My daughter, Kylie, just returned to the University of Missouri to start her senior year and is living in her first apartment.

Somehow, those words, first apartment, cause me to pause.

It sounds so….grown up. Real life. On her own.

And as much as I thought I was ready for it, I’m having a hard time accepting that the cute little, blonde haired, blue eyed baby who found her way into my heart, is a grown woman with her first apartment.

Can someone cue Cher and her song “If I could turn back time?”

Okay, so let’s not get all sappy and emotional…let’s find the silver lining! And for a first apartment, that means…ROOM MAKEOVER AND SHOPPING!

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A Bare And Empty Space

Let’s start with the fact that we had a blank canvas to work with in Kylie’s bedroom.

empty apartment bedroom

I mean….a bed. A dresser. A desk. THAT’S IT!

Just wait until you see the final reveal! But first, let me show you a few of the items that helped us with our makeover madness!

Bedroom Basics With A Twist

Kylie’s apartment is on the first floor and her bedroom doesn’t have any windows. (I may be dating myself here, but anyone remember Laverne and Shirley’s apartment? Schlameel….Schlamazel!)

With no natural light, we wanted to make sure she had plenty of light options, so here’s what we picked.

great lamp for an apartment
Click HERE for this tower lamp

From one of my favorite items, the happy light by Verilux to mimic sunlight while Kylie studies, to a slim floor lamp with shelves and even a way to create a celestial sky at night to help her relax with the sky lite by Bliss, these options really helped to brighten her room.

I also made sure she had some flameless candles to add a little glow. I really like this set of flameless candles because the candles illuminate from top to bottom.

flameless candles make a pretty arrangment in a first apartment

Sometimes I prefer the warmth of a glowing candle to the look of a flame, don’t you?

Let’s Have Fun With Pictures And Collages

Kylie and I found the cutest collection of wall hangings at Bed Bath and Beyond. They have a great collection of items under a brand called Wild Sage.

The look is youthful, with a touch of vintage and boho mixed in. It’s VERY Kylie!

We picked the following prints for her walls and created a fun collage look that you’ll see further down in the blog. This is such an affordable way to create a mood in a small space!

Kylie wanted the art work to feel a bit eclectic, so we added in this pretty mirror to break things up a bit. It added such a cute touch!

We Found Bedding Basics, Boho Style

Kylie loves to decorate her bed in layers. And layers. And more layers! From a collection of pillows to soft and cozy throws, here are some of the things we used to create her “cocoon!”

We had fun mixing and matching textures within the same color palette. When we started putting them on the bed, it all looked so good!

I love the way the warm tones of the rusty orange throw seemed right at home with the cooler color of the velvet UGG throw (the color, called succulent is a DREAM!)

And to anchor all of these sun washed, muted earthy tones, we found this Tuscan Taupe Quilt and Sham set on CLEARANCE! How I love a bargain!!

It’s Time For Kylie’s Bedroom Reveal!

So are you ready to see how all of these things, along with a few more fun finds, all came together?

Let’s remember how this room looked when we arrived at her apartment….

empty apartment bedroom


Doesn’t it feel cozy and cute??

Check Out These Accents For Small Spaces

I love some of the other extras we found to finish off Kylie’s room, like this Tiger rug. Since the colors are a bit faded, the rug didn’t compete with the earthy neutrals in the bedding. And it was a perfect design since the Mizzou mascot is a tiger!!

And I thought this chenille, neutral colored pouf was perfect for her small apartment. There was room to add a decor touch in the bedroom, but if she has people over, you know, to STUDY (ha!) it can be extra seating too.

Who doesn’t love a good pouf??

We tried to maximize space in the bedroom by putting her bed against the wall, so these cute, nesting tables tucked right in as a nightstand.

Kylie wanted to leave the area over the head of her bed empty for now…she wants to add string lights there….Oh! And speaking of lights! Remember the sky lite by bliss I mentioned earlier?

Kylie can gaze up to a celestial night sky when she goes to be each night! And don’t those battery operated flameless candles look pretty too?

More First Apartment Must Haves

Kylie is going to have to learn how to cook now that she’s living in her first apartment, so I made sure she had a few tried and true essentials that offered nice quality, but on a budget.

I found this really affordable T-Fal cookware set with everything a starter cook would need…a few skillets, some saucepans, a steamer and a stockpot.

What would a college apartment be without a Keurig Coffee Maker? And don’t you just love the mug? Let’s call it the K is for Kylie mug (but it comes in all letters!).

And for those late night, just add water meals, Kylie asked for a tea kettle to heat up water. But, she said, let’s find one that makes me happy when I see it. She chose this Red tea kettle for a POP of color in the kitchen.

Kylie also LOVED the Rise and Shine rug..a fun little touch to finish off her kitchen!

Have Fun In Your First Apartment Kylie!

We sure had a lot of fun finding things for Kylie’s first apartment. She’ll be living with her friend, Maria, who she roomed with in the dorms their freshman year. They’re both in Journalism school, so they’ll be spending time a lot of time together, both in class and in their apartment.

I’m so proud of the young woman Kylie has become. And I’m excited to see where her journey in life takes her.

For now, I just hope she remembers to run the dishwasher, take out the trash and keep her room clean. 🙂

And of course, I hope she has fun living in her first apartment.

From Kylie’s first “home” to yours,


Gold over the door organizer

Faux greenery in decorative pot

Gold Decorative Mirror

Wildflower framed prints

Set of 2 nesting tables

Set of 2 small botanical floral prints

Ugg Velvet Throw

Taupe Quilt and Sham set

Rise and Shine rug

Ivory sweater knit throw pillow

Red tea kettle

T-Fal cookware set

K is for Kylie mug

Keurig Coffee Maker

basic cooking utensil set

nightly calm tea

slim velvet hangers

white utility baskets

smaller mesh pull out organizer

taller mesh organizer

Tiger rug

golden orange throw blanket

patchwork pillow

modal jersey knit sheets

velvet shams

slim floor lamp

floor lamp with shelves

sleek and slim desk lamp

battery operated flameless candles

UGG cactus pillow

UGG Mountain peak pillow

couch potato light

over the door hooks

pierced medallion waste basket

tap lights with remote control

sky light by Bliss

happy light

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