I’ve always preached that a bit of whimsy is part of what makes your home so special.

But a sense of playfulness doesn’t need to be tacky, either. It can actually be quite elegant and tasteful!

And who doesn’t love something that will make you smile throughout your day?

I’m all about the critters… even dressing like them! 🙂

If I invited you on a house tour, you’d see what I call little “critters” throughout my home.

Bunnies, turtles, frogs, and more. I’d love to show them to you if you have the time!

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Join me as I show you some of the cute critters I add to my spring home to make it extra welcoming and special.

I also included a few other spring finds that will make your house bright and inviting!

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Springtime Bunnies and More

If you’re going to add any critter to your home this time of the year… bunnies should be at the top of your list!

cute critters

I’ll start with this table in my Pennsylvania home.

I love covering it in whimsical spring decor like these adorable little bunnies and foliage.

My bunnies sit in a tiny dish, and I enjoy making a centerpiece with faux leaves, a candle, and a pastel basket.

cute critters
Find the Valerie bunnies HERE.

I also own these Valerie Parr Hill bunnies that have the sweetest bows around their necks.

They’re a bit rustic-looking, but the neutral color means that they can go with almost any decor style.

cute critters

This is a bunny that sits out almost all spring—even after the Easter holiday!

She’s soft and elegant-looking, and I find that she fits well into the other decor in my home.

The egg? It’s by Joan Rivers. The colors are vibrant, just like she was 🙂

cute critters
Find the long-eared bunnies HERE.

Whether your house has a rustic style or you’re searching for something with a more refined look, these long-eared, weathered bunnies may be a good choice for your home.

I love that they appear so animated and lively!

cute critters

And I told you bunnies are the critter of the season, didn’t I?

But the rabbit in the photo above is super special to me. It’s from Santa Fe, NM (one of my FAVORITE places to visit).

cute critters

And these bowls are also from Santa Fe. See the sketchings of the butterflies, birds, and turtles?

I’m always shocked at the details in this pottery.

cute critters
Find the birds HERE.

If bunnies aren’t your thing, you can add some birds to your home instead.

These birds that sit atop wooden blocks each have their own personal style and you can either set them on your table, by a window, or alongside your sink… the options are endless!

cute critters
Find the cage HERE.

You can add a whimsical birdcage as well, which will truly wrap up the space.

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cute critters
Find the key holder HERE.

But you don’t have to wait to make your way into your home to get that smile on your face from those cute critters.

Add this little birdie key holder by your door, in your garage, or in your mudroom. A small touch that can really brighten your space!

Little Critters To Add To Your Table

I’ve preached time and time again that a table is one of the easiest places you can decorate.

When spring and summer roll around, I like playing around with new tablescape ideas and new finds.

cute critters

If you take a look at my coastal-themed table above, you’ll see some pretty sea turtle dishes.

They can sit alone, or hold treats, or potpourri.

cute critters

Just look at the texture… I’d say it adds a subtle rustic feel.

cute critters

I also add a turtle dish to the table in our little seating area at the beach house.

The one I use here is a bit larger but just as cute!

Another cute home addition? This precious bunny stoneware snack bowl.

What a great place to put jelly beans or chocolate eggs before Easter!

cute critters
Find the whale butter dish HERE.

I’ll leave you with this whale butter dish. I love anything coastal, but this pairs charming and costal perfectly.

Cute Critters to Add To Your Garden

I don’t have many photos of my garden (something I should add to my list of to-dos!) but I do love adding critters outside as well.

Find the angel dog HERE.

This is one of my newest additions and a decor piece you can find in the Just Jill Shop!

It’s an angel dog statue that can honor the life and memory of a well-loved pet. And because it can be used inside or outside, you can place it where you’ll see it the most 🙂

Find the angel HERE.

Another statue you can find in the Just Jill Shop is this lace angel. She’s such a beauty, don’t you think?

cute critters

Frogs are my first go-to when I think of the outdoors. They just sit by my patio… but they’re great company.

cute critters
Find the potty feet HERE.

However, if you’re looking for something with more utility, these potty feet frogs will spruce up your patio for spring.

Another thing I enjoy about these feet? They keep your pot off the ground which prevents staining and allows for better drainage.

cute critters
Find the turtle HERE.

By now, you already know I love turtles which is why I found this outdoor turtle sculpture just beautiful. See how it has that old copper look?

I don’t know what it is, but the finish gives it so much character.

Find the bird feeder HERE.

Something about sitting on the back patio watching birds is incredibly relaxing to me.

And with this pet petite bunny bird feeder, the REAL critters in my garden can come and go as they please!

cute critters
Find the birdbath HERE.

There’s also this birdbath that sits a little higher—perfect if you have larger bushes or a lot of foliage.

Find the frog key holder HERE.

Have family members or neighbors that need access to your home when you aren’t around?

This cast iron frog key holder will keep your keys safe and sound until someone you know needs them.

It also does a great job of blending into your garden. So, you can hide it among some rocks or under a plant if you’d like to conceal it a bit more.

Do you think some of these cute critters will find their way into your own house? When I say that they’ll put a smile on your face, I mean it!

From my spring home to yours,


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