I’m so excited to share my holiday dining room look with all of you! Cue the Christmas Carols!

I’m not usually into “themes” when I decorate. Eclectic best describes both my personal and home decorating style. You know, a little of this, a little of that. Funky mixed with classic. Bargain mixed with luxe.

But for the past few years, I’ve really enjoyed creating a theme of sorts in my holiday dining room. And I never know where my inspiration will come from.

One year for Thanksgiving, I was inspired by a BLUE pumpkin! And I had so much fun finding ways to elevate the look. See what you think!

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Deciding On Holiday Dining Room Decor

The holiday decorating color palette is filled with so many options!

I toyed with the idea of using the very trendy blush tones.

I think rose gold is dreamy and the idea of that pinkish glow for the holidays was tempting.

But in the end, I decided I wanted to play with soft whites and creams and the silvery greenish tone of eucalyptus as my color.

And then it hit me.

What I wanted to create was something I had seen in my dining room during every holiday of my childhood.

My Parent’s Wedding China

My Mom was thrilled when I called to ask if I could borrow some of her wedding dishes for my holiday dining room makeover.

“So will this be featured on your blog?” she asked. Yes, I told her.

I explained that I wanted to use greenery and pinecones and that I thought her dishes would be the perfect touch. She was so excited that I wanted to use something of hers in my design!

Heirloom wedding dishes influenced the theme of this holiday dining table.

And so with Mom and Dad’s plates in hand, I started building my holiday dining room look.Are you ready to see the total table?

I absolutely love the way it turned out.

Greens, Creams And Silver Sparkle

There’s so much to talk about with all of the things I put into this tablescape!

Since eucalyptus and mistletoe have a bit of a silvery cast to their leaves, I used a lot of silver tones throughout my various elements.

I’m a huge fan of silver mercury glass, so I used as many things as I could find for some silver sparkle.

silver mercury glass mason jars on a pretty holiday dining table

I’m a sucker for silvery mercury glass to begin with, but the texture of the hobnail makes these really special.

The size of these jars also makes a statement on the table.

And while anything looks pretty when it’s glowing, I like to make sure the items I select look pretty in the daylight, too.

These hit the mark on all fronts for me and my holiday decor checklist!

I scattered random votives in shades of green down the length of the table.

The assorted tones of green and the varying textures give an ombre feel. They’re also a nice contrast to all of the glimmering silver.

holiday dining table

For the foliage on the table, I used eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus leaves have such a nice look to them and are a nice alternative to the traditional balsam greenery.

I simply laid them down the length of the table, and then added a few extra pinecones.

And look at this! I found this silver filigree pierced light strand that I couldn’t resist.

If I didn’t use this in my dining room, I would definitely use this on my mantel garland. It looks like jewelry!

For those of you who know me, silver jewelry is a passion, so when I can tie that into my home, it’s a match made in decorating heaven!

These illuminated mercury glass pedestals are one of the best decorating investments you can make.

From pillar candles to the topiaries I used here, they are a glamorous chameleon for your home.

I found a soft, grayish-green napkin to complement the greenery on the table.

It’s a very casual fabric, but I added some elegance by using a pretty napkin ring.

Under my mom’s china, I used a galvanized charger that has a “ruffle” effect. I like how it took an industrial look and gave it some feminine charm.

Holiday dining room decor isn’t just about the table. It’s about the whole room!

I tied in the theme of greenery, silver and creams and whites into one corner of the room.

And in another corner, I added these adorable pillows that I found at Target!

I love the good tidings saying!

They’re from the Magnolia collection…nof course, they are! That Joanna Gaines. She gets me every time!

I used one of my favorite baskets from Longaberger as the “wrap” around the base of this flocked tree. I simply used a checked ribbon to finish it off the look of the basket.

I also love the white poinsettias. They’re another great investment in holiday decorating because they’re easy to use to fill empty spaces!

On To The Next Room!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into how we’ll be enjoying our holiday dining room this year!

And what goes great with a pretty dining room? Delicious recipes of course!

Be sure to check out some of my popular holiday recipes, from pecan pie to cranberry apple bake.

Stay tuned for more looks into my holiday home in the weeks ahead!

The dining room is just the beginning!

From my holiday home to yours,


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