I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for spring. Between the snowstorms and staying inside more than usual, I could use a little pick-me-up — both outside and inside my home.

I may not be able to control the weather, but I can control the environment in my household. And one of the best ways to bring a little cheer indoors is with decorations and home accents.

So I did some looking around and found a bunch of fabulous spring decor items that are sure to brighten anyone’s spirits.

From lamps and flowers, to rugs and pillows, I found something for every corner of your home.

Remember, you can click on the blue highlighted text to add these items to your own home! But even if these finds aren’t for you, I hope they’ll give you a little inspiration for your own spring decor.

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Best Spring Decor For Your Living Room

Lighting can really brighten a room in so many ways. From the actual glow of the bulbs to the decorative nature of the lamp, they are one of the things I always have my eye on.

I want to start by showing you a couple of buffet lamps that I’m absolutely in love with.

Find the lamps HERE.

They’re an addition from Valerie Parr Hill and they’re perfect for an entryway, living room and more. The Buffet Accent Lamps also have an elegant and streamlined silhouette that can work in your house year-round.

Oh, and keep an eye out for a future blog filled with these lamps… I have so many ways to share how to use them around your home!

Here are a couple of other lamps that look great for the spring months. If you can have a decor piece that’s also practical, I call it a win.

Find the lamps HERE.

Take a look at this beautiful Lindauer Table Lamp Set.

Find the geometric lamp HERE.

And this unique Geo Assembled Table Lamp I found at Target.

But lamps aren’t the only practical decor find you can have in your home. Check out this coaster that you can use on your coffee table.

Find the coasters HERE.

These Custom Engraved Wood and Marble Coasters are a handmade item from Etsy and they’re sure to add a personalized touch to your household. One half of the design is made with white marble and the other half is made with deep-tone wood. What’s so neat about these is that no two are alike — they each have a unique touch.

Find the tray HERE.

Here’s another addition you can place on a table. It’s a Light Woven Tray and it can hold everything from floral centerpieces to the remote for your television. I love the woven style because it’s a bit earthy while still looking polished.

Find the pillow covers HERE.

This next find is a great option if you’d like to spruce up your couch. They’re Knit Pillow Covers from Pottery Barn and love that they come in multiple colors. Better yet, they’re double-sided. So, you can flip them to the sherpa side during the cooler months and the knit side when it gets warmer outside.

Find the plant stand HERE.

Household plants can truly change the look of any room. Even better, they can actually boost your productivity, mood and creativity, according to The Sill. So if you’re ready to hop on by the store to pick up some succulents and flowers, you can set them on this International Concepts Plant Stand.

The light wood is a spring must, and the addition of the stand will allow you to place you plant anywhere around your home.

Speaking of plants, I found a few below that I might add to my own living room this spring.

Find the orchid plant HERE.

I’ve never really used much pink in my home decor, but as I’m looking to refresh my home (and our big brown sofa), I’m beginning to lean more towards shades of pink. This Faux Orchid Plant has some stellar reviews so I thought it could be a good pick for my home. It’s also bright, lively and comes with a modern metallic vase.

Find the green flowers HERE.

These Green Flowers are also a good pick because they can work on their own or intertwined in another bundle of flowers. There’s something about greens and pinks together that makes me smile, too.

Find the bouquet HERE.

But if the orchids are still a bit too pink for you, you can try out this Rose Bouquet from Longaberger. They have that peachy tone to them and are sure to pop if your room is filled with neutrals.

My Picks For Bathroom Decor

Home decor can go way beyond your living room. And while most people don’t consider the bathroom to be a place for decorative finds, adding a few pieces can turn your bathroom from a place you have to be into a place you want to be.

To start, I want to show you a couple of shower curtains. I love these stripes and think they look clean and fresh — exactly what I aim for in my bathroom at home. It’s an easy pattern to be a round and makes a quiet color statement to use throughout the space.

These hookless shower curtains below are easy to install and easy to update when you don’t have a budget for a total renovation.

