If you’ve lived in your home for a while, your neighbors may seem more like family than the people that live next door.

Some of us turn to our neighbors when we need an extra egg for a last-minute cake recipe. Others plan extravagant 4th of July block parties with everyone in the culdesac. But no matter what type of relationship you have with your neighbors, you can show them you care with a friendly gift.

It doesn’t have to be big or elaborate, but a small little something can say “I’m thinking about you!” when your neighbor is celebrating a milestone like graduation or retirement. And for those of you with new neighbors, a gift can be a way to show them a warm welcome.

Below, you’ll find some of my recommendations for the best gifts for neighbors.

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Food Gifts for Neighbors

Everyone loves food, right? So if you’re trying to put a smile on your neighbor’s face, you can drop a special treat on their doorstep.

If you have some time on your hands, you can make a homemade dessert or dish. Here are a few of my recipes that I like to gift to my own neighbors:

Homemade Treats I Like to Gift

But I get it… life can get crazy! So if you don’t have time to make something in your own kitchen, you can buy something online and send it straight to their doorstep.

gifts for neighbors caramel apple
Find the apples HERE.

If you had new neighbor that moved in this fall, you can welcome them with these tasty-looking caramel apples. Some of them are covered in chocolate chips and others are covered in sprinkles. They all look good to me!

gifts for neighbors christmas apples
Find the holiday apples HERE.

You can also gift these Christmas ones if you’re looking for a good gift for the holidays. And since they come individually wrapped in a set of 12, you can gift them to multiple families.

meat and cheese
Find the meat variety pack HERE.

Going for a more sophisticated food gift? You can give your neighbor this sliced salami and pepperoni variety pack. Great for appetizers or for a charcuterie board!

There’s also a cured meat and cheese option that will make building a charcuterie board even easier.

wine gifts for neighbors
Find the wine HERE.

And what works best with meat and cheese? Wine, of course! This selection will suit everyone’s taste—white wine, red wine, rosé and more. So if your neighbors plan on having a housewarming party, they’ll be set!

gifts for neighbors cookies
Find the cookies HERE.

Catering to kids? They’ll love these treats from Cheryl’s cookies.

The 48-piece pack comes with all types of cookies including oatmeal raisin, sugar, chocolate chip, chocolate chocolate chip and frosted buttercream. Something for everyone!

Home Gifts for Your Neighbors

Gifts for the home are always a good idea because they’re practical and helpful for any homeowner.

Find the candles HERE.

If you’re trying to find a neighbor gift for fall, this Just Jill Limited Edition Hex Shaped Pottery Set is a personal favorite! I worked hard to find the perfect autumn scents and I’m sure anyone you gift them to will enjoy them as well.

If you follow THIS LINK, you’ll find some great fall options like Pumpkin Spice, Autumn Apple, Cinnamon Vanilla and more.

temp-tations dishes gifts for neighbors
Find the baker HERE.

You can also show you care with a homemade dessert. If you make it in this floral lace dish from Temptations, they’ll get a double gift with your tasty treat and this colorful baker.

temp-tations bread loaves gifts for neighbors
Find the loaf pans HERE.

Or you can make some bread and gift them one of these mini loaf pans. How cute!

I linked them above, but if you missed it, you can always whip up my pumpkin bread recipe or my quick and easy banana bread.

welcome sign for home
Find the welcome sign HERE.

A home gift doesn’t need to go inside their home. You can also help your neighbors decorate the outside of their house!

I love this sweet welcome sign. Simple yet elegant!

gifts for neighbors door mat
Find the door mat HERE.

This personalized door mat is also a good pick. Plus, it shows you put some thought and effort into the gift.

wind chimes
Find the wind chimes HERE.

And if you’re trying to find an outdoor neighbor gift that’s a little more unique, wind chimes are always a good choice. I like this one from QVC because it features a very classic look that can work with any type of architecture.

christmas gifts for neighbors
Find the potholders HERE.

Already thinking ahead to the holidays? These “neighbor potholders” are a cute gift. And since they have a small pocket, you can put utensils or reats inside them!

Items for a Homemade Gift Basket

Giving someone a gift basket is classic and traditional. Here are a few things you can throw in a basket that will surely bring them joy.

apple butter
Find the apple butter HERE.

This spiced apple butter works as a pie filling, as a spread on toast, or even on top of oatmeal or yogurt.

pumpkin butter
Find the pumpkin butter HERE.

If you’re going for a fall-themed basket, there’s also this vanilla sugar pumpkin butter which includes all the autumn flavors in one spoonful.

Oh, and it’s from one of my favorite brands called Beekman 1802. Brent and Josh (the founders) connected with me a while back and I’m so grateful to call them my friends. You can find a blog I wrote about them HERE.

beekman 1802 granola
Find the granola HERE.

Also from the brand is this brown sugar pumpkin granola. It’s made with coconut chips, pumpkin seeds, organic honey, sliced almonds and more. Delish!

Find the crackers HERE.

This gourmet cracker assortment is also a good option for a gift basket for your neighbors. I can see the apple butter and pumpkin butter tasting delicious on top of these!

If you’re in a bit of a time crunch, you can also gift your neighbor a pre-made basket. Simple solutions are always welcome!

Find the basket HERE.

Check out this fall-themed snack and candy basket from Etsy. Cookies? Popcorn? Trail mix? Perfect for both kids and adults.

gift basket
Find the basket HERE.

This “Meat Lovers” basket is filled with everything your neighbors will need for a relaxing night indoors. You can’t go wrong with cheese, sausage, crackers, pretzels, condiments and cookies.

So whether you’re saying “hello” to a new neighbor or you’re in the mood to wish everyone a happy fall, I hope these gifts for neighbors will bring you and the neighborhood crew even closer.

From my home to yours,


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