Just yesterday, I shared some of my top home and decor picks for spring. So when I saw that QVC is offering FREE SHIPPING all day, you can imagine my excitement to stock up on some seasonal finds!

If you’re a regular QVC shopper, you know that the site is filled with tons of items from home essentials to stylish clothing. So instead of leaving you to get lost in all they have to offer, I listed out a list of my QVC favorites below.

I discovered everything from stunning sterling silver jewelry to some of my go-to lip products. And at the bottom of the page, I even added some clearance items!

Remember, the free shipping and handling offer won’t last long… so now’s the time to snag some of those eye-catching finds.

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My Favorite Fragrances

In addition to free shipping on my QVC Favorites, today is also National Fragrance Day! That’s why I want to highlight a few of my top picks for home fragrance and perfumes.

Find the candles HERE.

These Cheerful Giver Papa Jar Candles are hand-poured in New Jersey — but that’s not what makes them so special. The company has a jobs program for mentally challenged adults, so I love to support the brand whenever I can.

It’s easy to do, not just because of the company initiative, but because they produce amazing products too!

Find the candle HERE.

This HomeWork Limoncello Thyme Candle from Harry Slatkin is practically “spring in a jar.” I love to use it in my kitchen for a refreshing smell throughout. I also love the brightness it adds to the room!

Find the oils HERE.

If you aren’t a candle person, these Beach Grass Oils are an incredible alternative. They’re also from Harry Slatkin and they’re an easy way to make sure your home smell nice after a long day.

Find the body items HERE.

Need a simple way to instantly feel good? This Philosophy Shower Gel and Body Spritz is your answer. I love the body spritz because it’s light — meaning I can spritz away without feeling like I’m doused in fragrance.

It’s also a smell that just makes me feel good. Clean… but with a subtle hint of sweet.

I also use the shower gel daily and haven’t showered with anything BUT Philosophy shower gels for nearly 20 years! The spritz is just the cherry on top.

Find the shower gel HERE.

And for Father’s Day (which is right around the corner), be sure to check out this Amen Men’s Shower Gel. It often sells out, but it’s a great way for your guy to have a special Philosophy scent too.

Doug loves it! Especially the great 4-pack offer because it saves quite a bit of money!

Find the perfume HERE.

I’m a Clinique gal which is why I added this pick to the list. Plus, the Clinique Happy Perfume is always a top-rated choice among buyers!

Find the parfum HERE.

But if you’re looking for something with more maturity, you may want to check out this Lancome Hypnose Eau de Parfum. It has some intimate notes of vanilla and passion flower… gorgeous!

Stylish Finds at QVC

A new season means a wardrobe change. If you’re looking for a bit of a closet upgrade, you can check out a few of my style QVC favorites.

Find the poncho HERE.

I recently purchased this Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Poncho from QVC. There’s such a style in a wrap, ruana, poncho… Whatever you choose to call them, I think they’re wonderful essentials!

Find the poncho HERE.

I’m a big fan of Isaac Mizrahi’s Pima cotton collections. And I love the idea of this Pima cotton hooded top. Easy, relaxed and effortless.

Find the earrings HERE.

Of course I had to include some sterling silver jewelry! I continue to love an assortment from the JAI collection and thought these Hammered Curve Earrings were stunning. What a fun update!

Find the earrings HERE.

And if you know me, then you shouldn’t be surprised that I also love these Sterling Silver Hammered Hoop Earrings. Hoops are my go-to!

Find the turquoise necklace HERE.

Did you know that I’m also a fan of jewelry with a southwestern vibe? That’s why I selected this stunning American West Turquoise Bead Necklace, created by miss Carolyn Pollack. You can find a picture of her and me below.

Carolyn Pollack and me during my time at QVC.
Find the ring HERE.

Also from American West is this gorgeous Sterling Silver Gemstone Cluster Ring. I adore the bold colors!

QVC Favorites in Beauty

I can’t believe how many times I’m asked about my lip gloss when I post pictures on social media. I have a couple “recipes” that I rely on for a simple, subtle look!

Find the lip pencil HERE.

This Bobbi Brown Lip Pencil in pink mauve is a great color to complement natural lip tones.

Find the lip gloss HERE.

Another one of my favs is this Buxom Lip Plumping Polish Gloss in Dolly. It’s been one of my top picks for years.

Find the mascara HERE.

When it comes to the eyes, I really like this Lancome Grandiôse Extrême Mascara. The unique shape of the brush really gives you a nice, even coat of the formula. A new favorite of mine!

