set from Target because I can interchange the bags depending on what size purse I’m carrying.

Find the holder HERE.

Extra cords or headphones? Let’s be honest, no one likes to fumble through that tangled mess. But with this nifty holder, you won’t have to!

I found it on Etsy and it comes in lots of colors. You can also personalize it with a custom monogram.

Find the purse organizer HERE.

Do you catch yourself digging around for your lip balm for a solid five minutes? I’m guilty! But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Find anyone who owns this purse organizer and they’ll back it with rave reviews. The insert is made for multiple types of bags, but I find that it works best with large totes.

I love that it has a space for everything from your phone to extra cash. Plus, it’s made with a material that’s super flexible which helps it fit securely to the edge of your bag.

How great does it feel to get that out of the way? Now, the only struggle is to keep it clean!

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