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Have you seen our collection of Scott Living sheets at QVC.com?

The sheets come in a variety of colors, patterns and fibers. And they’re all designed with getting a good night’s sleep in mind.

And the best way to get a good night’s rest is by ensuring your bed has the best mattress and linens. Because comfort is more important than you think!

If you already have a mattress that’s in good shape, the next step is to make sure you have a set of sheets that’s free from visible wear and tear.

If they’re feeling a bit thin or scratchy, that’s another sign that they need replacing!

For years, I’ve only used the sheets from Scott Living. They’re comfortable, high-quality and I also appreciate that they come in multiple patterns and colors.

They aren’t the $20 sheets you may find in your local discount store. But for quality, they can’t be beat.

Remember… this is your sleep quality we’re talking about. And that’s not something to skimp on!

Not only do the Scott Living sheets come in multiple styles, also come in a variety of materials and thread counts.

Want to learn more about my favorites? Check them out below.

Sateen Charcoal Infused Sheet Set

Did you even know that charcoal infused sheets is a thing?

Think about it….charcoal is a natural odor absorber, so when it’s infused in to the threads of your sheets, it’s helping to keep sheet funk at bay.

If you’ve ever had a sweaty sleep, those droplets contain bacteria that can lead to odors.

And while having the charcoal infused into the threads will help with odors, that doesn’t mean you can wait weeks to wash your sheets.

These sheets are on my bed right now, and never seem to have that less than fresh feeling. They’re light weight and keep me very comfortable when I sleep.

Sateen Charcoal Infused Sheet Set


  • Includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases
  • 55% cotton, 45% polyester bamboo charcoal sateen weave
  • 320 thread count
Find the Charcoal Infused sheet set HERE.

HygroCotton Sateen Sheet Set

HygroCotton refers to the patented way in which the cotton yarns are spun prior to weaving..

A hollow core is created, allowing air movement. This helps to make cotton sheets even more breathable.

It also allows the yarn to bloom a bit when washed and dried, giving the surface of the sheet a nice, soft hand.

HygroCotton Sateen Sheet Set


  • Includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases
  • 100% HygroCotton sateen
  • 400 thread count
Find the HygroCotton sheets HERE.

Scott Living Sateen Tencel Sheet Set

I have come to really love the tri-blend of fibers in this sheet set.

And I’ll admit, I was a skeptic.

One of the fibers is polyester, and boy does that bring back memories of heavy, hot and scratchy clothing from the 70’s! Can you relate?

But technology has worked its magic on polyester, and this microfiber strand gives these sheets a drapey feel while adding durability.

Then you have the BFF’s (Best Fibers Forever) of the sheet world: Cotton and Tencel.

Both are natural fibers, adding breathability to the sheets.

Tencel makes these cool to the touch and moisture wicking too.

You’ll also love how these come out of the wash, with very few wrinkles and a soft, silky hand left in tact.

Sateen Tencel Sheet Set


  • Includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases
  • 35% cotton, 40% polyester, 25% tencel
  • 500 thread count
Find the Sateen Tencel sheet set HERE.

Farley Floral Botanical Cotton Sheet Set

I had to include this set because it’s for the sheet purist.

Cotton only please.

Why cotton?

It’s a natural fiber that breathes well. It is durable and is easy to care for.

It gets softer over time.

And when cotton is woven, dust and allergens have a hard time penetrating and getting trapped in the weave.

If cotton is for you, check out this pretty patterned set.

Farley Floral Botanical Cotton Sheet Set


  • Includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases
  • 100% cotton sateen
  • 220 thread count
Find the botanical cotton sheet set HERE.

HygroCotton And Tencel Sheet Set

This is the sheet set that made Scott Living sheets so popular.


The blend of the tencel and the hygro cotton gives these sheets a soft, smooth, and cooling feel.

And did you know that HygroCotton and Tencel will keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter compared to traditional cotton sheets?

These sheets even have our patented Flexi-Fit band at the foot and the head of the fitted sheet, to make putting these sheets on the bed easier as well as ensuring they stay snug on the mattress too.

HygroCotton and Tencel Sheet Set


  • Includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases
  • 70% HygroCotton, 30% tencel
  • 400 thread count
Find the HygroCotton and Tencel sheets HERE.

Sweet Dreams!

Well, I hope this little tutorial is helpful as you take a look at the collection of Scott Living Sheets that are available.

A new set of sheets is an easy way to give your bedroom a little upgrade or to make over your guest room.

(If you haven’t seen how I made over our guest room, check it out HERE).

If there’s anybody who knows how important it is to get a good nights sleep, it’s Drew and Jonathan!

And this busy gal may know a thing about needing good sleep too!

Nite Nite!


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