To no surprise, jewelry is one of the most popular gifts to give on Valentine’s Day.

Although any type of jewelry item is perfect for the holiday, the meaningful and Valentine’s-themed pieces will truly warm anyone’s heart.

Maybe it’s a linked necklace that represents the bond between a husband and a wife. Or maybe it’s a dainty heart ring that adds some subtle sparkle to her wardrobe.

But no matter what you give or receive on Valentine’s Day, you want to know that it comes from the heart.

That’s why I’m excited to bring to you a bunch of Valentine’s jewelry gifts from the Just Jill Shop… from MY heart to YOURS!

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Earrings for Valentine’s Day

I wear silver hoops more often than anything else, but when January and February roll around, I add a few heart earrings to my normal routine.

Find the heart earrings HERE.

One of my favorite heart-shaped options we have over at the Just Jill Shop is these Heart Leverback Earrings.

The rose gold is just stunning… and so many people have told me they love the leverback style.

Find the cubic zirconia earrings HERE.

Also made with a leaverback closure are these Cubic Zirconia Heart-Shape Earrings. They definitely add a little twinkle to any outfit!

They feature .80-carat total weight cubic zirconia and they have a sterling silver foundation. To top things off, they’re plated in platinum to add some strength and to help them resist tarnish.

Find the hexagon hoops HERE.

Our Electroform Hexagon-Shape Hoops don’t feature a signature heart, but they still make a great gift!

The style is brand new to the Just Jill Shop and they have some incredible weight to them.

Not weight as in “heavy.” What I mean is that you can tell that they’re high-quality!

Find the double-oval hoops HERE.

And these Double-Oval Hoop Earrings are also new.

They’re made with a subtle twisted design, and I think they might become my new Just Jill essential!

Necklaces for Your Special Someone

Almost every time I do a new FB Live chat, I’m wearing a different necklace. That’s because we have such a wide variety over at the Just Jill Shop.

Find the Danny Newfeld necklace HERE.

Last week, I was wearing this Danny Newfeld Heart Necklace. Tell me it’s not PERFECT for Valentine’s Day!

The hammered style adds some character and the round box chain gives it that classic look.

Find the pendant necklace HERE.

It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for your mother, daughter, or friend, this Rose Gold-Plated Heart Pendant Necklace is great for anyone at any age.

It also matches the earrings I showed you above… they make a great set!

Find the love cross necklace HERE.

Do you know someone that’s strong in their faith? The Steven Lavaggi Petite Love Cross Necklace is going to put a smile on their face this Valentine’s Day.

If you take a look at the photo above, you’ll notice that the cross is crafted with tiny little hearts.

(And the one in the middle is plated in 18k yellow gold!)

Find the soaring angel necklace HERE.

The Soaring Angel necklace is another beautiful Steven Lavaggi piece and right now, we’re offering it on sale!

Find the open-heart necklace HERE.

Then there’s this Open-Heart Pendant Adjustable Necklace that’s incredibly beautiful and intricate.

I mean… look at it! Just perfect for a significant other. That’s why it also comes with a complimentary romance card.

Find the multi-strand necklace HERE.

If you joined my FB Live on Tuesday, you were one of the first to see this stunning Diamond-Cut Graduated Multi-Strand Necklace.

It’s made with 10 chain strands and when I say they really twinkle in the light, they do! Kind of like water in the distance… gorgeous!

Bracelets for the Upcoming Holiday

These days, stacking bracelets is super trendy.

But whether you’re giving a bracelet to add to her stack or sending one to show you care, we have a few bracelets she can wear year-round.

Find the open-heart link bracelet HERE.

The Bellissimo Bronzo Open-Heart Link Bracelet may be adorned in dainty hearts, but it can truly be worn no matter the season.

The lobster clasp makes it easy to put on and it comes in three sizes (S, M, and L) and three colors (rhodium-, 18K gold-, and rose gold-plated).

Find the paperclip bracelet HERE.

And if you’re trying to go for something a little more classic, you can’t go wrong with our signature Paperclip Bracelet.

Find the anklet HERE.

Remember those two items I shared with you above? The earrings and the necklace?

This precious Paperclip Anklet will fit perfectly into the set!

Find the PowerBeads Labradorite bracelet HERE.

Jen from PowerBeads is such a kind-hearted woman. So when someone receives one of her bracelets, you know it comes from the heart!

This Petites Labradorite Beaded Bracelet is a newer style. But the hammered heart is timeless!

Find the sodalite bracelet HERE.

To this day, the PowerBeads Sodalite Bracelet is our most popular item at the Just Jill Shop.

But now, you can get it with a silver heart charm AND a gold heart charm!

As we wrap up the month of January, I hope these Valentine’s Jewelry Gifts will help you shop for the holiday!

I hand-picked each and every one of these pieces and they wouldn’t be in the Just Jill Shop if I didn’t fully back their style and quality.

You can find more Valentine’s Jewelry Gifts (and other V-Day gifts) in our shop by clicking HERE!

From my home to yours,


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