I started jumping for joy when I was asked to work on a Home Makeover segment for the TODAY show.

While I’ve worked as a home and lifestyle expert for the Hoda and Jenna Hour for about 2 1/2 years, most of my segments have been around household tips and tricks.

Need refrigerator organization ideas or hacks to clean your home? I’ve been that gal for Hoda and Jenna for over 30 segments!

So, the opportunity to flex my decor muscles for a home makeover segment was thrilling!

Even more exciting for me was the idea that I’d be transforming the home of a deserving family who had suffered tragedy and loss in the past few years.

Filled With Nerves!

I’d like to think I have a fairly level head and that I don’t really stress out about much.

But I have to tell you, I was jittery and nervous about this segment. Like, heart racing, hand-shaking, adrenaline-pumping NERVOUS!

As much as I love design, I am not an interior designer.

So all the things you hire a designer for (except for the decor part) are not things I have experience with and I was JUST. SO. WORRIED. that somehow I’d make a mistake that would ruin it all.

I’m confident in my design style. The things like scale, size, fabric types, spacing, etc., had my head spinning.

Let’s Start With A Fresh Palette!

I knew after walking through the home of Bill and Marge Federice that a fresh coat of paint was going to work wonders in their home.

And since it was easy to see that they loved the beach, it made things a lot easier when it came time to make selections.

I actually used some of the same shades of paint that I’ve used in my own beach house.

In the entry room, I decided a soft, serene beachy vibe was in order, so I selected Sherwin Williams Quietude.

In the family room, I wanted it light and neutral so that all of the textures and patterns I envisioned would really pop. I used Sherwin Williams Natural Linen for this room.

And for some drama, I relied on Sherwin Williams rich blue called, Naval, for the dining room. I also had the painters paint the cabinets in this room and all of the trim white.

Paint is one of the best ways to refresh and renew and some updated colors certainly created the beginning of the coastal mood I was hoping for.

Now For The Fun Part!

This project is a partnership with The Home Depot, so all of the furnishings, rugs, accents and light fixtures are all items you can find online.

And that’s exactly how I found everything for this home. I sat for close to 30 hours at my computer making selections for the 3 rooms.

My family will tell you I became a bit obsessed… but I had to because I wanted it to be so perfect for Bill and Marge.

Let’s Makeover The Dining Room!

The dining room was the easiest room for me to pull together for this home makeover.

I just SAW it in my mind and I was lucky to find the pieces to this puzzle fairly quickly.

I chose a capiz shell chandelier for a little coastal glamour, a driftwood gray dining table and chairs to tie back into the beach vibe, and a distressed-looking rug that softened the formality of the rug’s pattern.

I also chose 2 upholstered chairs for the ends of the table to give the dining set a more custom feel.

A new white sideboard, some coastal art, and lots of family photos were the perfect finishing touches to this room.

I even selected new dishes, flatware, and tabletop extras for Marge’s Sunday family dinners.

A Family Room Makeover

The biggest problem with this space as a “before” was just that BIG. The furniture was just too big and puffy for the space.

Enter a more streamlined sofa, some blue striped accent chairs, a couple of poufs, and just like that, I was able to create a cozy family room for Bill and Marge’s family to gather.

I used a lot of whitewashed and distressed woods in the tables and the accent pieces.

I added 2 oversized chairs on each side of the fireplace (I am obsessed with these chairs!!) along with some accent pillows to tie the room together.

Some pretty lanterns by the fireplace and a new big-screen television for Bill finished off the room.

There’s something for EVERYONE in the family in this room now!

A Special Place To Gather

When you enter the home now, there is a true entry room feel.

I transformed the wall into a pretty focal point with artwork from one of Marge’s students, some pretty buffet lamps and other beachy touches.

Of course, I also created a special spot in memory of Bill and Marge’s son, Pat, who passed away recently.

You can see more of “Pat’s Corner” in the segment below.


So Much To Shop For!

I’ve already received a lot of questions about the various items I selected for the makeover, so I created a visual collage below with most of the items.

If you see something you want more information about, just click on the image and it will take you to all of the pricing information.

The Entry Room

The Living Room

The Dining Room

Other Accessories

Welcome Home Bill and Marge!

It was an absolute honor to create this space for Bill and Marge.

After the camera’s stopped rolling, Marge told me I gave her the house she always dreamed of. My heart grew three sizes, right then and there.

I’m thrilled that Bill and Marge have a been given a little life lift with this makeover and guess what? I’m already talking with the TODAY producers about doing it again!

Stay Tuned!

From the TODAY makeover home to yours,


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