I love coastal decor.

I’ve had a lot of questions about how to recreate the coastal decor looks I’ve used in our beach house. Since I’ve been using our home as the background for a lot of my recipe and decor videos, you have asked about some of my furniture and decor pieces.

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When we bought our home at the beach in Delaware, I had so much fun creating my dream coastal escape.

I don’t tend to favor the kitschy kind of coastal decor with fish, mermaids and anchors.

I prefer a vibe with white washed wood furniture, saturated navy blue against crisp white and subtle nods to elements from the beach. Don’t you love the way the soft coral pops against the darker blues?

Home Goods and small specialty shops are often where I like to shop for things, so it’s hard to give you information on my exact items.

However, I have run across a lot of very similar items and I wanted to share them with you so that you can recreate similar looks in your own home.

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I finally finished the guest room

Our guest room has been a work in progress. It has taken me nearly 3 years to get it just right, but I’m so pleased with the end result!

Once I settled on the blue and white quilt, it was really the artwork over the bed that set the rest of the room design into motion. From the mercury glass lamps to the carved medallion, I had so much fun finding the right pieces for the room.

Here are some pieces that are inspired by my guestroom makeover.

This navy and white and gray ikat quilt gives a similar vibe to the one I used. I’ve always been a fan of this look. It creates a crisp and fresh feel when you’re thinking about a bedroom makeover.

And don’t forget the accent pillows!

Here’s a navy striped option…it comes in other colors too.

I liked this Tommy Hilfiger euro pillow because the cushion is included. The white top stitching is a great touch.

This mercury glass lamp is a simple yet slightly glamorous touch to a room.

This carved white floral medallion is a great way to add interest to a wall space. I love they way color from the wall fills in the openwork.

This narrow rectangle piece is perfect for resting against a wall if you don’t want to worry about hanging.

The Blue Room

Every time someone walks into this room they exclaim, “I love the color!” Painting a room a dark color can be risky, but because we have so many windows in this room, there is really very little wall space. The color we chose is Sherwin Williams Naval.

I kept the furniture simple, since I wanted the impact to be the color and the view. I added a few whimsy touches to this area to tie it into the coastal surroundings. Below you’ll find similar items to create your own beachy vibe.

This big wave picture is the perfect way to tie into the shades of blue in a coastal home.

My turtle bowl was a gift from a dear friend and it makes me happy every time I see it. I have no doubt this turtle bowl will put a smile on your face too.

I think the texture of branch coral is fabulous. The look of this blue coral pillow is the perfect complement to my simple khaki sofa and chair.

What gives this white coral lamp its elevated feel is the clear acrylic base. I love that it is sculptural and practical at the same time.

Some most asked about pieces…

The number one item people have asked me about is the oversized lazy susan I used in my charcuterie 101 video.

Not only have I used it for serving, it’s also a great platform for creating a centerpiece, like I did for the holidays.

Here are a couple that rival mine in size and look:

This whitewashed lazy susan is perfect in coastal settings but also for a farmhouse look too.

This gather serving board is another nice choice if you like the rustic chic charm of whitewashed wood.

I think the serving and decor possibilities are endless with this scrollwork lazy susan. It’s a little more expensive, but I’ve learned that when you find the one you really like, it’s worth the splurge.

Lanterns are a must!

I recently shopped my home and pulled out the rustic lantern above when I created a new dining room tablescape. Now I’m using it my guest room…did it look familiar? It’s at least 8 years old but clearly, you loved the look because I’ve had a lot of requests for information.

I found some that are really similar below. (Did you notice my lazy susan is on top of the wood medallion from my guest room in this pic? Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when you’re creating!)

This wood and vintage metal lantern give you the perfect place to use your flameless candles!

This set of 2 white and silver lanterns has a cleaner look, with less distressing and more architectural interest.

BIG time and other touches

With higher ceilings in this home, I realized I needed oversized pieces to fill up the some of the wall spaces. I’ve always thought a HUGE clock was a cool way to have functional art, and this piece just matched our wall color and subtly distressed vibe perfectly!

I love the soft tones of this beige and cream roman numeral clock. I think if your space allows, it will work in many rooms and with many decor styles.

I’m slightly obsessed with this galvanized roman numeral clock. I’ve always been drawn to the galvanized look of a matte silver metal with texture within. Very coastal, but in a subtle way.

When it makes sense, I do like to try and have a subtle design theme run through my home. That’s where the coral comes in. I use it sparingly and on a small scale, like in the accent piece above.

This simple coral sculpture is an easy way to bring the love of the ocean indoors.

If you’re looking for a pretty bowl for a kitchen island or coffee table and you like coastal decor, this silver coral bowl is perfect! Imagine it filled with bright yellow lemons or granny smith apples.

Speaking of displaying fruit…

The two tiered stand above is usually just in the background of my videos, but it hasn’t gone unnoticed by you! I’m laughing at this picture, because clearly, I forgot to take off the assembly sticker! Details, Jill! DETAILS! 🙂

This two tiered metal stand is very similar to mine with its scalloped edges.

It’s the combination of materials that I really like on this wood and metal tiered server. If you like the look of vintage finds, this one fits the bill.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a little more of my “happy place” and my love of coastal decor.

I hope I’ve inspired some new ways for you bring the beach to your home.

If you love to decorate with navy blue and white like I do, be sure to check out my blog on simple and beautiful blues for more inspiration!

From the beach,