Whenever I see a home with a pretty wreath or a decorative doormat, I always feel like someone friendly lives there… isn’t that silly?

Maybe it’s just an appreciation from one home decor lover to another! Or maybe it’s the thought that someone took some extra care to make their home look welcoming.

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But whatever the reason, a little front door makeover is an easy and affordable project!

I found a lot of cute decorations that I wanted to share with you… I hope you’ll find something to add to your own front door this spring!

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Start with First Impressions

Sometimes, making a good impression can come from a simple “hello!”. And what better way to offer a warm welcome than with a doormat?

Find the doormat HERE.

This basic “Hello” doormat just makes me smile… and who doesn’t want to start the day off with a grin?

Find the gingham mat HERE.

Gingham? Yes, please!

This checkered welcome mat will add an adorable touch to your front door space. So cute!

Find the heart doormat HERE.

And there are no words necessary for this heart design doormat.

It gives you the feeling that LOVE is in the heart of this home!

Find the striped doormat HERE.

I’ve always been partial to navy stripes… in my home, on my table, in my wardrobe… you name it!

And this striped welcome mat gives off both a classic and nautical vibe.

Find the dog mat HERE.

As a fur mama, I love when I can find something cute with a doggie motif.

I like the way the pup design is incorporated into this welcome mat.

Find the “bee happy” mat HERE.

Here’s another message that made me smile. This “Bee Happy” mat is sure to make your guests smile as well!

Add Friendly Front Door Touches

Let’s face it. As people approach your front door, they’re taking it all in. Here are a few front door touches to make an impression.

Are you surprised I’m not leading with a big, robust floral wreath? Don’t worry… those are coming up!

Front Door Touches
Find the eucalyptus wreath HERE.

But to start I wanted to share this eucalyptus wreath because it’s so versatile. I love how the shade of green complements most home and front door colors.

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And if you want to make it more seasonal, all you have to do is add a pretty bow.

You can also add some burlap if the “farmhouse look” is your vibe… or perhaps some pastel accents for spring!

Front Door Touches
Find the tulip wreath HERE.

In my opinion, nothing pops more than a beautiful bunch of tulips!

This full-bodied tulip wreath comes in a fun combination of pink, orange, red and yellow flowers.

Front Door Touches
Find the cotton wreath HERE.

I also like the look of this cotton stem wreath.

It’s definitely more unique than your classic wreath… plus, it’s on-trend with the Joanna Gaines and Magnolia vibe!

Front Door Touches
Find the spring blossom wreath HERE.

But if you’d like something with a little more color, this spring blossom wreath will do the trick!

It includes a few types of flowers which add some dimension as well.

Front Door Touches
Find the lemon wreath HERE.

Florals aren’t the only choice for front-door fun. When life gives you lemons… use them to decorate!

This citrus fruit wreath has a nice balance of greenery and even some little white flowers.

Front Door Touches
Find the floral teardrop HERE.

And for a more refined (yet equally pretty look!) consider a floral teardrop or swag.

This peony and hydrangea teardrop gives you some bold blooms to make your front door look fabulous!

Front Door Touches
Find the wreath hanger HERE.

If you need something to help you hang your front door decorations, I like this interchangeable motif wreath hanger.

That way, you don’t have to buy ones for each season!

A Few More Decorative Pieces

It’s always a lovely look when your front door is flanked on each side by containers filled with flowers and plants.

Front Door Touches
Find the planter HERE.

These decorative white wood planters are made with a weather-resistant material—meaning they’ll hold up to rain, snow, and more.

They’re also pretty lightweight and easy to move.

Front Door Touches
Find the barrel planter HERE.

You can also use something like these barrel-type planters.

They’re affordable and they look SO pretty when filled with annual blooms like petunias!

Front Door Touches
Find the lanterns HERE.

You might also want to consider nestling some lanterns around your planters. They can also be placed on the stops of your front stoop!

I like these wooden outdoor lanterns. A beautiful design… don’t you think?

Front Door Touches
Find the black lantern HERE.

There’s also this embossed black outdoor lantern that features more of a classic look.

I like that it works with most architecture and design styles.

Front Door Touches
Find the lights HERE.

And don’t forget to light the way for your guests as they approach your home at night!

A set of solar accent lights is a really affordable way to up your curb appeal on a budget.

Do you feel a little more ready to decorate your front porch for spring? I hope so!

With the addition of just a few simple touches, it’s possible to totally change up the look of your home. Have fun decorating!

From my home to yours,


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