Cozy sweaters have to be one of the reasons I love the fall season so much.

The perfect piece for all-day comfort!

But just because a fall sweater is warm and relaxing doesn’t mean it can’t give you that elevated feel. All it takes is some accessories!

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Before we get too far into the season, I wanted to share some pretty necklaces you can pair with your fall sweaters.

You’d be surprised how much a necklace can add to the overall look of your outfit!

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What to Pair With Basic Sweaters

Whether it’s a turtleneck, a cowlneck, or a comfortable rib-knit style, a solid-colored sweater is a perfect foundation for an autumn ensemble.

Another reason I love these basic sweaters? You can pair them with any necklace without worrying about the overall look being too distracting.

Here are my favorite necklaces for basic sweaters!

Find the pendant necklace HERE.

The first is this Belissimo Bronzo Hammered Half-Moon Pendant Necklace. I wear this regularly when my outfit needs a bold focal point.

I’d recommend wearing it with a crewneck or scoop neck sweater like the ones below. And since I’m a layering gal, I occasionally add a cardigan as well!


If your jewelry includes small details you want others to see, basic sweaters are the way to go!

Find the PowerBeads by jen Necklace HERE.

Take this PowerBeads by jen Necklace that recently landed in the Just Jill Shop.

The paperclip chain necklace comes with a stunning tree of life charm that deserves all of the attention and more!

Find the charms HERE.

We also have the new Blessed Mother cross necklace which features a similar look to the necklace above.

Here are some sweater styles I’d wear with these necklaces.


Here’s a photo of me wearing the Danny Newfeld Sterling Silver Heart Necklace.

Find the necklace HERE.

If you take a closer look at it, you’ll notice that similar to the PowerBeads necklace above, it features some beautiful detail that can easily get lost with a sweater that’s too busy.

I paired it with a relaxed scoop neck sweater like the ones below.


Yes, I’m showing off my earrings here. But if you take another look, you’ll see me wearing my Marlyn Schiff charm rolo link necklace!

Because the necklace is a little busier, you don’t want a sweater that will distract from the detail.

It’s also a longer necklace, making it a great piece to wear with longer sweaters like the ones I’m sharing below.


To this day, I still think this Bellissimo Bronzo Fringe Necklace is one of the most unique necklaces we have in the shop!

Find the fringe necklace HERE.

Each little yellow gold-plated charm is individually attached to the chain. And if you ask me, it has a traditional feel with a modern twist!

When wearing this necklace, I recommend going with a super simple sweater. But because it sits higher up than some other necklaces, it’s best with a low-cut neckline or a turtleneck.

Here are a few sweater options I found!


This Satya moon necklace is a newer addition to the shop. Can you tell I like it? I wear it all the time!

This is another piece with detail you want people to notice But because it’s bold, you can pair it with sweaters that feature larger patterns.

Here are some I think you’d like!


Necklaces to Wear With Patterned Sweaters

If you’re wearing a sweater with a pattern on it (stripes, multi-colored, lots of texture), it’s best to wear accessories that won’t compete for “star of the show.”

And thankfully, we have quite a few simple necklaces in the Just Jill Shop!

Find the Petite Paperclip Necklace HERE.

A classic that can be paired with almost everything, this Petite Paperclip Necklace can be layered or worn alone.

I typically wear the silver necklace (it comes plated in Rhodium or yellow gold), but I can say with confidence that I wear it at least twice a week.

Take a look at the sweaters that would look great with this paperclip necklace.


If you like the style of the paperclip necklace but want something a little more bold, this Oval Hammered Rolo Necklace is a great choice.

Find the hammered rolo necklace HERE.

I personally love the details of the hammered loops because it’s more unique and elevated.

But because there aren’t any small details on this necklace, you can pair it with a sweater that has a lot of texture or colors.

Find some of my favorite sweaters to pair with this necklace below.

Ask just about anyone and they’ll tell you a classic herringbone necklace is a timeless piece that will never go out of style.

Find the herringbone necklace HERE.

We offer a stunning Italian Sterling Silver herringbone necklace in the Just Jill Shop and because it gets its beauty from pure simplicity, it can be worn with any fall outfit.

If you’re wearing it with a basic sweater, try layering it with a paperclip necklace or a pendant necklace.

If you’re wearing it alone, get crafty with your outfit by opting for a patterned sweater or layering with a cardigan!

Here are some cardigans I found.


Other Fall Jewelry

I’m almost always wearing a necklace. But my fall accessories don’t stop there!

Take a look at some other fall jewelry that will upgrade your autumn-inspired outfit.

Find the extenders HERE.

First… I want to remind you that we have chain extenders in the Just Jill Shop! This allows you to take a shorter necklace and make it work for the fall season.

Find the bracelet HERE.

This brand new PowerBeads by jen bracelet has harvest written all over it!

The ocean jasper beads and the gold-tone leaf work so well together and I just know it will be a fall staple for many of you.

Find the earrings HERE.

These Kirks Folly earrings will bring out the fall tones in your clothes. But they can be worn year-round!

While they’re beautiful at first glance, just wait until you see the gemstones when the light catches them.

Find the hoops HERE.

The great thing about hoops is that they aren’t seasonal and you can wear them year-round. But because I’m such a fan of this earring style, I thought I’d share my newest obsession with you!

This hoop is my ideal size. The twisted look also adds some texture that adds a unique touch.

Find the bracelet HERE.

Because of the striking colors, I’m giving some extra attention to this My Saint My Hero bracelet this fall.

While the image above shows the tiger’s eye beads, this bracelet also comes in rose quartz, howlite, agate and hematite.

A true beauty!

Did these fall picks give you some helpful outfit inspiration? I sure hope so!

If you end up pairing one of your fall necklaces with a sweater this season, I’d love to see a photo!

From my closet to yours,


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