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I don’t think there’s anything more useful these days than a tool that can help you open packages.

Packages that need to be opened

Think about it.

Boxes with your online deliveries.

Clamshell packaging around everything from batteries to toys.

Plastic wrapping around foods.

Hard to open bags of snacks.

You get the idea, right?

slice makes opening clamshell packaging so simple

And while the answer is to use something that can pierce the packaging, that doesn’t mean it has to be a traditional opener.

With rusty metal surfaces and dangerous edges, they’re not always the safest option.

And grabbing whatever might be convenient in the kitchen? Not much better.

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So, Let’s SLICE!

What if told you the tool you use to open all of those packages didn’t have to be made of metal?

That there’s another material that works even better and is safer for you too?

Ready to meet your new gadget BFF?

jill bauer with slice cutters that make opening packaging so easy.

Meet my favorite items from Slice Inc.!

I first discovered these products when I was working on a segment for TODAY with Hoda and Jenna.

And from the first trial, I realized I had discovered something different and BETTER than what I had been using before.

The Slice Difference

One difference with Slice products is that they use ceramic instead of metal for their tools.

Ceramic is strong, durable, won’t rust and will actually last 11x longer than a metal edge.

But with Slice, it’s not just the ceramic material that makes it unique.

It’s the angle at which the edge is formed that makes these tools safer to use. They’re finger friendly®!

That means if your finger touches the edge, with normal use, you won’t be nicked.

ceramic blades are finger friendly when opening packaging

That’s nice peace of mind for you, but also for your elderly parents or your little ones who want to use some of the Slice Inc. products for school projects or crafts.

Handy And So Easy To Open Packages

Slice Inc. tools come in all shapes and sizes. And they’re all worth having around the house.

If you’re an avid online shopper, you are going to love the hook-shaped box opener for all of those packages!

open package easily with slice box cutter

It glides through packing tape with ease and makes it really easy to break down the boxes for recycling.

Check out my video above for more ways I like to use my Slice Inc. tools to make life a little easier!

Entertaining With Slice

I’ve really found the mini and safety tools to be my everyday go-to gadgets.

slice cuts open wine packaging so easily.

Need to break through the vacuum packaging on cheese or through the foil on a wine bottle?

Slice Inc. products are so handy for these jobs.

this cutter works great to open cheese and meat packaging.

When you need to get that meat and cheese unwrapped in a hurry for your charcuterie board, nothing works faster and easier than this mini tool.

With the prices of groceries getting so high, I’ve found myself going back to clipping coupons.

not just for opening packages, these cutters are great for coupons too.

And the green Slice Inc. safety tool is perfect for that!

Another Way To Make Life Easier

Slice Inc. makes many tools with a ceramic edge. They make the BEST scissors too!

And because the scissors are dishwasher safe, they’re great to use around your kitchen.

I like to use them to chop up fresh herbs for salads, dressings and marinades.

slice scissors are great around the kitchen.

And now that my garden is starting to bloom, the scissors work great to clip some fresh bouquets for entertaining…or every day!

The ceramic edge really gives a nice clean snip on the flower stems so that the stem doesn’t rip and the blooms will last longer.

Use Slice And Help Others

When I partner with brands, like Slice, Inc., of course, the quality of the product is important to me. I love helping you find good products at fair prices.

But equally important, is finding brands that also help others.

And Slice does that too!

Slice Inc. founder, TJ Scimone.

Slice was founded in 2008 by TJ Scimone.

TJ is an entrepreneur who collaborated with renowned designers to rethink the way everyday tools are designed and made.

TJ is also a dad with an autistic son.

He founded Slice Inc. as a way to help fund long-term care for his son. 

The company donates a minimum of 1% of worldwide corporate profits to various autism research programs that have global ramifications for families and individuals that live with autism daily.

Slice Inc. tools were developed to be easy to use by all people regardless of their levels of ability.


I’m so excited to be working with Slice Inc. and to be able to offer my readers and followers some discounts to try the products!

CLICK HERE to find bundles of Slice products, (including my Jill’s Favorites,) at up to 30% off!

Whether you’re gearing up for some summer entertaining, you’re needing to open packages, or you just love trying a new gadget to make your life easier, I have no doubt once you try something from Slice Inc., they’ll become your favorite gadgets too.

From my home to yours,


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