It’s hard to believe that April marks my 1 year anniversary as the Brand Ambassador for Scott Living products.

Scott Living is the home decor line by everyone’s favorite TV brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, a.k.a. the Property Brothers.

I’ve been lucky to know these two for many years. And yes, they are just as nice in person as they come across on their popular television shows.

They’re funny, smart, creative, savvy and kind. That’s MY kind of people! Plus, as an only child, they’re the kind of guys I’d want for “brothers.”

My Journey with The Brothers

I first met Drew and Jonathan when I was working as a program host on QVC.

Lifestyle Expert Jill Bauer with the Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott
This is 2016 when I met Jonathan (L) and Drew (R) for the first time.

I was the host of their first show and we hit it off instantly. It was as if we had been friends for years.

I was so impressed by how well they knew their products (truth be told, that’s not always the case with “celebrity” brands).

Chillin’ with my “bros” and some of their outdoor style essentials!

What I now know is that the reason the guys know their product so well is because they’re so involved in all the aspects of their collections.

From design concepts, drawings, samples, packaging, you name it, Drew and Jonathan are involved in it all.

Another fun day of showing off some of the brothers’ outdoor products.

Remember when I mentioned how nice these guys are?

When I first started working with Drew and Jonathan and the Scott Living brand, my daughter, Kylie was 15. She LOVED watching the Property Brothers on HGTV.

I mentioned this to the guys, and they suggested I get a video and picture of them waving to her and saying hi. Needless to say, Kylie was so excited!

It was so sweet of them to make a sign… Kylie was THRILLED!

Can I tell you? Kylie met Justin Bieber when he came to QVC. She was MORE excited to get a hello from Drew and Jonathan!

I’ll never forget my last show with brothers on QVC.

It was April 2019 and I had just announced I was leaving QVC after a wonderful 25 plus year career.

Drew and Jonathan were both so sweet, asking me what I was going to do, and even saying “what are we going to do without you?”

They both told me to stay in touch. Wouldn’t that be neat, I thought?

A “Meant to Be” Kind of Relationship

My last day on QVC was June 12. Exactly one week later, on June 19, I had a call from Drew, asking what I was going to do next. What did I want to do? How could we work together?

We bounced around in a few conversations, but honestly, I wasn’t ready to jump back into anything. I wanted to just “be” for a bit and figure out what might be out there for a 50-something gal like me.

And for the next 8 months, Drew and Jonathan kept checking in.

When I went on the TODAY show, I had a text. Out of the blue on a Tuesday, I’d get a call. When they were in town for a QVC appearance, they’d check-in.

And finally, Drew called to talk and explained that he and Jonathan were looking to expand their product offerings at QVC as well as travel a little less so they needed someone to occasionally represent their products.

And he kindly added, the only person they trusted with their brand to do that…was me.

I was blown away, totally flattered, flustered and freaked out all at the same time!

But, the rest, as they say, is history.

I couldn’t be happier working with the Scott Brothers Global team. It is the best group of talented and creative people plus, I love coming up with product ideas and designs.

And it’s not bad returning to my long-time “home” on the air at QVC for guest appearances for the Scott Living brand

My Favorites From Drew and Jonathan’s Collection

One of the best parts about working with the brothers? I’m able to get a sneak peek at the products in their various collections.

Here are a few that I’ve added to my own home and office!

Find the wall clock HERE.

I have this galvanized metal wall clock in my office. I have a thing for roman numerals and I think the oversized nature of this clock looks great.

You can see the clock on the wall of my office in the photo below… but also, take a look at the dark navy on the back wall of the built-in bookcase.

Find the wallpaper HERE.


And it was so easy with the peel-and-stick wallpaper that is part of the Scott Living collection. This is called Indigo and has a grasscloth texture.

Doesn’t it look great?

Now’s the time to pick up some of these great entertaining items! Macy’s is having a sale with an extra percentage off.

These hostess must-haves are included in the sale!

Find the serving board HERE.

This mango wood serving board is the perfect size for a simple charcuterie!

Find the knives HERE.

And don’t forget the set of cheese knives! They’re on sale too. I love the wood handles and how they make such a nice presentation.

Find the serving tray HERE.

This round serving tray is perfection.

You can use it for serving, but it’s also ideal for a kitchen table centerpiece with some flameless candles and flowers or on a coffee table with some books and a holder for your remotes!

Find the coasters HERE.

One of my favorite “little something’ gifts is often a set of coasters.

They’re practical but you can really find some stylish designs!

Drew and Jonathan designed these with some inlay work that makes these little helpers look like jewelry.

Other Scott Living Products I Think You’ll Love

Just because I own a few Scott Living products of my own doesn’t mean there aren’t more on my list… here are some I have my eye on and that I think you’ll LOVE!

Find the throw HERE.

I found this Ruched Throw on sale and immediately wanted to curl up with it!

Plus, the throw has a faux fur look that is both classy and trendy.

Find the pillow HERE.

And it comes with a matching Decorative Pillow! So, obviously… I have my sights set on this find as well.

New Scott Living Products at QVC

One of the things I’m most proud of since joining the Scott Brothers team is the expansion of products at

We recently added over 100 new bed and bath items! I pulled a few of my favorites for you to check out.

Find the duvet set HERE.

I’m a blue and white gal, so this pretty Floral Cotton Sateen DuvetSet is a current favorite. There is so much dimension in the print and it’s what I would call a “quiet” print…it’s there, but not calling attention to itself.

Are you ready to learn about some new technology in our Scott Living sheets?

Find the sheet set HERE.

Say goodbye to bacteria on odor with this Solid Sateen Charcoal Infused Sheet Set!

These innovative sheets are created by heating sustainably-grown bamboo to 800°C.

The resulting bamboo charcoal is made into a smooth, extremely durable fabric with excellent antibacterial, antifungal, and temp-regulating properties.

What does that mean for you? Quite literally, a healthier night’s sleep!

Find the striped towels HERE.

I know how many of you love our Hygro-cotton towel sets… well, now we have some new designs! Again, it’s blue and white for me with the cool abstract stripes in the Ambrose Stripe HygroCotton 6-PieceTowel Set.

Find the TENCEL towels HERE.

But if you’re looking for solids, our Solid TENCEL Cotton Blend 6-PieceTowel Set is a great choice thanks to the new earthy color palette for the season.

Find the bath rug HERE.

And I love the texture of this Cotton Solid Bath Rug! It’s a perfect match back to our towels and adds that elevated touch to your bathroom!

Find the vase HERE.

We have a huge assortment of vases, vessels and candlesticks on amongst our Scott Living products.

This Marble Swirl Vase is one of my favorites. I love the movement of the swirls.

Find the basket HERE.

And our geometric baskets are a great way to break up the all-white look of a kitchen.

The design in this Luxe Centerpiece Basket adds interest, but because it is open in its design, it doesn’t look too heavy in light kitchen spaces.

So, there you have it!

It’s been such an amazing ride with Drew and Jonathan over the past year.

I’ve had the chance to get to know them even better as people, as friends (even though they’re my bosses!) and it’s been so much fun.

Some of my favorite times with them are on our TSV days in Los Angeles, in between shows, where we just talk. Swap stories. Share experiences.

As an only child, I don’t really know what having brothers is all about.

But I think I’ve landed the next best thing 🙂

From my home to yours,


**Mark your calendars for May 31st! That’s when I’ll be back in Los Angeles with Drew and Jonathan with our next QVC TSV!

And. But. Plus, And. But. Plus. However. And. But. Plus. However. Plus. But. And. However. And. But. But. Plus. However.

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