Now that travel is picking up, you might have guests visiting your home in the near future. I don’t know about you, but I’m thrilled to welcome visitors again!

In my experience, my guests are just happy knowing they have a place to rest their heads. But I like to go a little further to make them feel right at home.

If you have family coming in town for the Fourth of July or you have a couple of friends visiting for summer vacation, I have some tips to give your guest room a makeover.

I created a video a little while ago about my own guest room. It was bare for so long… but I’m thrilled with the result!

The best part about these guest room upgrades is that they don’t require any painting or tools! Just super simple steps to spruce up your space in no time.

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Don’t Be Afraid of Patterns

As you can see in the video above, I went all out with my quilt! And if you ask me, it works perfectly in my guest room.

Now a lot of people shy away from patterns in fear that they’re obnoxious or distracting. But when used properly, patterns can add a great design element to any room!

Here are a few tips I like to follow when incorporating any type of pattern:

  • Pair your patterns with some solids. You don’t want too much going on at once!
  • If mixing patterns, make sure to add different sizes of designs. If they’re too similar, they’ll clash.
  • Try to stick with a specific style. If you’re going for geometric shapes, it’s smart to stick with those shapes throughout the room.
  • Balance the patterns throughout the room. Don’t clump everything together!
  • Designers recommend sticking to 3 or 4 patterns if you want a few. Experimentation is key!

Here are a few patterned guest room items I found that caught my eye.

Find the rug HERE.

I love how this Round Dahlia Bouquet Area Rug is subtle in color, yet bold.

Find the tray HERE.

Whether you use this Table Tray on an ottoman, a table or a dresser, it’s a great place for your guests to set their belongings.

guest room pillows
Find the pillows HERE.

I adore the beautiful summer patterns and colors in this Dorrington Square Pillow Set.

So don’t hesitate the next time you find something decorated in a beautiful pattern! Following a few simple tips will help you make any pattern work — no matter your style.

It’s All About Balance!

I was so flustered trying to find a way to balance my guest room. After all, I only had one side table to work with!

Luckily, I found a budget-friendly table and did a little DIY decorating. After some spray paint, I had two side tables to balance out my room!

What I’m trying to say is that you don’t have to match everything perfectly to find balance in your home. Instead, make sure you play around with color, size and even texture.

Check out these ways that I balanced my household guest room.

Find the table HERE.

This Dmitry Drawer End Table isn’t the same as the one in my video, but it’s fairly close! Opt for a lightweight furniture piece to even out your space. It’s not too heavy, and it provides a place to place your matching items — like frames or a set of lamps.

Find the medallion HERE.

I also used a big decorative piece like this white medallion to balance out the heavier end table on one side of my bed. Pay attention to drawing weight throughout your room!

Find the dresser HERE.

I also balanced my space by using navy around the room. How? I chose a beautiful navy dresser, like the one above, to add to my guest room.

Pulling some of the blue color away from the bed really made a difference and made things look more even.

Shop Your House For Unused Items

Here’s a tip I only learned from personal experience. That dresser I mentioned above? It came from another room in my home!

I guess I never realized how many things in my house go unnoticed. At one point, they may have served a purpose, but a lot of times they can be better used elsewhere.

Take a look around your own home to see if your furniture works best where it is. You may even find decor items from your living room that can spruce up your guest room!

Don’t Forget The Artwork

Oh how I love artwork. It truly adds some excitement to any space!

But when you’re in the midst of getting all of your guest room essentials in order — like a bed, a dresser and nightstands — you might forget about the decorative pieces altogether.

Here are a few items that will wow your guests!

guest room mountain painting
Find the tree photo HERE.

If your guest room is in a mountain home, this nature-themed piece will be perfect.

guest room abstract painting
Find the art HERE.

Add this neutral triad of art above a bed! You can also spread them around the room or stack them for a whole new look.

guest room bloom painting
Find the floral art HERE.

This blooming canvas art is so inviting, your guests won’t want to leave. I’m sure of it!

Personal Touches Are A Must

If your guests wanted a bland experience, they would just stay at a hotel! That’s why I always like to add some personal touches to my guest room to make it feel like a home away from home.

One of my go-to DIY ideas is using a pictue frame to write a personal message! Did you know that dry erase marker wipes right off of glass? Now you do!

So I just print off a neutral photo, put it in the frame and write a little welcome note to whoever is staying with me at the time. It makes them feel extra special!

Ultimate Guest Room Welcome Pack

My personal touches are definitely inviting, but my welcome packs are what everyone gets excited about.

I like to throw together a little treat along with a few items for my guests. For example, if we’re having a girls’ trip, I include some bath and body products along with a sweet home-baked goodie.

When the holidays roll around, I always include a holiday-scented candle along with a scrumptious treat like my cookies and cream popcorn.

The video above will show you how to make it. Homemade food gifts are always a hit!

Here are a few other essentials I like to add to my guest room welcome bags.

Find the hand lotions HERE.

They can take one of these little L’Occitane hand lotions wherever they go!

Find the shower gel HERE.

Add one of these mini Philosophy bath items to their bundle of goodies. Just in case they forgot their own shower gel!

Find the sleep mask HERE.

A sleep mask will be the cherry on top of getting to stay at your place. Because a good night’s rest will mean more energy for the day with you!

I don’t know about you, but I’m thrilled to finally have guests over at my home again. It’s been far too long!

If you’re welcoming visitors to your place soon, I hope you’ll be able to use a few of these tips to spruce up your space.

From my home to yours,


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