Find the shower curtain HERE.

This Gray Hookless Cabana Stripe Shower Curtain is super practical and versatile.

Find the shower curtain HERE

Or if you’re looking for something with more of a natural look, I recommend adding this Tan Hookless Cabana Stripe Shower Curtain to your cart.

Find the tissue cover HERE.

While I love the simplicity of adding a new shower curtain, bathroom decor doesn’t have to stop there.

I discovered this Avanti Linens Gilded Birds Tissue Cover decorated in elegant little birds. I don’t recommend using it if you already have a lot of patterns in your bathroom, but if the rest of your decor is basic, you can certainly add it to your space. It even has a matching waste basket.

Find the shelf HERE.

I’m heading back to the practical decor with this find! It’s called the Zilla Cedar Wood Tiered Shelf and it’s designed to hold everything from towels to toilet paper. I see it as a great addition if you don’t have much storage space under the sink.

Find the accessory tray HERE.

Are you the type of person who likes to take off all your jewelry before bed? If so, you’ll love this Kemmer Bathroom Accessory Tray. It’s super simple in style, but it will help you keep all of those earrings and bracelets in one place until you put them back on.

Find the bath mat HERE.

As I said before, you really can’t go wrong with stripes. They’re clean and don’t go out of style. I like this Chunky Chenille Striped Bath Rug and appreciate that it’s also extremely absorbent.

Find the mason jars HERE.

Lastly, I want to share with you this adorable Mason Jar Bathroom Set. It’s handmade by a small business on Etsy which surely adds a unique touch to the jars. They also have a rustic look to them which helps add to the scene if you already have farmhouse decor in your bathroom.

Spring Decor To Add To Your Kitchen

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how much I love Longaberger. Their baskets are some of the highest quality I’ve ever found and they have something for almost any room in the house.

In general, baskets are always a favorite in my home and I love having an assortment of different shapes and sizes. They’re versatile and can be used for everything from organizing to entertaining to serving. While these can be used anywhere, I wanted to share a few of my favorites that may work well in your kitchen.

Find the bowl basket HERE.

This Pewter Bowl Basket is great for little snacks or fruit.

Find the organizing basket HERE.

And this Rectangle Organizing Basket can hold kitchen tools that don’t have a space in your drawers.

Find the serving basket HERE.

Spring is a time to brighten up your kitchen. And what better way than to add vibrant fruits to this Rectangle Serving Basket.

Find the Easter basket HERE.

Oh, and with Easter coming up, I thought you might like this Small Pink Easter Basket Set.

Find the lazy Susan HERE.

Moving on from baskets, I wanted to show you this lazy susan from Target.

I’ve had SO many people ask me about the wooden lazy susan I use in my charcuterie video and while it’s great for entertaining, it’s also a great decorating centerpiece on my kitchen table too!

I don’t have the original because I bought it years ago, but this Magnolia Lazy Susan is the closest one I’ve found to mine in size. You’re going to have a ball coming up with ways to use it!

Find the glass jugs HERE.

Also from Target are these Magnolia Glass Jugs. I bought two sizes and used them during the fall and winter with simple flower stems. So simple, so perfect.

I enjoy using them in the kitchen, but you can also use them on the mantle, an entry table or as a collection together. Frankly, they look as good empty as they do filled.

Find the table runner HERE.

If you need something to add to your kitchen table, I recommend this Cotton and Jute Textured Table Runner. It has a burlap look to it but with a bit of a twist. The neutral tone also means it will pair well with any decor style.

Find the menu chalkboard HERE.

Say goodbye to scrambling last minute for what to eat throughout the week. This Weekly Menu Chalkboard will help you plan and stay organized — plus it features a beautiful natural wood border that makes it just as decorative as practical.

I hope you enjoy these spring decor finds I picked out for you. And if you have any to share with me, I’m always open to hearing about what you’re doing in your own home!

From my spring home to yours,


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