My kitchen cabinets have been screaming for a makeover since the day we moved into our home almost 20 years ago.

But let’s face it. A total kitchen remodel and renovation is expensive, and kitchen cabinets are usually the most costly items in the budget.

THE BEFORE! We painted our kitchen cabinets about 8 years ago, for the 3rd time!

We’ve painted our kitchen cabinets about 3 times since buying our home. It was the most affordable option to give our kitchen an updated look. But the age of the cabinets, the hinges, and the drawer pulls were all showing their age and I was at the point where I needed to make a change.

Our backsplash and countertops were in good shape and I did not have the money to replace those.

So how did I update the look of my kitchen cabinets WITHOUT a total renovation or simply painting my existing cabinetry (again)?

I gave our existing kitchen cabinets a face lift!

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

I’ve been really curious about cabinet refacing and whether it would be a good option for my kitchen.

I didn’t have the budget or desire to rearrange the layout of our kitchen, nor did I want the extra expense of new countertops, a backsplash and flooring.

kitchen cabinet refacing

Kitchen cabinet refacing uses the existing cabinet layout of your kitchen as well as the actual cabinet “boxes.” They remove all of the doors and drawers, and replace those with new doors with updated features and designs.

The team from Main Line Kitchen Tune Up was professional and helpful.

I was really lucky to work with a local franchise of Kitchen Tune Up. Jeff and his staff at Main Line Kitchen Tune Up were so helpful in the entire process…from selecting the cabinets and hardware to the measuring, installation and follow up.

The Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Renovation

The refacing of my kitchen cabinets took about 5 days. The first day was all about removing my existing cabinet and drawer fronts.

kitchen cabinet refacing
Bye Bye old rickety drawers!

For the next few days, the team from Main Line Kitchen Tune Up put new “facing” over the cabinet fronts. Then they installed new hinges, cabinet doors and drawers and new hardware.

New drawers getting fitted. We ended up selecting a much deeper drawer for the bottom.

I love that I now have the “soft close” drawers and cabinets. And even though the lay out of the kitchen cabinets remained the same, I was able to upgrade a few things within the cabinets.

These pull out drawers make keeping my heavy casserole and baking pans organized and easy to access.

kitchen cabinet pull outs
New pull out drawers are great for organization and storage.

And a lazy susan in the corner cabinets give me more easy accessible storage. And since it’s a two level insert, it’s double the room!

lazy susan kitchen cabinet
Using a lazy susan makes use of often lost corner space.

We updated this cabinet and turned it into a pull out trash and recycling bin. I love hiding the trash!

Hidden behind the large cabinet are our trash and recycling cans.
Trash cans aren’t really decorative, so hiding them in a pull out keeps the space looking neat and organized.

For the hardware, I chose brush nickel handles for all of the cabinets instead of knobs and pulls. I intentionally selected something that complimented the handles of our refrigerator so everything appears streamlined.


I’m thrilled with how this project turned out. The new cabinets are easy to clean, a more updated style and gave the kitchen the refresh I was hoping for.

Kitchen with painted cabinets
The finished kitchen. It looks and feels refreshed!

What I was hoping to accomplish was to put cabinetry in place that works with what I didn’t change, but was neutral enough that when I’m ready to update the countertops and or the backsplash, I had something easy to work with.

I definitely recommend checking out the possibility of cabinet refacing for your kitchen. If you aren’t looking to change the lay out of your kitchen and are happy with your counters, it might be a more affordable update for your budget.

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I’m sure my home is like yours….the kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s worth making it a place to enjoy cooking and having company!

From my (updated!) kitchen to yours,


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