No matter the day or occasion, I’m always wearing some sort of jewelry on my wrist.

Whether that be a watch with beaded bracelets, or a stack of PowerBeads in a variety of colors, wearing something always makes me feel a little more put together.

A lot of you have asked me how I like to wear all of the bracelets and watches in the Just Jill Shop, so I thought I’d show you a few of my favorite pairings!

Take a look at the photos below for some wrist stack inspo. And click on the bold blue text if you’d like to recreate these ideas yourself!

How to Wear “The Jill” Watch

I worked closely with my good friend and watch designer, Robert Elizondo, to create this watch. It’s truly a stunning piece.

Find the white mother of pearl watch HERE.

When we launched the watch, it was offered with three face options—white mother of pearl, black mother of pearl, and sodalite.

Above, I’m wearing the white mother of pearl with a three My Saint My Hero bracelets.

But because it’s so versatile, it can be paired with just about any bracelet.

Find the green turquoise watch HERE.

After seeing the incredible feedback from the original launch of the watch, Robert and I wanted to do something special…

That’s why our newest “The Jill” watch features a beautiful green turquoise face!

Here, I’m wearing it with a My Saint My Hero bracelet because the bracelet doesn’t take attention away from the watch.

But if you pair the watch with the Howlite PowerBeads bracelet or the Bali Carved Cable bracelet, you really can’t go wrong!

Find the black mother of pearl watch HERE.

When fall and winter roll around, I find myself wearing “The Jill” watch with the black mother of pearl face more often.

The deeper tone pairs well with earthy autumn colors. But as you can see in the image above, it looks great with the Amethyst Agate PowerBeads bracelet too.

FInd the Santa Fe watch HERE.

This is another Ecclissi watch that we offer in the shop. It’s inspired by all of my amazing trips to Santa Fe, which is exactly why it’s called the “Santa Fe” watch.

Here, I show how well it goes with our two paw charm PowerBeads bracelets and a few My Saint My Hero bracelets.

I almost forgot… this watch is on sale for over $50 off!

A Wrist Stack Featuring PowerBeads

If you told me we’d have over 30 selections of PowerBeads bracelets in the Just Jill Shop, I don’t know if I’d believe you!

But that’s the truth. Plus, we’re adding more every month!

Find the sodalite bracelet HERE.

I’ll start by sharing some of the first PowerBeads bracelets we added to the shop—the sodalite bracelet and the howlite bracelet.

I like to wear them together because the colors seem to complement one another.

Find the howlite bracelet HERE.

While I prefer the heart and rose charm in silver, they also come in gold for all my gold gals.

Here’s how I create a wrist stack with the gold charmed bracelets!

Find the dog paw charm bracelet HERE.

This is a photo of me in New York when I was having dinner with Megan from the Just Jill team.

I was wearing a red top with some blue floral details. So, I added the dog paw charm bracelet with silver leaf agate beads to the classics.

I love how the look turned out!

Find the bracelets HERE.

While I’m mostly a silver girl, I’ll break out the gold when I’m trying to achieve a warmer look.

Here, you’ll see one of the bracelets from one our “beach” collection. It has a petite starfish charm and the quartz beads have a beautiful iridescent glow to them.

This classic PowerBeads bracelet is stacked with our BRAND NEW Hematite bracelets that come in gold tone and silver tone.

They’re ideal for stacking, although they look great alone as well!

Find the amber bracelet HERE and the green agate bracelet HERE.

If you’re a fan of neutral and earthy tones, these bracelets are for you.

The bracelet with the single gold bead is made with green agate. A hammered texture gives each bead a unique look, and every one of them is different from the next!

I paired it with an amber goldstone PowerBeads bracelet that quite literally sparkles in the sun.

The picture doesn’t do it justice… but it has quickly become one of my favorites.

Other Bracelets That Are Great For Stacking

More often than not, my wrist stack choice will be a PowerBeads bracelet with my “watch of the day.”

But we have SO many other options in the shop that allow you to get creative with your own wrist stack!

Find the stretch stone bracelet HERE, the evil eye bracelet HERE, and bangle HERE.

One of the newer additions to the Just Jill Shop is our collection of Marlyn Schiff jewelry.

This jewelry is trendy and great for all ages. And as Maryln says, her pieces are designed for “smart, sleek, confident women with a love for fashion.”

Above I’m wearing the crystal and stone stretch bracelet, the pave Evil Eye bracelet and the pave hinged open bangle.

Find the toggle wraps HERE.

When I’m really trying to incorporate some color in my wardrobe, I reach for these Marlyn Schiff crystal beaded toggle wraps.

The wraps come in three colors—turquoise, coral and multi-colored. I think they pair well with our new turquoise Ecclissi watch!

Find the Byzantine bracelet HERE and the rondel bracelet HERE.

The last wrist stack I’m going to show you is one made with pieces from our Belissimo Bronzo collection.

First, I have on the Italian Byzantine bracelet which features 18K yellow gold-plated links and a mirrored clasp for easy removal.

I’m also wearing the turquoise rondel bracelet which alters gold-plated rounds and turquoise rounds. It’s smaller in diameter, but it makes a statement!

Stay tuned for more wrist stack ideas to come… but I hope this blog gave you a little inspiration!

From my home to yours,


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