Housework. None of us like to do it, but it has to be done.

With that said, I’ve found that through my years of cleaning, tidying and organizing my home, my chores are actually getting easier. Don’t believe me?

It’s not because I have less to do… it’s because I’ve learned a few tricks and hacks to make it more manageable.

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Some Tricks To Keep In Mind

Before you dive into the dusting and scrubbing, you should get into the right mindset for cleaning. Here are a few ways I try to make my chores less stressful.

Tackle One Thing At A Time

One of the simplest ways you can make housework easier is by completing your tasks one at a time.

In January, I did a big organizing challenge and invited you all to do it with me! We cleaned our homes entirely, but the whole project was pretty simple because we worked on one task a day.

Listen While You Work

Another way you can alleviate the pain of housework is by listening to your favorite book or podcast. My personal favorite is That Green Dress by my friend, Addy… if you haven’t checked it out I highly recommend you do so.

By the time you’re done listening, you might be finished with your task!

Grab A Friend!

I’m also a supporter of the buddy system. No, not in terms of personal safety… in terms of housework!

In the past, I’ve partnered with a friend to help her declutter her pantry. Then, she came over to my place and we organized our purses. Despite doing things we didn’t want to do, we chatted the whole time and it went by much quicker.

More Housework Hacks

Mindset is one thing, but actually completing household tasks proficiently is another. A few months ago, I shared some of my go-to cleaning tricks with Hoda and Jenna to help them with their housework.

One of my favorite all-time tricks (and one I discuss in the video) is using a mixture of baking soda and water to make your oven sparkly clean. I find that the best mixture includes around 1/2 cup of baking soda and around 2-3 Tablespoons of water.

You’ll rub the past around the surface of the oven and wipe it off when done. Before you know it, it will be clean-as-new for baking all those tasty treats!

Another one of my top recommendations is using lemon and water to clean your microwave.

Simply cut a lemon into wedges and add a few slices to one cup of water. Then, heat it on high for four minutes. After letting the microwave run its cycle, let the lemon water sit inside the microwave for another five minutes (totaling nine minutes).

You’ll see a build-up of condensation when it’s all done. All you have to do is wipe it down with a towel and all of that crusty food will come off!

And while you have that lemon in your hands, you can use the other half to clean off your caked-on shower scum. You know… the kind that doesn’t seem to disappear no matter what you do.

Well here’s a quick and easy trick! Cut a lemon in half and sprinkle the half generously with salt. Then, use the lemon as a “sponge” to scrub away all the grime that builds upon the glass and around your tub.

With a rinse of water, it will reveal clean-as-day glass. If you ask me, minimal scrubbing is a huge pain reliever.

One of the reasons housework seems like such a task is because it takes a lot of time. Luckily, this next trick will cut that time in half.

Instead of drying your wet load alone, throw in a dry towel to help absorb the excess moisture. It’s something I do every time and it allows me to get onto the rest of my day!

If I already have your attention with these helpful housework hacks, you can see more of mine below!

  • Use a pillowcase to clean your fan. The interior will catch all of the dust so it doesn’t fall on the floor.
  • Clean your lampshades with a lint roller. The sticky roller has nothing on that awkward shape of the shade!
  • Coffee filters are a great tool for cleaning electronics screens. They’re lint-free and soft (so they won’t scratch the screen).
  • A basic microfiber cloth is a trick to fingerprint-free stainless steel.

My Favorite Products To Ease Your Housework

You can work as hard as you want, but without the proper cleaning products, housework will be 10-times harder. Some of my favorite items are a bit pricey, but I can promise you, they will make your household chores so much easier!

The first one is a vacuum I’ll rave about for days.

Find the vacuum HERE.

It’s the Dyson V11 Animal Cordfree Vacuum. Again, it’s an investment… but the time and energy this vacuum has saved me is well worth the money in my opinion.

I love that it has multiple interchangeable heads. And if you have a household filled with pets like I do, this will tackle that pet hair with ease.

Find the multi-surface cleaner HERE.

In terms of cleaning products, I always reach for the Mrs. Meyers brand.

There’s a multi-surface cleaner that I love. It smells amazing and it doesn’t leave any residue behind. I also like to use their hand soap and dish soap.

Find the Scrub Daddy pack HERE.

You’ve probably heard me talk about the Scrub Daddy once or twice… or three times? Anyways, these little guys are neat because they change texture.

If you need a softer sponge for gentle cleansing, you can run it under hot water. If you need a rougher sponge for coarse scrubbing you can run it under cold water. They also last for quite some time!

Find the iRobot Vacuum HERE.

This splurge-worthy iRobot Roomba Vacuum will completely take care of the housework for you! What more could you ask for!

It’s Wi-Fi connected so you can clean and schedule the vacuum to run from just about anywhere. It’s also designed to learn your cleaning habits, meaning it will work harder in high-traffic areas.

If you have some housework to do, I hope these hacks will make your tasks seem less like “work.” You never know, you might even enjoy them!

From my home to yours,


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