Top Picks For The Kitchen

A lot of my QVC favorites are kitchen- and cooking-focused. So to help you navigate all they have to offer, I’m sharing some of my picks here.

Find the egg cooker HERE.

This Dash Two-Tier Egg Cooker is probably the cutest kitchen gadget I’ve ever seen. Plus, it’s super helpful. Anyone who likes eggs will love that it seamlessly cooks hard-boiled eggs, poached eggs, soft-boiled eggs or even omelets!

Find the coffee maker HERE.

Four words. I love my Nespresso. Funny thing is that I wasn’t a coffee drinker until I gifted this DeLonghi Nespresso Vertuo Espresso Machine to Doug a few years ago for Christmas. But now I love having my morning cup!

The milk frother is a game-changer for me… how I love a homemade latte or capuccino!

Find the baker HERE.

Between bakeware and serveware, I love almost anything from Temp-tations. Check out this Baker with Storage Lid which is a helpful choice if you’re bringing a dish over to a neighbor’s house.

Find the dinnerware set HERE.

Searching for dinnerware with a natural touch? Look no further than this Woodland 12-Piece Set. It includes four large plates, four small plates and a 4-pack of bowls.

Find the bowls HERE.

Spring is the perfect time to add touches of pastel colors in your life. This KitchenAid Set of Non-Stick Bowls comes in multiple styles including a light pink and lavender option!

Find the skillet HERE.

I continue to sing the praises to this All-Clad Nonstick Electric Skillet because I just love it so much. In fact, it’s one of the best investments I’ve made in my kitchen and I use it all the time.

I love the 7-quart size and it offers great cooking control. It’s also super easy to clean due to the nonstick surface. Just make sure to use wood or silicone utensils to avoid any scratching!

Take advantage of the free shipping on this one… it will save you over $15!

Find the soap pump HERE.

If we’ve learned anything over the past year, it’s the importance of washing your hands. But if I told you the number of plastic soap containers I went through the first couple of months, you’d cringe.

That’s why I added this Simplehuman No-Touch Soap Pump to my list of QVC favorites. You can refill it and it automatically dispenses soap. It’s eco-friendly and it will save you some money!

Home and Decor QVC Favorites

I’m loving some of the furniture pieces I’ve been seeing on QVC recently.

Find the cabinet HERE.

The first piece that caught my eye was this Wooden Floor Cabinet from Elegant Home Fashions. Whether you need something to store kitchen tools or books, it can work in multiple places around your home.

Find the bar cart HERE.

I’m drooling over this Home Reflections Metal Bar Cart! I can see it in a dining room, a living room or even in a larger walk-in closet.

Or what about adding some luxury to a master bath? Totally my kind of item!

Find the accent chair HERE.

I also love this Accent Chair. I feel like accent chairs are the new black… and these ones are modern but the color options give them some versatility.

Find the faux tree HERE.

For those who lack a green thumb, you’re in luck. This Faux Fiddle Leaf Tree is the perfect way to brighten up a room… no maintenance required!

Find the succulents HERE.

Here’s another plant option, This 9-Piece Faux Succulent Garden can be kept together or separated throughout your home.

Find the glass cloche HERE.

Oh how I love this Home Reflections Glass Cloche. I think of it as a perfect way to highlight your favorite items. I like to fill them with candles, lights and even flowers.

They also make for great centerpieces!

Find the lamp HERE.

I love lamps. Clearly! And this Valerie Parr Shutter Accent Lamp is the perfect mix of rustic and contemporary.

Find the tray HERE.

Decorative trays are the perfect addition to any table. Why? They’re versatile!

You could add some magazines to the center of this Valerie Parr Decorative Wooden Tray. Or, you could fill it with glasses and coasters. The options are endless!

Find the throw HERE.

It’s a little bit of an investment, but this Barefood Dreams CozyChic Throw is 100% worth the cost. I’ve had mine since Trevor was born and I still cuddle up with it every night.

The reason it’s worth every penny is because it washes up beautifully and holds up perfectly. If I could only have one throw, it would be this one. I’d rather spend on Barefoot Dreams than be unhappy with the many that cost less. See how much I love mine!

Oh how I love my Barefoot Dreams throw!
Find the mattress pad HERE.

I’m so impressed by the comfort collections for your bedroom by the Scott Brothers. Check out this Gusset Tencel Mattress Pad for example. I’ve always been a fan of a mattress topper and this one is customer top-rated and available for all bed sizes.

