If you like setting a pretty table, I hope you have a set of white dinner plates.

Did I just see you question that statement?

True, at first glance, white plates are just that. White. Which can sometimes equate to plain and simple and unexciting.

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In the restaurant world, white plates are often used because they show off the food so beautifully, making the meal the star not the pattern or trim of a plate.

But do white dishes set a table beautifully?

Yes! A set of white plates is a classic that can be transformed season after season, event after event, dinner after dinner, simply by adjusting the other items you put around them.

When I started creating home and tabletop decor content, I thought it would be so fun to buy a set of really showy dishes to change things up a bit in my design looks.

But here’s the thing…I’m not working on an unlimited budget, and if I want to keep inspiring new looks and ideas, then a busy pattern or a standout shape is going to be difficult to be creative around over and over.

So, I bought a set of clean, unpatterned and untextured white plates.

And do you know what? They have been decor MAGIC!

I’ve created a lot of various tabletop looks over the past year using different colors and themes. And those white plates have been at the center of it all each time.

Let’s Mix And Match With White And Fiesta!

When you’re ready to mix in a pop of color, my favorite brand to look to is Fiesta dinnerware.

I love mixing and matching the various Fiesta pieces, and their salad plate is perfect for adding a splash to your white plates.

Look how these vibrant shades of blue just wake those white plates right up! The colors are called lapis and turquoise.

white plates layered with fiesta salad plate in turquoise

These beautiful shades of blue really dictated the rest of the direction for the table.

If you like the distressed charger plates, you can find them HERE.

I thought these chargers worked really well with some of the tropical water blues of the plates. They give a bit of a driftwood vibe for a coastal theme, but work in a farmhouse setting too.

I fell IN LOVE with these pretty napkin rings. Do you love napkin rings as much as I do?

These look like collected pieces of sea glass and work perfectly back to the white plates with the touches of blue. So pretty!

I decided to use these white napkins. I think they show off the jewelry touch of the napkin rings and really bring the whole place setting together in a clean and crisp way.

I found this great table runner to bring a bit more blue into the setting.

And I finished off the look with these fabulous blue goblets. These glasses are amazing. The design of these glasses and the weight makes them perfect for anything from water and juice to a favorite mixed drink or sangria!

And Now For Something Completely Different

A strand of pearls on a black dress gives a completely different feel to the outfit than if you wear it with turquoise jewelry.

The same is true when you choose to mix a pattern with your white plates instead of a bright solid.

These floral plates by Kate Spade really caught my attention. I think the color combination is lovely and unique. A bit unexpected. How I LOVE that!

When I use a unique pattern in my tablescape designs, I like to keep the rest of the elements simple. The napkins are the same set from above and I simply flipped over the blue runner to reveal a natural tone on the other side. Perfect!

I did swap chargers, using instead, a woven, water hyacinth charger, which I think adds a little casual touch to the table.

A few touches of white faux florals, and this table is set!

Once Last Way To Use White

Remember earlier when I wrote that white plates might seem boring and uninspired?

As versatile as white is for mixing in with other colors and patterns, layering multiple tones of whites and neutrals together is about as chic as it gets!

Ready For Your White Party?

I don’t know about you, but I love a good pair of white jeans. Why? Because they go with everything! Every color. Every pattern. Daytime casual to dressed up.

Hmmm….sounds familiar.

So, the next time you’re ready to dress your table, have fun mixing and matching with a new set of white plates. Once you have a set of white plates as your foundation piece, the sky is the limit!

From my home to yours,


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