I love when I discover a product that simply overdelivers…and that’s why I’m so excited to share Whitley’s Peanuts with all of you!

I discovered Whitley’s at a local grocer near our beach house in Delaware over a year ago. The flavors were so intriguing, I just had to try SOMETHING.

And so my love affair with Whitley’s began over a glass of wine and a handful of their smoky habanero chili lime Virginia peanuts.

In fact, if you’ve seen my popular charcuterie video below, you probably noticed that I used Whitley’s peanuts as one of the foods on the board!

Whitley’s is Peanut Perfection

From the first bite of the first Whitley’s peanut I tried, I knew I found something special.

Every time we went to the store, I not only stocked up on my chili lime favorite but was always excited to try a new flavor or confection too.

I recently featured this photo on IG professing my love for Whitley’s and a new flavor to me, hot jalapeño ranch.

Whitley’s creates flavors that are sweet, savory, spicy, classic (or a delicious combo of each!). I’ve yet to meet a Whitley’s seasoned Virginia peanut or confection I didn’t like.

About Whitley’s Peanuts

Whitley’s is a family-run business that started in 1986. For 34 years, the Whitley’s difference has been in its dedication to hand cooking, hand salting, slow roasting, and artisanal candy making techniques to deliver a tasty and “home cooked” product.

While Whitley’s primary business is peanuts, they do offer other nuts too, like cashews, almonds and pecans. Like their peanut counterpart, the nuts are always jumbo or extra large. Those same nuts are used in their sweet candies too. Check out these white chocolatey cashew clusters!

Peanut Facts

The crunch of the peanut is the freshest and best I’ve ever had. That’s because Whitley’s uses Virginia peanuts.

Did you know that a Virginia peanut doesn’t necessarily refer to where the peanuts are grown?

There are actually four kinds of peanuts (who knew?!) and Virginia peanuts are at the top of the peanut pecking order.

They are larger, have a distinct crunch (I LOVE the crunch) and have a delicious flavor.

If you enjoy getting a bag of peanuts in the shell at the baseball park, those are Virginia peanuts too.

The Whitley’s Difference

Whitley’s takes the best there is, the Virginia peanut, and catapults it to new heights.

If you’re a peanut purist, then you’re going to absolutely love the extra large classic Virginia Peanuts. You’ll love the crunch and flavor.

Peanut after peanut, crunch after crunch, they’re really hard to resist. They’re Whitley’s best seller and a great place to discover the Whitley’s difference.

But when you’re a foodie like me, you’re going to go crazy over Whitley’s seasoned Virginia Peanuts. The flavor profiles are creative and delicious and really gourmet level. Yet, they never overpower the taste of the peanuts themselves.

I’ve already professed my love for the smoky habanero chili lime. I’d describe this flavor as a little spicy (with minimal heat) with the zesty tang you love from a lime. It’s amazing that they can get those flavors on a peanut! It’s because of this product that I keep coming back to the brand to try more and more.

Whitley’s recently launched some amazing new seasoned Virginia peanuts, including sweet and savory barbecue, thai sweet chile and wasabi ginger.

While these flavors will delight your tastebuds when you’re snacking, they’re great touches to add to your main course recipes too. Swap out croutons for Whitley’s fire roasted garlic and onion. Or use the wasabi ginger to garnish a weeknight stir fry. They’ll add just the right touch of flavor and crunch to whatever you’re fixing!

Savory and SWEET From Whitley’s Peanuts

I’ve talked a lot about the delicious qualities of Whitley’s Virginia peanuts and their gourmet flavors, but what if we swap the savory seasoning for a bit of sweet?

Yep, Whitley’s is really good at that too.

In fact, I featured Whitley’s milk chocolatey peanut clusters in an entertaining segment on NBC’s NY Live last year when I offered ideas on how to create a “desserterie” board.

I thought a bowl of Whitley’s milk chocolatey covered Virginia peanuts added the perfect finishing touch to a board filled with cookies and cakes.

Now that fall is here, Whitley’s is shipping their decadent assortment of confections.

I just had the chance to try Whitley’s dark chocolatey bark bites. You might THINK you’ve tried a candy bark, but Whitley’s should really call this BEYOND BARK!

It has a dark chocolatey base and it’s topped with peanuts, cashews and almonds and then finished with a white chocolatey decadent drizzle with peanut butter and caramel. Get a napkin, you’re drooling 🙂

From chocolatey covered peanuts to buttery brittles and decadent barks, if your sweet tooth is satisfied by the combination of chocolates and nuts…well, you’re welcome. I’ve just introduced you to your new dessert BFF.

A Delicious Partnership With Whitley’s Peanuts

I have always loved the idea of finding great products and sharing them with my followers (heck, that was my career for 25 years).

Whitley’s is special. And my sharing of their product in an organic and authentic way has led to an exciting partnership for the next few months!

So be on the look out for some fun and creative content as I partner with Whitley’s in the upcoming months!

I can’t wait to hear what you try first from Whitley’s. Here’s a link to get you started: https://www.whitleyspeanut.com/

I have no doubt that after one crunch, we’ll be nutty together!

From my home to yours,


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