I love that it’s filled with a tencel-blend filling which is a more breathable fiber designed to keep you comfortable. AND it’s machine washable!

Find the comforter HERE.

Also designed to keep you comfortable while sleeping is this year-round version of a down comforter from Drew and Jonathan.

The Scott Living Down Comforter is hypo-allergenic and it has rave reviews from folks who love the lightweight warmth.

Find the towel set HERE.

If you need an easy refresh for a bathroom this spring, a new set of towels is a simple fix. This Scott Living 6-Piece Towel Set comes in my two favorite colors… navy and white. It’s a perfect wedding gift idea too!

Check out this photo of the brothers and I below. They’re so fun!

QVC Favorites to Use Outdoors

Boy am I excited to start spending more time outdoors. But don’t expect me to trek through any mountains or run a marathon… instead, I’ll be spending a lot of time on my patio!

Find the rug HERE.

If you really want to make your outdoor space feel like a living room, you can start with a good rug! I love the crisp navy and white of this Veranda Living Home Rug, but it comes in other colors and sizes too.

Find the fire pit HERE.

Another way to make your patio feel a little cozier is by warming it up. We have one of these Blue Rhino Fire Pit Tables at my home and we love it.

This one usually comes with a shipping fee of over $20, so it’s a nice discount on a free shipping and handling day!

Find the mug planter HERE.

In need of some unique outdoor decor? I’ll start with this Plow and Hearth Tea Cup Planter. What a happy way to have a container garden!

Find the rug HERE.

Do you know what else makes me happy? A cute rug by the front door. This Plow and Hearth Throw Rug is a colorful way to greet your guests.

Find the rug HERE.

I also love this other rug from the brand… the butterflies are just too cute!

Find the egg HERE.

I’ve always enjoyed items that have style by the day and a glow at night. That’s why I’m showing you this Oversized Egg piece from Barbara King.

Find the collection HERE.

Here’s this Under the Sea Collection from Barbara King as well. You know my love for coastal decor!

Her items have always been a favorite of mine. Plus, they work well both inside and outside.

Find the lantern HERE.

The same goes for Luminara lanterns. I have in multiple sizes throughout my home and I love this Luminara Lantern option for use on the patio.

They just work and they’re timeless in their design and function which is why they’re one of my QVC favorites.

Find the camera HERE.

This Blink Outdoor Wireless Security Camera has been a great investment for our home. It just provides a sense of security that puts me at ease!

And believe me, if I can set one up, so can you!

Clearance AND Free Shipping Items

Free shipping is one thing… but discounts on my QVC favorites is even better! Here are a few finds at a fraction of the original price.

Find the mini loaf pans HERE.

I’ve talked about these little Temp-tations Mini Loaf Pans before, but now, they’re on sale! Cute and petite, they’re perfect for year-round gifting.

Find the mugs HERE.

This Temp-tations Mug Set is also great for gifting. I love the intricate little designs and I also appreciate that each one comes with its own gift box (because finding the perfect size box isn’t always easy!).

Find the zesters HERE.

I’ve had these Microplane Zesters in my kitchen utensil drawer for years. They’re the best for grating cheese, chocolate or fresh cinnamon! And trust me, fresh cinnamon is the key to a rich dessert.

Find the waffle maker HERE.

This Calphalon Precision Control Waffle Maker is top-rated and easy to use.

I have great memories of making waffles on Sunday mornings with my Dad, so I wanted to share this neat find!

Find the jug HERE.

My jaw DROPPED when I saw that QVC was carrying pottery by Irish potter Nicholas Mosse. I bought my mom a piece from him in Ireland over 25 years ago!

This Nicholas Mosse Hand-Painted Jug is actually the same pattern and I just love the Irish artisanship. You’re lucky to find this!

Find the purse HERE.

I’ll never pass up highlighting a good deal on Dooney and Bourke. Of my years using them, they always seem to hold up through all of the chaos of running around with kids!

This Pebble Leather Crossbody from the brand has a classic design and it comes in multiple colors to fit your personal style. I purchased it for my mom a few years ago and it’s one of her favorites!

Find the crossbody HERE.

Oh, and this Saffiano Leather Crossbody Pouchette is another great option from the brand. It’s actually in my favorite saffiano leather which can take a beating and look great for years.

You deserve a big congrats if you made it all the way to the bottom of this blog. That was 51 QVC Favorites!

Remember, free shipping sitewide will only last until 11:59 pm EST, so stock up on your must-have items soon!

From my home to yours,


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